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chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work. Find our guides here.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

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How to Choose the Best Slingshot

Slingshots have come a long way in recent years. If you’re in the market for a slingshot, you’re looking for an outdoor toy that provides hours of fun or you’re a hunter seeking an alternative way to bring home your prey. Either way, we have you covered with our top ten list! Our experts researched and reviewed more than twenty of the highest rated models on the market to bring you a list of the best slingshots money can buy. Before you get started, check out some of the specifications to keep in mind while shopping.

Best Slingshots

Ammo: What good is a slingshot without ammunition? Some of the products on our list come as a complete purchase with their own ammo. Check this spec to determine if the one you’re eyeing is accompanied by projectiles.

Best Slingshots

Pieces: If you’re wondering how much assembly is required, check this spec. We’ll let you know the number of pieces each model comes with, so you can determine whether it arrives pre-assembled or needs to be put together.

How to Choose the Best Slingshot

Material: The products on our list are made from a variety of materials, including wood and metal. Check this spec to determine the composition of each model, so you end up with the perfect pick to suit your slingshot needs.

Best Slingshots

Magnetic: The easiest way to carry ammunition is via a magnetic bearing or pouch on the slingshot. We’ll let you know whether or not each product on the list has a magnetic component capable of holding steel ammo securely.

Best Slingshots

Weight: Make sure you end up with a slingshot that is comfortable to hold, by checking the weight of each product. The most ideal weight depends on who is using the slingshot and for which activities.

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Size: Similar to how you should keep the weight of each model in mind, you want to ensure you end up with a slingshot that is easy to grip based on its size. Check this specification for the dimensions of each product on the list.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for while shopping, you’re ready to check out our slingshot buying guide. Every product on the list was carefully selected to ensure quality and durability, so you can feel confident that whichever model you choose will deliver fast-flying action for rounds of fun. If you’re in a hurry, check out our top and budget picks first. If you have time, it’s totally worth checking out the other eight products, too. Let’s get shopping!

Vlcooly Professional Slingshot

Top Pick
Topping our list as the best slingshot our experts discovered is the Vlcooly a premium product constructed like a traditional slingshot, but featuring modern upgrades! This professional model produces speedy, precise shooting and is the ultimate choice when it comes to comfortable design. Packed with power, the high-tension triple rubber bands generate high velocity shots perfect for fitness catapults, hunting, and recreational sport. A soft leather wrist support and ergonomic handle grip keep you comfortable, so you can take shot after shot without strain. And get this: the magnetic handle holds ammunition, making it quick and easy to replenish ammo after a shot. Speaking of ammo, the Vlcooly comes with 100 extra pieces of ammo and an extra replacement band. It also features a convenient flashlight holder, allowing you to aim in dark environments. All in all, if you’re looking for a slingshot that doesn’t compromise on convenient features, you want the Vlcooly.
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Daisy B52 Slingshot

Budget Pick
A trusted favorite among users and boasting some of the best slingshot reviews around, our budget pick is super affordable and even more effective! Made with a solid steel frame and a durable rubber band, the Daisy Outdoor slingshot is capable of fast shots at a distance and can be used for anything from hunting, to deterring wild animals, to recreation. A molded sure-grip handle and extra-wide fork make it ideal for long-range shots. The flexible wrist support results in a comfortable experience for users, so you can practice or hunt for longer without strain. This model shoots ¼-inch and ?-inch steel balls and ½-inch glass shots. Weighing less than a pound, it is light and easy to maneuver, making reloading and transport easy. Simply fold this slingshot in half and put it in your back pocket! Its small dimensions and lightweight design are practical for anyone who wants to save on storage place or use the slingshot as an easily portable method of recreation.
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Beeman Marksman Slingshot

Working our way down the list in pursuit of the best slingshot for each of our readers brings us to the Beeman Marksman Slingshot. Built from durable steel with a practical folding design, you can just fold it up, put it in your pocket, and head to your next adventure! When it’s time to perform, simply take it out, lower the arm support, and take aim. Capable of shooting ¼-inch and 3/8-inch steel balls, its versatility and portability make it the ideal companion for both beginners and experienced slingshot users alike. The hinged arm support provides a comfortable, sturdy platform to shoot from, but you don’t have to use it. Additionally, a high-impact plastic finger groove handle lets you get a solid grip for precise aiming. If you’re in the market for a simple, but effective slingshot, you won’t want to pass over this easy-to-use, powerful product!
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Catapult by Tiger Slingshots

Innovative and powerful, the Catapult features rubber bands and a fully adjustable steel frame, making it one of the strong and effective! The quality steel frame features extra-wide forks that stay in place for every shot, adding precision and gusto to your aim. Even better, you can use the steel screw to adjust the frame to perfection and your personal shooting style. The molded non-slip handle grip ensures accuracy and added comfort. Pull back for maximum power, and don’t lose your handgrip when you let the ammo soar! Enjoy multiple rounds of shots, thanks to the ergonomic design that helps you avoid strain and discomfort. You need a sturdy slingshot for your next outdoor adventure, whether it’s hunting or playing to see who can shoot the furthest with friends. True to its name, the Catapult slingshot delivers all the action at a price you won’t be able to resist.
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Wisdoman Professional Slingshot

Imagine waiting in the brush for the right prey to come along and provide a fresh dinner. You’d need a professional slingshot to take it down, so we searched for the best slingshot for hunting to appease all of our hunters. The Wisdoman slingshot is manufactured to be top quality and comfortable, so you leave your hunting trips successful and happy. Designed with anti-rust stainless steel and a high-tension rubber band, you pack a powerful punch when you aim this durable slingshot. So, be careful! The top leather wrapper and molded finger grips make shooting a breeze and help prevent strain and discomfort. Even better, the leather is magnetic, allowing easy reloading and a convenient place to store steel ammo when not in use. Perfect for hunting, the Wisdoman is also a great choice if you’re looking to recreationally show off to friends. This beautifully crafted slingshot comes with an additional fifty steel balls of ammo and two extra rubber bands, so you’ll be enjoying all the fun for a long, long time!
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R*Lucky Hunting Slingshot

Experience high velocity with a wrist rocket pro-- the R*Lucky Hunting Slingshot! Armed with this professional slingshot, you’ll take down your prey with ease. Perfect for outdoor sports or games, it’s easy to see why this powerful model is also regarded as the best hunting slingshot by many raving fans. Versatile and easy to use, it adjusts to suit your preferences. The bow wrist sling helps stabilize your aim and provides added comfort to each shot, and slingshot rubber bands send the ammo sailing! Made from natural wood and stainless steel, the bands are composed of latex and leather. And when you choose R*Lucky, your purchase includes twelve steel ammunition balls to get you started! It’s also compatible with marbles and paintballs, giving you options when it comes to picking ammo. Everything is portable, so you can easily put it in your pocket on your next adventure. Weighing less than a pound, you won’t feel weighed down while carrying the R*Lucky. You’ll just be looking forward to your next shot!
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Marksman Classic II Slingshot

Classic, simple, and effective, the Marksman Classic is the quintessential slingshot. If you’re feeling nostalgic for simpler times, but you want something with power behind it, then you’ve come to the right place. Constructed with tempered steel and high-quality bands, this model looks and feels like what you picture in your mind’s eye when you hear the word “slingshot.” Capable of shooting ¼-inch and ?-inch steel ammunition, your shots will fly through the air at record speed. And those of you with experience who are looking for the best tactical slingshot at an affordable price should take note. This slingshot is packed with power and with just a little finesse can make for the ultimate tool on your next hunting or recreational outdoor trip. A grooved handle makes the Marksman Classic easy to hold and provides comfort during aiming and shooting. The lightweight design keeps it easy to carry and transport from spot to spot. Simply put it in your pocket and go!
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Basport Slingshot for Kids

Sturdy, easy-to-use, and fun, the Basport solid wood slingshot makes a great gift for the little adventurer in your life! Simple enough for children, but enjoyable for adults, too, this wooden tool adds a classic twist to outdoor fun. The non-slip handle provides comfort and stability during shots. The leather pouch in the center of the bands easily holds onto ammo, while you aim. Perfect for getting and keeping your kids’ attention, slingshots can provide hours of recreational outdoor entertainment or be used for hunting small game. The Basport is capable of doing both, thanks to its ergonomic and effective design, so feel free to bring it with you on your camping and hunting trips or keep it in the yard for practice shots. If you’re experiencing a pest problem in your yard and garden, give them a run for their money by sending shots whizzing by! With the Basport, the options are endless.
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Fasictime Professional Slingshot

We’re bringing our search for the best slingshot on the market to a close, but our last products are worth investigating if you’re looking for a serious model to take hunting! The Fasictime is a professional-grade slingshot made from stainless steel and high-tension rubber bands. With ergonomic wrist support and a grooved finger handle, it keeps you comfortable as you take high-velocity, power-packed shots. An additional rubber band is included in your purchase for free so that you can enjoy countless hours of slingshot recreation, even if a band breaks. The magnetic design allows you to store ammunition within easy reach for faster reloading. And you receive 100 pieces of complimentary ammo with the Fasictime, making it an economical choice, as well. Great for outdoor fun, but even better for hunting small game, the Fasictime is the perfect pick for anyone looking for an effective, durable slingshot that won’t break the bank.
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KMYS Adjustable Slingshot

Experience the sheer power of the KMYS slingshot, a superstar model made from aluminum alloy. This super strong, ultra-durable slingshot features infrared sight and a laser flashlight for precise aim. You’ll feel like a pro, and shoot like one, too, when you bring home this professional-grade model. With spring acceleration three times that of a normal slingshot, your ammunition will hit the target before you have a chance to watch it! Perfect for hunting, exercising your arms, or impressing your friends during a recreational shootout, you’ll love every inch of this product! You might even say we saved the best for last! Enjoy the magnetic wrist support, which provides comfort and convenience, allowing you to store ammunition for easy reloading and cutting down on wrist strain during aiming and shooting. If you want the biggest, baddest slingshot around and you’re not willing to compromise on features, then you can end your search now, because the KMYS has it all and isn’t shy about it.
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