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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Solar Lights for Pathways

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quadcopter reviewsBest Solar Lights for Pathways

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How to Choose the Best Solar Light for Pathways

Nothing makes a yard, garden, deck, or pool look more welcoming at night than set of pathway lights. They increase safety and security and just look really warm and inviting. To help you find the right solar path lights for you, we researched some of the best-sellers and top names brand to put together this review. Before we get started, let’s take a closer look at some of the key features you should know about before you buy.

Best Solar Lights for Pathways

Waterproof: All of these lights are water resistant but only a few claim that they’re waterproof. Truly waterproof lights can tolerate being outdoors year round. Water resistant lights can handle some rain but should be brought in in the event of deep snow.

Best Solar Lights for Pathways

Pieces: Pathway lights are used to line a path so you obviously need more than one or two of them! Luckily, these lights come in sets. We found products that are available in sets of 4, 6, 8, and 12.

How to Choose the Best Solar Light for Pathways

Color: The most common color for the items on our list is silver, though there are also some black and even bronze ones, too. Choose what goes best with your house for a boost of curb appeal.

Best Solar Lights for Pathways

Material: All of our top picks are either made of stainless steel, plastic, or a combination of the two. Both of these materials are tough and can hold up to a little exposure to the elements.

Best Solar Lights for Pathways

Size: Some of these lights are cylindrical, clean, and modern while others are a little more traditional. If you want the best solar spot lights outdoor, choose something larger. Looking for something modern? Look for something more modern, try something sleek and narrow.

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Warranty: Warranties vary a lot., They range anywhere from no warranty at all up to a lifetime. Make sure you understand your warranty and what’s covered. That way, you won’t have to worry about it if something happens down the line.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, let’s move on. Adding the best outdoor solar string lights or pathway light can really brighten up your yard. If you’re hoping to find some and you’re in a hurry, check out our top and budget picks first to see the range that’s available. Stick around after that, if you can. These products are all so different, you’re bound to find the one for you. Okay, let’s go!

Westinghouse Bastille Solar Lights

Top Pick
Our pick for best solar walkway lights are the Westinghouse Bastille Solar Lights. They’re made of bronze plated stainless steel that’s durable and really stands up to outdoor use. Each light has a glass lens that’s been cut to enhance the way the light reflects, adding a bit of sparkle. Plus, because they’re glass, they won’t fade and fog over like some plastic lenses do. These lights are powered by rechargeable batteries that pull power from the sun using an amorphous solar pant. In other words, you never need to worry about recharging the batteries. You don’t even have to turn them on or off. They come on automatically at dusk and stay on until the sun comes up. Then, they recharge and do it all over again.
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GIGALUMI Solar Lights

Budget Pick
For solar lights on a budget, check out the GIGALUMI Solar Lights set. This is a big set that includes 12 lights in all, perfect if you have a long pathway you want to light. Because they’re solar lights, they get powered by the sun so you don’t have to worry about an electric bill or anything like that. They turn on at dusk and turn off about 8 hours later. These lights are made of stainless steel and designed to tolerate rainy weather and some snow. They have a small, modern design that adds just the right amount of light without being too intrusive and won’t distract from the rest of your lawn or flower beds during the day. One more thing, they also include a 30-day money back guarantee.
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Maggift Solar Garden Lights

Maggift Solar Garden Lights are a great choice when it comes to the best solar powered garden lights. Unlike some of the other products we reviewed, these actually have an “on/off” switch. Turn it on before charging then leave it in the “on” position and they’ll work as other solar lights do, turning on and off automatically. These lights are made of black plastic with a beautiful, hollow design that really lets the light shine through. In addition to creating a soft glow, they also reflect off the pathway and add a beautiful pattern of light on the ground. If you’re looking for something that adds a little something to your home’s nighttime curb appeal, you have to check these ones out. They even come with a 90 day warranty.
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Voona Solar Bollard Lights

If you’re looking for the best outdoor solar path lights but want something with a modern flair, check out these bollard lights from Voona. They’re made of high-quality brushed nickel and stainless steel for a water resistant design that’s made for the outdoors. The long, cylindrical style is accented with a frosted lens. This causes the light to give off a nice, natural glow while still providing enough illumination for safety and security at nighttime. These lights turn on at dusk and last for about 8 hours with a full charge. Installation is really easy, too. First, be sure to adjust the switch from “off” to automatic. Then just push the lights into the ground right where you want them. Seriously, that’s all you have to do, the lights take care of the rest.
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Oak Leaf Solar Lights

The Oak Leaf Solar Lights are another great option if you want something that looks a little more streamlined and modern. This set of 12 lights is made of stainless steel and plastic. The stake and the top of the light are a shiny gunmetal color while the plastic lens has vertical ridges which add a little something to the glow. These soft, warm lights add just enough illumination to your yard without being too bright or overwhelming. Once installed, these lights turn on and off automatically. Depending on how much contact they have with direct sunlight during the day, these lights can last anywhere from 8 to 8 hours overnight. They’re weather resistant, too, so you don’t have to worry about them in the rain, wind, or snow.
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ArMax Solar Pathway Lights

Another choice for best solar powered path lights are these lights from ArMax. They’re a little larger than some of the other traditional designs we’ve seen so far. The lens is large and funnel shaped with long ridges running from top to bottom. This adds some extra glow to the light and helps to diffuse it. What’s so awesome about these lights is the battery life. Most of the lights we reviewed so far promise about 6 to 8 hours of light with a full battery. The ArMax Solar Pathway Lights work for up to 25 hours on a full charge. They stay on all day and are brighter than most other solar pathway lights. Why? Because these lights use a more powerful solar panel that is capable of compensating for cloudy days.
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Garden Bliss Solar Lights

Next up in our review of solar garden lights are these from Garden Bliss. One thing you’ll like about these lights is their size. They’re a pretty decent size whereas a lot of the products we’ve looked at so far have been fairly small and compact. And, because they are bigger, they also give off more light. How much more? Get this, they’re actually twice as bright as other lights. The brushed stainless steel design is sleek and elegant plus it can withstand rain, snow, and harsh sunlight. These lights look great even during the day. And that’s not all, they’re built to last. The premium LEDs used in these lights have a 20,000 hour life. They even come with a no-risk money-back guarantee for up to 1 year.
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Finether LED Solar Lights

Another great set of outdoor lights are the Finether LED Solar Lights. They have a stainless steel pole that’s been electroplated so you never have to worry about rain, snow, or wind. This sturdy, waterproof material has a bronze color and can handle any weather condition. Plus, it’s rust free. These lights are designed so that the light itself sits higher than it does on other products which create a whole new effect. There’re more. Finether uses advanced materials for the solar panel to deliver 360-degree energy collection. This makes it easy for the battery to charge even on those days when it’s cloudy or raining. These lights have an amazing glow and the bronze color just adds a little more to the effect of the illumination.
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Sunnest Solar Lights

One of the best solar lights for pathways we found in our research are the Sunnest Solar Lights. Recharging for 4 to 6 hours during the day provide 6 to 8 hours of light overnight. These lights are made of stainless steel and have a high waterproof rating that protects them from rain and snow. They also won’t rust or corrode and can sit outside in your yard all year round. These lights have a simple design that’s more than meets the eye. The lens is accented with vertical ridges that create a really awesome effect when the light hits the ground. Each light gives off its own starburst pattern on the ground which really adds an awesome detail to your yard. One more thing, these lights come with a 1-year money back or replacement warranty.
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GOBULB Solar Garden Lights

Last up in our list are the GOBULB Solar Garden Lights. These lights have a sturdy stainless steel construction that’s really durable and won’t corrode. They’re sealed with waterproof material which means they can stay outside all year round. You don’t have to worry about snow, wind, cold, or intense sunlight causing any rust or discoloration. The stainless steel also a simple, streamlined look that blends in perfectly with any garden or yard. They have a modern look that casts a beautiful halo on the ground when lit up. The solar panel charges better and faster so, with only 6 hours of charging in the sun, these lights can provide 10 hours of illumination. One more thing, these lights come with a lifetime replacement warranty. That’s how you know you can trust that they’ll last a long time.
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