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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Soccer Shin Guards

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How to Choose the Best Soccer Shin Guard

Shin guards are an important part of a soccer player’s list of essentials. We’ve got you covered! We’ve looked at a selection of soccer shin guards to bring you our favorites. When you’re talking about protective equipment, you want nothing less than the best whether it’s for you, your team, or your kids. Before you check out these great products, take a look at some of the features you should be aware of before you start shopping.

Best Soccer Shin Guards

Ages: Some of these guards are just for children, some are for adults, and some can go either way. Keep in mind that you will need to buy child’s guards for kids, otherwise, go by the sizing chart provided.

Best Soccer Shin Guards

Sizes: You’re going to want to buy the shin guards that will fit you. Otherwise, they aren’t going to be very useful at absorbing impacts. Before you buy a product, know what size you are to avoid a hassle.

How to Choose the Best Soccer Shin Guard

Color Options: Most guards come in several different color options. Some teams have different color requirements, but otherwise, guards are a way to express yourself during a game. Check with your team to make sure you get the right color.

Best Soccer Shin Guards

Compression Sleeve: This technology helps your muscles recover faster from your activities. Blood circulates quicker in a compression sleeve, which heals your injuries quicker. Shin guards with a built-in sleeve are a better value because you won’t have to buy it separately.

Best Soccer Shin Guards

EVA Backing: This is the material used on the back side of the shin guard. It’s a high-density foam padding that protects your legs from impact while increasing airflow during sweaty situations. Most shin guards will have EVA Backing.

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Warranty: If your shin guards happen to arrive broken, or there is some flaw in the making that slipped past quality control, you want to know that they will be replaced. A warranty protects you from manufacturing errors.

Top 10 Products

You can get back out on the field just as soon as you read through our list of the best soccer shin guards! We’ve researched and reviewed a selection of products to bring you the best of the best in our soccer shin guard reviews. Make sure you have the gear to win the game! Check out our top pick and budget pick first to give you an idea of what to look for. Otherwise, dig right in!

Adidas Ghost Shin Guards

Top Pick
These Adidas Ghost Series guards are simply the best soccer shin guards for adults. You can protect your legs in style with 25 different chrome and metallic color options. There is a variety of patterns to suit anyone! But besides being fun to look at, these guards are well-made and suitable pieces of equipment. The main part of the guard is made up of 3 shields to make the plate flexible and secure. It’s fitted onto a compression sleeve to hold it in place and help your muscles recover after the big game. There is every size available, from extra-small to extra-large so you have the perfect fit. The backing on these guards is EVA foam, breathable and comfortable to protect your legs from impacts. You couldn’t ask for better guards from the trusted name of Adidas. They know sports, and these shin guards are no different. Keep yourself protected in style with this quality product!
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Champion Sock Shin Guards

Budget Pick
These Champion-brand guards are an all-in-one sock that includes the guard, and foam backing all in one piece. They come in two colors, standard black and white, and are meant to be used for children only. These are light protection, perfect for children’s soccer. The great thing about these guards being so lightweight is they provide an excellent range of motion for your soccer star! The guard is made of molded plastic with a molded foam backing to make them comfortable to wear. This is one piece of equipment your child won’t mind wearing. They come in sizes from small to large. The shin guard can be taken out and replaced if you want! These are the best youth soccer shin guards. The best part is the sock – it won’t fall down no matter how active your little one is! They are definitely the perfect product for junior soccer leagues and kids having fun.
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Nike Mercurial Shin Guards

Nike is a trusted name in sports gear, so you can expect the best from their Mercurial shin guards! There are an amazing 15 color options so you can find a perfect fit for your personality as well as your legs. They are meant to be for adults, but the smaller sizes may be able to fit some older children in soccer leagues. The compression sleeves are made of moisture-wicked material, so they channel sweat and moisture away from you and keep you dry and comfortable! The hard shell won’t crack with use or heavy impacts and it’s backed by molded EVA foam in a waffle design. It’s the best cushion you could hope for in a shin guard! These high-quality materials make these the best shin guards for soccer. They are effective, comfortable to wear, and your shins will thank you for the extra protection! Go with Nike, trusted and quality-assured for years – you won’t regret it!
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Vizari Malaga Shin Guards

The Vizari Malaga shin guards have more than just a fancy name – they’re pretty fancy all around. They come in six different color options that are perfect youth soccer shin guards. These colors include blue, green, pink, red, and combinations of those colors with yellow or black. Even the choosiest will like these colors! They have sizes from pee wee (small children) to large for adults, so check out the handy sizing chart they provide to make sure that you’re getting the perfect fit! Instead of a compression sleeve, these guards come with an ankle strap for extra support. They are lightweight guards that are comfortable to wear, with shock protection and a hard shell that won’t break the first time it is hit with an impact. These are all-around great quality shin guards that will make many a soccer fan very happy. These kids soccer shin guards will keep your little ones happy and covered for sure!
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DashSport Shin Guards

DashSport Youth shin guards are made specifically for kids! They come in small enough sizes to make them perfect toddler soccer shin guards. Instead of compression sleeves for your little ones, they have ankle sleeves for added ankle support during the big game! There are four color options, including blue, pink, white, and red so everyone can be happy with their guards. Everything is attached and super easy to slide on and off without having to sip the hard part of the guard out of the strap. The backside of the shell is made of curved foam and made specifically with protection and function in mind. Your kids will love wearing them! You can get the perfect fit for your child with the sizing chart that they provide when you order. There will be no need to return and try and hassle with size if you take proper measurements before your purchase. We love these youth shin guards!
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G-Form Pro-S Shin Guards

The G-Form Pro-S guards are a revolutionary development in the world of shin protection. Instead of a hard outer shell with molded backing, the entire guard is made of flexible foam material that still absorbs impacts. The foam it is made of hardens on impact to protect your shins. This also makes them incredibly lightweight guard that you can hardly feel! They are breathable and require no extra tape or material to be comfortable or wick away moisture. They come in two styles, each a different shade of yellow. The guard is molded onto a compression sleeve and does not come apart. It even meets the standard of competitive play, and it’s the first guard to do that! These might end up being the best shin guards for sale. And when the game is over, just throw them in the laundry and they will wash up just fine! We love the innovative design of this equipment.
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Franklin Sports Shin Guards

Franklin Sports’ shin guards are meant to be worn by people of all ages! They are lightweight enough that you won’t even notice they are there – a bonus when you need mobility during soccer games. The anatomical design makes the guards symmetrical, so they mold better to your knees and make a more comfortable, secure fit possible. We loved that these had a distinct right and left piece with added knee support. This is unique in kid’s equipment, and this alone makes them the best youth soccer shin guards. Despite being lightweight, the shield on the front of these is hard plastic that will stand up to wear and tear like a champ! The foam on the inside is high density and breathable, so you will stay dry while you’re playing. The guards are more likely to stay in place this way! You’re going to want to wear these outside of your socks because of the attractive design.
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Elemart Youth Shin Guards

Elemart makes some excellent guards specifically for children! They are meant for children that are about 5 to 10 years old. These are heavily padded to make sure that your child is comfortable. The foam is moderately soft and will easily conform to the shape of your child’s shin. The ends of the guards are more heavily padded to protect ankles and kneecaps during practice and games. They come in two color varieties – black and blue. They would make the perfect girls’ soccer shin guards due to the level of comfort and conformability with these guards. There are no sizes, so the way the foam molds definitely contributes to a good fit. In addition, instead of buckles, these shin guards have Velcro straps that attach to themselves so you can get a tight, non slip fit every time. And if that doesn’t work for you, they are also perfect for stuffing into soccer socks, for the protection with no hassle!
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Under Armour Shin Guard

Under Armour is another good-quality name brand for sports equipment and accessories. These shin guards are both affordable and high quality. They are made of polyester, but that makes them lightweight as well. The tough outer shell is backed by crosshatched, breathable foam that won’t stick to your skin or attract moisture. You’ll want to be as dry as possible when you’re playing! As a bonus, you don’t have to apply these shin guards with the straps, you can also just slide them down into high soccer socks and they will fit and work just as well. We loved that versatility. Along with the high quality of the foam, these are probably the best cheap shin guards we looked at. They will last you a long time and they are so affordable that you can buy the next size up for a good price. Under Armour has always delivered a quality product – including these amazing shin guards!
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Diadora Uragano Shin Guards

Diadora's Uragano guards are made for adults, but the smallest size can easily fit your teens and pre-teens. There are three colors available, including blue, green, and white. They look good! Each pair comes with the fitting compression sleeve in the unique Diadora moisture-resistant fabric, so you don't have to worry about buying separate compression sleeves. The shell is made of high-quality PP plastic that is excellent at absorbing shocks when paired with the EVA foam backing. They provide a sizing chart so you know what size you should be ordering. Avoid the hassle of returns! If your kid isn't fond of Velcro, these have a buckle that they won't mind nearly as much! With the sizing and the quality, these are the perfect boys’ soccer shin guards, especially for taller teens and preteens. They are also a good transition into adult shin guards, so they can get the feel for the differences. We couldn't pass them up!
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