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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Solar Pool Covers

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How to Choose a Solar Pool Cover

Just can’t get enough of the pool? How about extending summer for about two months? If that sounds amazing, a solar pool cover is just what you need! Heat your pool with the power of the sun, prevent evaporation, and keep debris out all with one device. We’ve got you covered with our solar pool cover buying guide! Here’s what you should know before you start shopping. Afterward, check out our top ten recommendations for the best cover!

Best Solar Pool Covers

Pool Type: Some covers work better for pools installed above ground, while other types work only for ones that sit above ground. Check to make sure the cover you want is made for your pool. Some work for both types!

Best Solar Pool Covers

Shape: Covers are usually made for either rectangular or circular pools. If your pool is shaped differently, you can always buy more than one and spread them over the surface of your pool! They work the same.

How to Choose a Solar Pool Cover

Color: There seem to be two recurring colors for these covers: There’s either blue or clear available, sometimes both. The Clear version keeps the water warmer at more depth, while the blue one prevents heat from escaping.

Best Solar Pool Covers

Thickness: Thicker covers tend to have larger bubbles on the bottom side. They also prevent more evaporation than thinner ones, and most are able to keep more heat in the water. Thin covers work best for above ground pools.

Best Solar Pool Covers

Size: You need to know what size your pool is before you buy a cover for it. Most of them can be cut down to the size of your pool if you need them to fit a little better.

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Warranty: You’re going to want to know how long the pool cover is going to last. Most companies will refund or replace the cover if there is a defect within this time frame.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, let’s get to the products! If you’re eager to get back in the sunshine, check out our top pick and budget pick first! They will show you what’s really out there for both function and price. Make sure you read to the end of our best solar pool cover reviews because you just might find your favorite accessory for fun in the sun!

Sun2Solar Rectangle Pool Cover

Top Pick
The Sun2Solar Pool cover is made for both in-ground and aboveground types of pools, so both types get the same level of quality! This rectangular cover is 12 mils thick, ideal for trapping heat and keeping the surface of the water warm. This cover, in particular, can be trimmed down to fit the size of your pool – in fact, it comes with a little extra on the sides just for this purpose. It will not void the warranty to get the perfect fit! The blue color will make sure the surface of your pool stays about 15 degrees warmer than it normally would. Just make sure that you put the bubble-side down. That’s the beauty of this device! The bubbles trap the heat from the sun, creating a solar heater for your pool. We just love how simple and eco-friendly it is! It’s the best solar blanket pool cover out of the selection we looked at.
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Intex Solar Pool Cover

Budget Pick
Up next is our selection for the best cheap solar pool cover. This round cover is only 1 mil thick, which makes it the perfect lightweight cover for easy removal when you want to get back in the water again. It comes with a carrying bag to put it in when you aren’t using it, which is important because this device works so well! If you happen to put it down on your lawn while you’re in the pool, it might just fry all of the grass under it. That’s how powerful this cover is! The blue color is attractive and allows the surface of the water to heat to at least 10 degrees above what the water normally is. This 15 ft solar pool cover is a perfect fit for a round fixture of that size. It will keep the debris out and your water and heat in. The thinner construction is perfect for above ground pools.
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In the Swim Solar Blanket

This cover is made of several smaller bubbles instead of the larger bubbles of the other covers on this list. Since the bubbles are little heat-retaining pods, larger ones can hold more heat, but it doesn’t keep it as long. The smaller bubbles create smaller areas of heat-retention, meaning that your water will stay warm for even longer! This rectangular cover can be trimmed down to fit free-form or irregularly-shaped pools as well, so don’t worry about trying to find a perfect match. The 12 mil thickness means that it’s going to work so much better than a thinner version for keeping even your in-ground pools warm and cozy. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work for above ground pools. This cover is versatile enough to accommodate both types. And the price is simply unbeatable for something this thick, with a warranty that’s this good. You can’t go wrong with the In the Swim solar pool cover!
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Blue Wave Solar Blanket

The Blue Wave Solar Blanket is easily one of the best solar pool covers for sale. It’s meant to be used for an in-ground pool, which will be super easy to maintain with its 14 mil thickness. It’ll keep all of your heat in the water where it belongs! What is unique about this cover is its clear color – they don’t even offer a blue version! But that’s for the best sometimes, because this cover allows you to see the beautiful color of your pool even while it’s covered! It also works to keep water warm at a greater depth. Some other covers only heat the surface of the pool, while the clear variety shows a measurable difference of between 10 degrees and 15 degrees in depths up to 4 feet. This company is so dedicated to keeping your pool warm that they only offer a cover that is more effective at greater depth – no substitutes or exceptions!
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Steinbach Solar Pool Cover

This Steinbach Solar Cover works almost too well! On warmer days, you’re going to want to keep it off of your pool, or the water might get too hot to enjoy! This is one of the best solar covers for above ground pools. Even as thin and lightweight as it is, it greatly decreases the amount of debris that falls into the water, reducing the amount of time you’ll spend cleaning leaves and dirt out of your pool. The cover will provide at least 95% less evaporation. It’s an investment for sure because less evaporation means that you won’t spend as much on pool chemicals in the long run. This is one of the best solar pool covers for sale, especially due to how effective it is! We loved that this cover worked so well. It’s the perfect size for 10-foot round pools, so you don’t have to cut or trim it to get it to fit properly.
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Splash Pools Solar Cover

Splash Pools’ Solar Cover is unique on our list for being oval-shaped instead of round or rectangular. If your pool isn’t perfectly round, this is the cover for you! It is made for above ground pools, and it’s made of resin – a material that will hold out under the hot sunlight! The company boasts a 15-degree temperature rise on average, which we think is pretty amazing for a solar device. The 8 mil thickness will keep all of that extra heat in the water instead of allowing it to dissipate. Using it won’t run up your power bill! We think the Splash Pools Cover is a good candidate for the best solar cover for above ground pools. The unique shape allows it to be used on a greater variety of pools, and we loved that! Use it as is or trim it down for a smaller pool.
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Harris Solar Cover

This solar cover by Harris comes only in the clear color, which means you will still be able to see the blue color of your pool beneath it! Because it’s clear, the heat it retains will penetrate deeper and allow a greater depth to be heated as effectively as the surface. This cover is 10 mils thick so it’s going to be even more effective at heating and retaining the heat it generates. It’s easy to trim down to size, so this 18 x 36-foot cover can easily be made to be a 15x30 solar pool cover. It won’t void the warranty to make it fit! Do you want to hear the best part? This cover won’t become brittle like some of the others due to its unique material. It increases resistance to the heat of the sun so it will hold up season after season! We love this cover and we’re sure that you will too!
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Pool Mate Solar Blanket

The Pool Mate Solar Blanket is unique on our list for a few reasons, but let’s start with the size. It’s 20 x 40 feet, which is a little strange as far as these covers go. It just means that it’s easy to trim down to fit the size of the pool you have, making it more customizable than the pre-measured covers. Just use a permanent marker to outline the shape of your pool and cut it down to size! This cover is 12 mils thick, but it’s also got a really cool feature that the others don’t: it’s got a normal blue top, but the bottom side is coated with aluminum! It really keeps your pool warm! This cover boasts 14% heat retention with the addition of the unique underside. The top is blue and resists UV rays to prevent quick deterioration. All and all, we think this could be the best solar cover for in-ground pools.
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Thermo-Tex Pool Solar Cover

Thermo-Tex’s Solar Pool Cover is great for extending your fun in the sun! Use it a month before summer and a month after to increase the time spent in your pool. By keeping the water heated, keeping debris out, and reducing the evaporation weight of the chemicals used to maintain your pool, this cover lowers operating costs. It also cuts the time it takes to maintain your pool quite a bit! The cool thing about this cover is that it’s easy to remove when you want to get in the water, and easy to replace when you’re ready to leave. This cover is made of polymers that are resistant to UV light, preventing degradation of the materials and keeping your cover working season after season! That’s why it’s called a 5-year cover – it can resist damage by the sun for that long. We thought that was pretty impressive, considering most other covers last a few seasons at most.
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Sun Ring Round Solar Cover

This round solar cover by Sun Ring is perfect for round above ground pools that are 10 feet or less across. This means they have a 5-foot diameter. This pool cover has got to be the most sophisticated on our list! Instead of just floating on the water, this cover has magnets to help attach it to the sides of the pool and increase efficiency while it floats. Additionally, this is the only cover on our list to be compatible with automatic cleaners! It’s a pretty amazing blend of solar power and technology! The lower half of this cover, or the part that goes into the water, is 50% frosted. This means greater heat retention! With the coverage this provides, the 1 mil thickness, and that lower layer, this solar cover is amazing. The best part? It’s a perfect fit. You won’t have to buy a 16 ft round solar pool cover and trim it to size!
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