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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Snake Repellents

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How to Choose the Best Snake Repellent

Do you have a snake problem? Or perhaps you’re only trying to prevent one. We have good news for you! We’ve done a lot of research to bring you this snake repellent buying guide, which will teach you all you need to know about choosing a snake repellent! Don’t get stuck with slithery friends that aren’t welcome in your yard. Let’s take a look at what you should know before you start shopping.

Best Snake Repellents

Type: Snake repellents come in all types of forms, including granules (the most common), sprays that you can line perimeters with, or even stakes that send out shockwaves. Choose the option that’s best for you!

Best Snake Repellents

Coverage: This refers to how much of your yard a single package or quantity of the repellent is going to cover and keep protected. Larger yards might want to default to stakes, as they cover a large area.

How to Choose the Best Snake Repellent

Pet Safe: Is it safe to use these around your pets? Most of the time the answer is yes. Snake repellents are often natural and safe for use – even for the snake! Non chemical repellents are a great option for pet owners.

Best Snake Repellents

Plant Safe: Is it safe to use in your garden, or will it kill the plants? You can use most of these products in a perimeter around edible plants, only because they change the taste. They won’t kill plants.

Best Snake Repellents

Package Size: How much are you getting when you order? It’s important to know the size of the product – or the number of stakes you’re getting – so you know how much to order at one time for best results.

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Money-Back Guarantee: Some of these products will refund your money if it doesn’t get rid of your snake problem. This is a great feature that makes it risk-free to try different products. You aren’t losing out on the money!

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what you’re getting into, let’s get into it! Our snake repellent reviews have been compiled over a lengthy selection process meant to bring you the best possible repellents without any of the chaff getting in. Check out our top pick and budget pick first – the rest of our list is everything in between. Find your perfect snake or pest solution on the list of products below. Send those snakes packing the first time!

Havahart Dr. T’s Snake Repellent

Top Pick
Our top pick for the best snake repellent for sale is this pack of granules from Havahart. This is a 4-pound resealing bag that contains enough granules to cover a full half acre! It even lasts a total of 2 or 3 months so that you don’t need to reapply so often! It’s great at repelling garter snakes as well as rattlesnakes, so it does well for both venomous and non-venomous snakes. If you apply these granules around the perimeter of your yard, it works to disrupt the snake’s senses without actually harming them. They, of course, don’t like this and end up turning away from the area. It has an incredible 91% rate of repelling all of the snakes that you don’t want on your property. To repel garter snakes and other non venomous snakes, lay down bands of 4 to 5 inches, which goes up to 8 to 12 inches if you’re trying to repel venomous breeds.
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Ortho Snake B Gon Snake Repellent

Budget Pick
For the best cheap snake repellent, we’ve chosen this Ortho Snake B Gone formula. These granules are safe for people and plants, which makes them pretty amazing. On top of that, they are resistant to rain and last about 30 days after each application. They will prevent all types of snakes from entering your yard and garden, and it will stop their nesting and foraging as well. It’s a ‘no stink’ formula, so you won’t have to worry about smelling it at all. However, the formula quickly overwhelms the snake’s sensitive sense of smell. When they can no longer smell any prey or their surroundings, they quickly slither off to find fresh air and regain their senses. It does this by containing essential oils that may only be lightly scented to human noses. We love that it won’t wash off with the rain and that you can safely use it around your pets and your kids!
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Bonide Snake Stopper

These granules from Bonide come in a 1.5-pound bag that will cover a regular-sized yard, and it will also do great for all of your sheds, gardens, patios, and decks. You might even want to take it camping with you and use it to prevent snakes from getting into your campsite. It’s safe to use anywhere where pets or children are going to be, so you don’t have to worry about that. It’s made mostly from essential plant oils and is completely non-toxic. This includes cinnamon, cedar, and clove oils which help to overwhelm the snake’s sense of smell and guide them away. It’s also sulfur snake repellent, so they definitely will not appreciate the smell. These granules will make snakes want to get as far away from your yard as possible! So many people have had loads of success with this repellent, and to top it all off it’s still really affordable! Start keeping snakes away now!
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Nature’s MACE SNAKE Repellent

This very effective snake repellent from Nature’s MACE will actually help you train the snakes in your yard to stay well away from where you don’t want them to be. Snakes will quickly learn that the area marked off by these granules irritates their senses and that they won’t want to be there – and through the repeated spreading of the granules, they will learn to stay away. It’s safe for pets and plants, so you can spread it in your gardens and your dog’s yards to keep snakes from bothering them. The company boasts that it will work to 100% repel snakes – and if you aren’t satisfied, their customer service team will be glad to help you out. But when used as directed, there shouldn’t be any problem with keeping your slithering friends away from your yard. It’s great that you can use it around pets because there will be no danger of snake bites for your furry friends!
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Liquid Fence Snake Repellent

Liquid Fence makes the best snake repellents for yards! This particular version is a shaking container of granules. The two pounds of granules that are presented in this container will cover an amazing 1,000 square feet of yard. You can also use it around sheds, garden areas, dog runs, and all manner of other outdoor spaces. It’s completely harmless to plants and animals in manageable quantities. You can even use it year round to guarantee you never have any unwanted guests in your yard. It works from the moment you put it down, affecting the snake’s sense of taste and smell. It makes them want to run away from the immediate area, which is great for you! It’s even safe for use around kids, so you don’t have to worry about them getting bitten. Save your pocketbook and your peace of mind with this great product from Liquid Fence. It will help you keep snakes away for weeks!
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Belidan Ultrasonic Repellent

These stakes from Belidan are the first ultrasonic devices on our list. These work in an entirely different way – instead of disrupting the snake’s senses, these stakes send out a pulse every 22 seconds. This is a vibration that travels through the ground, which we can’t really feel – but it sure keeps both rodents and snakes away. They perceive any vibrating area as a danger, so the more area you keep vibrating regularly, the less chance of snakes to find their way into your yard! These stakes each have a range of about 7,000 square feet – that’s amazing! It will even keep gophers and moles away. Because there are no chemicals associated with these stakes, it’s a great natural snake repellent. It’s friendly for the environment, and it’s powered by a solar panel so there are no batteries to replace. It doesn’t get much better than this! Within 2 to 4 weeks of installation, all of your pests will leave!
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BONIDE Snake Stopper Spray

This is also the first spray on our list, from Bonide. They make amazing granules, and they also make great snake repellent spray! This 32-ounce bottle will cover an area of about 30 square feet, which is great for small gardens or yards. It’s made with natural ingredients that make it safe for kids and pets. It is recommended that when using it on an area that’s going to be growing edible plants, use it around the perimeter and don’t let it touch any of the plants. The essential oils may change the taste of the food. Otherwise, you can cover large areas quite easily with this spray – and it’s available in larger quantities as well! This spray has been reformulated recently to help repel snakes by overpowering their sensing organs and activating the survival instinct to run away from the area. It will not harm the snake if that’s a problem for you! We love that!
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Ropel Snake Repellent Granules

These granules from Ropel are easy to spread, and you can use them just about anywhere – on your lawn, in a garden, the perimeter of your house, or a patio or the shed. Any outdoor building can be protected from invading snakes with no additional worry. Simply spread these granules around and create a non-lethal barrier that will keep the snakes away by overstimulating their senses. However, it is safe to use around pets. The only real active ingredients are cedar oils, cinnamon oil, and clove oil. Your dogs might not like the scent, but it’s entirely safe for them to be around it. When used as directed, it’s great as a garden snake repellent as well as a venomous breed repellent. Can’t get much better than that! Keep all of those pesky snakes away from your space. We love that it’s effective while still being natural and not containing any harsh chemicals. It also doesn’t harm the snake!
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Fomei Ultrasonic Pest Control

Here on our list is another set of ultrasonic stakes, this time from Fomei. They are great at repelling all sorts of underground pests because it sends out a vibration and unpleasant subsonic sounds every thirty seconds. Rats, raccoons, and snakes will turn away from the area because they will see it as a problem or threat area to them. It doesn’t harm them, it just forces them to find another place to nest and forage! It’s completely safe to use around pets, children, and even in your garden because it contains absolutely no chemicals. The solar panel on the top of the stake powers it and keeps it running without any batteries or wires. Just keep them dry and you won’t have any problems keeping your pests away! There’s even a money-back guarantee if you aren’t pleased with the way the stakes work. They’re great to use as garter snake repellent, as well as for moles and voles!
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EPIC Snake Scram Repellent

This EPIC Snake Repellent is made of completely natural and organic ingredients – including all of the usual oils, with garlic and rosemary to help create a powerful, repelling scent. Use it on your stone and wood piles to keep snakes away, as well as around your foundation, your garage, barn and all other types of outdoor buildings. It’s safe for your flower beds and pool. What’s even greater is that these granules arrive ready to use! This 22-pound package will cover a total of 6,600 square feet – making even the largest yard a cakewalk. Like most other snake repellents on our list, this does no harm to the snake. Instead, it turns them from the area based on survival instincts and you never have to worry about them again! It even works on the more voracious poisonous species, including rattlers and copperheads. Don’t worry about your kids or pets playing outside anymore with these granules!
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