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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Soil pH Testers

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How to Choose the Best Soil pH Tester

To prevent your garden from being lackluster, you should check various levels in your soil. One of these is pH. A pH level that is too high means the soil is acidic and too low is alkaline – both are terrible for plants. These meters let you measure these levels easily. We’ve brought you the best rated pH soil tester reviews so you can check out only the best! Here are some things to know.

Best Soil pH Testers

Battery Powered: Some meters will run on a battery to make sure that you get a great digital reading. Most on this list don’t require a battery or, indeed, any other external power source to function and give you an accurate reading.

Best Soil pH Testers

Measuring Range: This is the range that the meter will test for. 7 is an optimal pH, while anything more or less is varying degrees of bad for your plants. Keep a close eye on this number for success.

How to Choose the Best Soil pH Tester

Length: This is the length of the meter, or more accurately, the length of the probe that will test your planting soil. Longer reach deeper down, for deeper rooted plants and possibly more accurate readings.

Best Soil pH Testers

Multi-Function: Does it just test pH? Most meters will test at least moisture as well, and some on this list also check light intensity based on the position of your flower beds and how much sun it receives during the test.

Best Soil pH Testers

Display: The display on the meter can either be a needle display, where it hovers over a certain number and you try to get the best guess or a more accurate and true digital display that shows exact numbers.

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Warranty: The warranty will ensure that the product is working and is not subject to any mechanical or manufacturing failures. If it does, you can get a full refund or replacement during the time span that is presented.

Top 10 Products

Now we can get to our soil pH tester reviews! We’ve done extensive research and review in order to bring you only the best pH testers, and ones that do multiple things as well! We’re here to help you choose one, so you should check out our top pick and budget pick first to get an idea. The rest of our list is full of amazing testers as well, so browse the rest too!

Gain Express Soil pH Meter

Top Pick
Our choice for the best home soil pH tester is this product from Gain Express. This needle-display meter can read both the pH level of the soil, as well as moisture levels. This helps you in figuring out when you might be overwatering your plants. It can measure a pH range of about 3 pH to 8 pH, which is part of the optimal range for garden plants. It has an accuracy of within 0.2 pH, which is simply amazing! The only way to get better readings is to send a soil sample to a lab to be tested. But who has time for that? Simply insert the probe into the testing area and get instant, accurate readings. You can figure out what your lawn needs easily and effectively! If your garden is doing worse than you’d like it to, check out one of the many factors that could affect it - a pH reading.
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COVERY Soil Tester

Budget Pick
This plant tester by COVERY produces results that are just as accurate as sending in for a lab test! It helps you know when you water, tests to see if your plants are getting the right amount of sunlight and helps towards the goal of getting to the target pH for your plants. Different flowers and vegetables have a different soil preference, and this meter can help you figure out how close you are to achieving their optimal pH levels. You can use this tester without a battery, so all that you need to do is insert the probes into the soil that you’re wanting to test to get the results that you need after ten minutes of exposure. Make sure that your flowers’ soil isn’t too acidic or alkaline with this great, accurate meter. It also comes with a warranty, so if it stops working within 18 months you’re fully covered for a refund or replacement product.
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This pH and moisture meter from MARGE PLUS can really get your garden going in the right direction! Why waste your time sending your soil off to a lab to figure out what the pH levels are when you can figure it out and make adjustments right from home? All you have to do is place the probes in the soil and leave them there for about ten minutes, and you’ll have accurate results that will keep you up to date about the state of your garden. This way, you can do what you need to do to make sure that your garden is living its best life. With the moisture meter as well as the pH levels you can also tell if you need to water. Avoid overwatering your plants or not giving them enough. It even tests the light level to make sure that it’s getting enough sunlight! We think that’s pretty amazing!
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AKEfit Soil pH Meter

This soil meter by AKEfit definitely has a place in our soil pH tester reviews! This thing can measure three different functions, including pH acidity, moisture levels, and light that the soil is receiving. In this way, it can help to monitor the conditions of your garden when you’re having trouble with your plants. Or even when you aren’t! You don’t need any batteries to power this meter - the needle gives you an accurate reading just as it is. It’s a single viewing pane for all three functions that’s easy to read and perfectly calibrated to deliver you accurate results that you’re going to appreciate! Even if you’re not testing a garden but checking on the health of your lawn overall, this is a great tool for making sure that you’re getting the right numbers for beautiful plants! We love that it even measures the light levels so that you can be sure that even simple problems are ruled out.
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Sonkir Soil Tester

This professional soil pH tester by Sonkir is great for keeping your garden healthy and growing! It’s a lightweight meter that is easy to carry around with you, so you can test different plant beds or garden areas for the best results. Just insert the probe about 2 to 4 inches into the ground and switch the meter to whichever function you’d like to measure. To switch between checking the soil pH levels, the sunlight, or the moisture levels, you only have to switch it to that setting on the face of the meter, and then wait for the needle to stop swinging. This indicates an accurate reading. You can even use it on your indoor potted plants if they are thriving less than you’d like them too. We love that you can help control the results you get with such fine tuning as this meter offers. Your flowers and vegetables with thrive with the information you can gather!
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Kelway Soil pH Meter

This Kelway soil pH tester is a great tool for helping your lawn and garden out. You can easily take a lot of readings over a large area, perfect for larger spaces or the entire lawn, for instance. This needle meter reads the moisture levels from 0 to 100 percent and gives you a pH rating between 3.5 and 8 pH so you can tell if your soil is too acidic or too alkaline. It allows you to do this much easier than taking the soil sample to a lab and having it evaluated there. You can also measure the change over time so that you can get a much better idea of how your efforts are helping your garden improve. You don’t need to have any outside power source or chemicals in order to get accurate results - it’s all on the meter. That’s invaluable for farmers or gardeners that rely on their gardens for food!
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Bluelab pH Soil Tester

One of the most accurate soil pH testers on our list is this one from Bluelab. It’s extremely accurate because it has a digital readout instead of a needle window so that you can more easily tell what the actual levels are. It has a fully integrated storage cap and is fully waterproof. We love the range of pH levels it can detect, from 0.0 all the way up to 14.0 pH. Get the right reading so you can start working on getting your plants’ habitats back to natural. Sometimes all you need for a great garden is some insight, and this meter definitely provides it. This digital pH soil tester will help you get the results that you need without any bigger equipment or complicated tests. If your garden isn’t thriving the way you want it to, check the light levels, pH levels, and moisture with this handy tool. Its importance cannot be overstated.
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Jellas Soil Moisture Meter

One of the best soil pH testers that we found during our research was this one by Jellas. This needle-display meter helps to give you all the information that you need to help your garden and lawn thrive. It tests the soil moisture, the sunlight level, and the pH level to let you know what you need to adjust in order to promote the healthy growth of your garden. You can easily change the switch between the different values to test whichever value that you need, and it only takes a few moments to get an accurate reading! It even comes with a risk-free 12-month warranty in case it’s defective or doesn’t read your soil right. This meter could change the entire look of your garden quickly because you’ll know exactly what it needs to be the most beautiful version of itself. You have nothing to lose by trying out this wonderful meter! We love it!
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AcuRite 01413M Soil Meter

This AcuRite Soil Meter will help to make sure that you aren’t over or under watering your plants. I can help you avoid rotting your roots out or causing your plant to die because either of these situations is bad for it. This meter will test the moisture levels to make sure that your soil is just moist enough to help your plant thrive. It’s got a clear needle display that is color-coded with optimal ranges and works quickly to give you the most accurate reading that it can. It will test not only your soil moisture levels but also the pH levels and UV light intensity at the location as well. It’s the perfect tool for any gardener to get the most out of their plants and gardens. Help your outdoor (and indoor) areas thrive by using this meter to determine how to help your plants! That’s extremely useful, especially if you rely on your garden.
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Lovebay Soil pH Meter

This soil meter by Lovebay will get your pH level down so accurately, you’ll be astounded! Plus, it measures all three values that you need at once, including moisture, pH, and light intensity. Plus, if you’re unsure which values are the optimal ones, it includes information about how to interpret your readings, which is actually really useful! It boasts scientific accuracy and durability, as well as being cost-effective because it is sealed and won’t any moisture or dust damage the meter and mess up your readings. You don’t need any sort of batteries or outside power sources to power the meter - simply place it in the ground according to the directions and get quick, accurate results that will help your garden thrive. We love the design of this meter as well as the usefulness. It’s good to be able to track the changes to your pH levels during and after treatments so you know you’re doing the right thing.
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