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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Socket Organizers

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How to Choose the Best Socket Organizer

If you have a cluttered workshop, it’s likely you’re always on the lookout for a new way to organize. Well, if you don’t already use a designated socket organizer, we highly recommend it. Instead of hunting for the right size, there’s a designated place for each one. We researched some of the top selling items to figure out what the very best products are. First, let’s look at some of the key features you need to know before you shop.

Best Socket Organizers

Material: These organizers are all made of plastic. Now, they do come in different colors and the clips are all just a little bit different. But at the end of the day, they’re all about the same strength.

Best Socket Organizers

Type:There are 2 different kinds of sockets, SAE and metric. SAE are measured in inches and fractions of inches and are also called fractional or standard sockets. Metric are, well, metric and are measured in millimeters.

How to Choose the Best Socket Organizer

Pieces: This refers to how many pieces the organizer comes with. A few have multiple trays or even a separate one for each kind of drive. Generally, the more pieces you have, the more organized you can be.

Best Socket Organizers

Capacity: Capacity refers to how many sockets each container can hold. We should mention that some of these are broken down between the different drives so you don’t have a lot of control over all of the size.

Best Socket Organizers

Size: This is the size of the actual organizer to show how large a footprint each one has. If you’re trying to find something for your toolbox or to attach to your worktable, you know exactly how much room you’ll need.

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Warranty: Warranties vary but you’ll notice that a lot of these organizers come with some pretty good warranties. In fact, most of them have a lifetime warranty. That just goes to show how strong they really are.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, let’s move into the next part of our socket organizer buying guide, or reviews. If you don’t have a lot of time make sure you check out our top and budget picks first. They really give you a good idea of what’s available. These products are all so different so stick around for all 10 if you can. We’re sure you’ll find the right one for you. Alright, ready? Let’s get organized!

Hansen Global Socket Storage

Top Pick
Our top pick is perfect if you’re looking for a large socket organizer. The Hansen Global Socket Storage organizer is the perfect way to organize your toolbox. Each tray holds both regular and deep sockets and is compatible with either SAE or metric. The posts each have markings, too, so you’ll quickly and easily be able to find the one you need right when you need it. They also made the posts pretty thick so they hold more securely if your toolbox gets tossed around a little. If you’re really trying to be organized, this is a great tool to help you do it. Red trays are marked for SAE or fractional sockets and the grey trays are marked for metric. There really is a place for everything.
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TEKTON Socket Organizer

Budget Pick
If you’re looking for a cheap socket organizer, check out our budget pick from Tekton. This one can hold up to 14 sockets and has a really cool and easy to use lock and twist design. It’s easy to use and really hold onto your sockets well. Plus, it even has a keyhole slot so you can mount it to your workbench or a wall in your workshop if you want to keep everything really handy. This organizer only holds 14 sockets but you can get extensions for it if you need to. Plus, labels are included so you can quickly and easily locate exactly what you’re looking for. This is the best cheap socket organizer if you’re not sure what you need and you don’t want to invest in a system that’s a bit more costly. It’s really easy to tailor to your needs.
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Olsa Tools Socket Organizer

Next up is a metal socket organizer from Olsa Tools that gives you a quick and easy way to keep everything right at your fingertips. It comes with 3 rails and holds ¼, ?, and ½ inch drive sockets. There are slots for 54 sockets in all made of heavy duty aluminum. Aluminum is a great metal for something like this. It’s lightweight so you can easily hang it using the wall mount ready system. Plus, it’s really strong at the same time. Another great thing about this product is the clips. They’re spring loaded and hold the sockets in place so well, they’ll even work upside down. That said, putting on and removing sockets is really easy. One more thing, these organizers are good for both shallow and deep sockets.
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MLTOOLS Twist Lock Socket Rail

Next up is this great twist lock socket organizer from MLTOOLS. This set includes 2 different organizer trays, each with 3 rows for organizing. One tray is red and the other is blue so you can keep your SAE and metric sockets separate from each other. Each tray has 15 clips for ¼ inch, ? inch, and ½ inch sockets, so, 45 per try or space for 90 sockets in all. Because these products use twist locks, the sockets stay really secure. They’re great for travel and if you don’t have a lot of room in your workshop and want to mount them upside down. Labels are included so you’ll know what’s what after you’re all organized. There’s more. Not only are these made in the USA, they also come with a lifetime warranty.
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Ares Magnetic Socket Holder

Ares Magnetic Socket Holder is a unique impact socket organizer because it’s one of only two magnetic options on our list. There’s enough room to store 26 sockets in all, half shallow and half deep, and accommodates a large range of sizes from ? all the way to ? inch. At the bottom of this organizer is a magnet that holds everything in place. Over than magnet is a soft, rubber coating that prevents damage to your sockets. The magnet is actually strong enough that you can use it to mount the whole organizer to the side of a rolling toolbox or metal table. One more thing, Ares is a business ambassador for the ASPCA. If you want to give them your support, it will help continue the good work that they do.
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Lisle Magnetic Socket Holder

A great choice for best portable socket organizer is the Lisle Magnetic Socket Holder. This one holds ¼ inch sockets and can hold SAE or metric sizes. The tray itself is made of strong red plastic that’s really durable and can handle being moved from job site to job site. It even has a handle on the top to carry it by. The strong magnet holds everything in place, too, so whether you’re carrying it to and from your truck on a daily basis or you want to mount it to the side of your steel rolling toolbox, your sockets will stay in place. The holders themselves have a minimal design so you can easily see the side of the sockets to identify which one is which. You can stay organized no matter where you go.
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Ernst Manufacturing Socket Organizer

If you’re looking for the best socket organizer for sale, you have to take a look at Ernst Manufacturing. This product is for ? inch and can hold up to 14 different sockets. The clips all have twist locks so everything stays snugly in place. You can even hang this organizer vertically if you want to which is a great option if you don’t have a lot of space to spare in your workshop. The tension is great because you can easily remove them when it’s time but you don’t have to worry about them getting loose on their own. The clips are easy to remove and you can even add more to customize your storage. They provide stickers so you can label everything once you get it just the way you want it.
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Craftsman Socket Organizer Set

It’s not surprising that this Craftsman socket organizer is one of the best around. Craftsman is known for tools of all kind so you can be pretty confident that this is an awesome product. This is a pretty awesome set that doesn’t just organize your sockets. It also keeps you adapters, extensions, and ratchets in order, too. It holds a whopping 195 sockets in all and can be used with SAE or metric. There are 6 individual trays with this system and they include riser pins so that you can convert them to deep well sockets. This will fit most Craftsmen bottom chests without a problem. Each slot comes pre-labeled so there’s a place for everything and it’s organized in such a way that it’s easy to find any socket you need.
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Neiko Socket Tray Organizer

Next up is the Neiko Socket Tray Organizer, which consists of 3 long trays that hold ¼, ?, and ½ inch drive sockets. Each tray is compartmentalized with a space for deep sockets behind and a shallow one in front. They’re made of heavy duty plastic that’s really durable and lightweight so they’re easy to store and transport if needed. One notable thing about this product is that it's genius in its simplicity. Why do we say that? Each tray is made of a simple stick construction with one stick for each socket. Next to each one is a simple hub to tell you what size fits into that space. The bright red color stands out so you’ll always be able to quickly locate your sockets, even in the clutter of a busy workshop.
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HORUSDY Socket Organizer

Last up in our socket organizer reviews is this one from Horusdy. This is a set of 3 double sided organizers so you can use each one for a different drive. And get this, they’re each a different color so you can easily distinguish between the red, blue, and orange organizer to quickly determine what’s what. Each one holds a different number of sockets, too. Orange is for ½ inch drive and holds 16, blue is ? inch and holds 18, and red is ¼ inch and holds 20. So, it holds 54 sockets in all. Each of the clips is spring loaded with ball bearings to make sure the sockets are firmly and securely in place. This is a great way to organize your sockets so that you can clearly see each and every one.
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