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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Solar Pool Heater

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How to Choose the Best Solar Pool Heater

We’ve researched the best solar pool heater and we have it here on this list for you! They are a smart, functional and eco-friendly way to heat all kinds of home pool systems. They are easy to install and to use. You can warm up to some of the bestselling heaters around just by reading down below. But before we get started, here are the features you need to look for when you select the best pool solar heater.

Best Solar Pool Heater

Pool Type: Our reviewers selected ten of the top pool heaters available, and they work for a variety of pools and pool sizes. Some are designed for above-ground pools, with various mounting locations. Others are going to work best for in-ground pools.

Best Solar Pool Heater

Size: Solar heaters can vary widely in size. Depending on the size of your home and the size of your pool, you may be looking for something small and portable, or large and semi-permanent. We’ve got something for everyone on our list.

How to Choose the Best Solar Pool Heater

Shape: This is another great way to get a quick idea of the look and feel of the solar pool heater you like the most. Generally, they come most often in curved shapes, like contours and domes. Others look like small pyramids.

Best Solar Pool Heater

Mounting Location: Depending on whether you have an above-ground or an in-ground pool, your mounting location will vary. It will also change if your pool is out on a deck, or recessed in a grotto. We provide the mounting location clearly here.

Best Solar Pool Heater

Weight: If you’re going to be lugging this solar pool heater around yourself, it’s always smart to get an idea of how much you’re going to be lifting. Some are quite easy to maneuver, while others may require a little assistance.

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Warranty: If you’re not sure exactly what’s needed for your pool, or if you want to protect yourself from potential breakage or damage, a warranty is a wonderful thing to have. We’ve provided this helpful reference on every heater we chose.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know exactly what to check for as you shop for the best pool heater, we can get started. Here's the deal: If you need to move quickly, take a look at our top pick and our budget pick. Both are great choices and come out on top amongst those we reviewed. Below those two are the runners-up on our list of favorites. Chances are, the one you love is on this list. Let’s get right to the reviews!

GAME Solar Pool Heater

Top Pick
The best kind of energy is the free kind, right? That’s the appeal of a hardworking solar heater. Buy it, set it up, and the spending stops there. That’s a pretty appealing scenario! This is our top pick for best above ground solar pool heater: The GAME heater. Our research shows that on average, this heater will get temperatures up by 5 degrees within less than a week. It does depend on the size of the pool. It is recommended for pools up to 8,000 gallons. If your pool is bigger, you can connect two heaters with a bypass kit. But wait, there’s more! The installation could not be simpler. This solar pool heater weighs just over 12 pounds. It’s 23 inches in diameter. No additional adapters are necessary – one is included for Intex and Bestway pools, both extremely popular brands. You get a one-year warranty from GAME on your purchase. It’s time to jump in – the water’s fine!
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Intex Solar Heater Mat

Budget Pick
When we selected our budget pick, we wanted to make sure that the price-to-value ratio was a fantastic one for you and your family. That’s why our reviewers really like the Intex Solar Heater Mat. It’s affordable, and it works well. Here’s how: the solar mat is a 47-inch by 47-inch square. It hooks up to the filter hoses to connect to both your pump and your pool. It has a ¼” connector and an adaptor for a ½” hose. This particular solar pool heater is for above-ground pools. Once it’s connected, it captures the sun’s rays and gets to work. Solar is a great way to warm things up in the family pool. One mat is recommended for every 8,000 gallons of water. It's lightweight and very easy to set up and put into position. You'll have it working in no time. Just imagine a dip on a sunny day without getting the shivers. We love the Intex Solar Heater Mat!
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SunCoil Dome Solar Heater

The best solar heater for pool use does its job quickly and without a lot of trouble for you, the homeowner. Introducing the SunCoil Dome Solar Heater! Check it out: This dome solar heater functions like a car window on a hot July day, magnifying and channeling heat through the inner black coil. Energy is transferred from the sun right into your pool, making your swim a pleasant one. The SunCoil device is designed for above-ground pools and Intex-style soft-sided pools. Use the folding legs on the base to angle the heater toward the sun and get the most warmth possible. A free connection kit helps to control water flow through the dome. And there’s more: the included diverter valve kit sends water away from the dome during pool vacuuming. The SunCoil Solar Heater measures 29 by 29 inches, and it’s 9 inches thick. It weighs 19 pounds, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting it into place.
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Game Curve Solar Heater

Like a sunbathing beauty, a good pool solar heater elegantly takes in the heat of the day. Think of the GAME Curve Solar Heater as the sun’s best friend, because it’s going to translate all of those fiery temperatures into the perfect swim. Even better? Both above-ground and in-ground pools are candidates for the GAME heater’s expertise. It hooks easily into your hose system to begin working immediately. There are also threaded ports for multiple hookup options. 2 hoses and stainless steel hose clamps come with your purchase. Here’s the scoop: this solar heater has a unique curved design, and its shiny silver and black surface can easily be turned to face the sun in full and get those temps into the water. It should heat up about 5 degrees Fahrenheit in 4 days! Multiple units can be connected for even better results. At 43 inches long, this heater won’t get in the way of happy, splashing kids.
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Game 4714 Solar Heater

Buying a pool is a big decision. Now you have the gorgeous swimming spot and plans to barbecue and float your days away. The next step is to keep that pool water nice and warm so that it’s always welcoming for your guests. Get a workhorse that can do the job without a lot of fuss: meet the GAME 4714 SolarPRO Heater. This is definitely a pro! It’s a dome solar heater, measuring 28 inches across. Those contours help to capture the heat of the day and transfer them into the water. It can handle pools with up to 10,000 gallons of water. Both Intex and Bestway pools can be accommodated with the included adapters. If you need a little more power, use the foldable legs to angle your heater in the right direction. Things should warm up by about 5 degrees Fahrenheit in less than a week. Best of all, you’ve got a one-year warranty on your GAME heater.
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Xtreme Power Heating System

Sunshine at a steal, and no need to pay for the power to heat your pool. That’s the exciting promise of a good pool solar heater. This one is a winner: the Xtreme Power Heating System’s potential is impressive. Unroll two solar collector “sheets” measuring 20 feet by 28 inches (40 feet total.) Place them in the sun, and use the quick-connect design to hook them up to either your above-ground or in-ground pool. That’s right, they work with both! They’re also really versatile. Roll them out on the grass right there next to the water, or open them up on the roof of your house. The Xtreme Power Heating System should work for oval pools up to 12 feet wide by 24 feet long, and round pools of up to 18 feet. If your pool is bigger, it’s very simple to add on additional panels. Blow up a float, pop a bathing suit on and get ready to relax!
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Blue Wave SolarPro Mat

Pools are an expensive investment, but heating them doesn’t have to be. The Blue Wave SolarPro Mat is a smart, efficient way to warm things up in the water. Here’s how you do it: this 39-inch mat is hooked up to both your pool and your pump. It’s designed to work with above-ground pools. It’s got ten square feet of surface area, and we all know how black absorbs the sun! Tubing snakes through the mat to soak up as much of that temperature increase as possible, and get it transferred to your swimming spot. The mat design comes with another advantage: it’s incredibly easy to move and set up. At just 6 pounds, anyone can roll it out and quickly see results. No gas or electric connections are required, making this an affordable and environmentally-friendly solution. Adapters for Intex pools are included. Blue Wave includes a 90-day warranty on your solar heater purchase. What are you waiting for?
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Kokido Dome Solar Heater

Want to go green and save the world? That may be a tall order, but you can start with the Kokido Dome Solar Heater. This heater captures and transmits the sun’s energy to warm up your pool without messing with your carbon footprint. You won’t have to use up extra electricity making the water comfortable. But wait, there’s more! This heater works for above-ground pools up to 12 feet deep. Just hook it up to the pool and to your pump, letting it go to work converting sunlight. Our reviewers loved that it can even extend your swimming season. The smart dome and coil design gets a lot of liquid in and out quickly, so you shouldn’t need to wait too long to see results. At 39 inches wide and weighing 14 pounds, you can place it wherever it’s needed without trouble. It can also be stored away securely when it isn’t needed. It’s time to dive in and take a swim!
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Beluga Pool Solutions

The children’s fable of the Little Engine That Could features a little blue train with moxie. She doesn’t give up until the children get their toys and sweets, pulling it all up and over a mountain to get it delivered on time. You can think of the Beluga Pool Solutions Solar Heating Device as the “little engine” of solar pool heaters. Why? It’s a magical little device, with big results. Here’s how it works: It attaches directly to the pool wall, and you attach it to your garden hose. The Beluga Heater takes the water already warmed by the hose and diverts it right into your pool. This 4" little superstar works for both above-ground and in-ground pools. Compared to other methods of pool heating that involve expensive solutions, electricity, and gas, this is a major money saver. It's also great for the environment. Bottom line: You'll be amazed at what this device can do for you!
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GoPlus Solar Dome

Have you ever left your car on a hot day, only to come back and yelp in pain when you try to grab your black steering wheel? Black absorbs heat, and that’s why the GoPlus Solar Dome works so well. Think about it: black coils are wound around to capture the energy of the sun and shoot all of that warmth right into your pool. You'll finally love how hot black material can get in bright daylight! This dome measures just over 22 inches across and weighs only 11 pounds. This solar thermal collector saves space and money, and it’s aesthetically pleasing. Bring it over to the side of your above-ground pool, and plug it in. You’ll use your own pump and filter system to get water circulating. So, what are we talking about? Before long, your swim will be much more pleasant. Invite the neighbors over, and keep everyone comfortable. This heater will connect easily to a 1.5-inch hose.
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