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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Solar Spot Lights

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How to Choose the Best Solar Spot Light

Spot lights can help light up the area around your house and they can definitely make it easier for you to feel comfortable walking up to your house at night or feeling protected within your house. But having the best deer spotting light or the best handheld LED spotlight is definitely going to be an important feature and that requires a little bit of research. Or you can just take a look at our best solar spot lights reviews and find out which ones we think are actually the best solar spot lights around.

Best Solar Spot Lights

Waterproof: What happens if your spot light gets wet? You don’t want it to be ruined because your lights are constantly going to be outside. If it gets ruined because of water you’d have to bring it inside every time that it rains outside, so keep track of this.

Best Solar Spot Lights

Pieces: How many pieces are included in the box that you’re going to get? Are you getting a single light or are you getting more than one? Are you getting lights and an external piece? You want to know when you open that box how many pieces you should have.

How to Choose the Best Solar Spot Light

Auto On/Off: Does the light turn on and off by itself or do you need to do it? This could be a personal preference issue because maybe you only want it on when you need it not just on whenever it gets dark outside. Look at your options.

Best Solar Spot Lights

Lumens: How much light is the spot light itself going to give off? How much do you really need for whatever purpose you have? Do you need something that has a lot of power or something with just a little bit of light? This is a personal preference issue.

Best Solar Spot Lights

Size: How large are the lights? This could affect where you’re actually going to put them and what you’re going to do with them. If you want lights that will brighten your entire yard you need something much brighter, for example.

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Warranty: How long is the warranty? The longer a warranty is the more you know the company stands behind its products and that’s definitely something to keep an eye on. Make sure you know what you’re getting into right from the start.

Top 10 Products

If you’re still not quite sure which lights you should take a look at the options we have here. We’ve looked up several of the best possible options when it comes to solar lights so you can make sure that you are ready to go whenever you want. Each of these has some great features that you’ll appreciate and they’ll each serve as the best solar spot light around. Whether you need something with a lot of light, a little or something that falls in between.

InnoGear Solar Spotlights

Top Pick
Our top pick for solar lights is one of the best rated outdoor solar spot lights and offers 4 in a single pack and you’ll get the freedom to adjust the angle for not only the light but the solar panel, so you can collect as much light as possible. Available in a warm white light, they come with 2 different options to install, including sticking them directly into the ground on stakes or even mounting them on the wall. When the sun comes up they turn off on their own and when it goes down they turn back on again so you can get the light you’re looking for. You even get to choose between high and low brightness. Completely waterproof and heatproof, these lights can be turned on during the day as well, as long as you cover the sensor. The large solar panel collects more light and then gives you up to 12 hours of light in low mode or up to 6 hours of light in high mode.
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URPOWER Solar Spotlight

Budget Pick
This budget pack of lights is one of the best rated solar spot lights and is designed to attach on your wall or in the ground with no problems. On top of that, you get a waterproof system that is still going to work even after the rain. Great for security light or just accenting your patio, garden, pool or driveway (or anywhere else you want it), these lights are inexpensive and strong at the same time. You can even choose between different angles for the light and the solar panel and different types of light, from warm to cold white. The lithium ion battery charges throughout the day and turns on automatically when the sun goes down. With 4 bulbs in each light and 2 different settings for high or low light, you can get as much as 9 hours of light once there’s a full charge. That’s definitely going to be enough to get you through the night. Simple installation, with no tools, means that you just put them in the ground and you’re ready to go.
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DrawGreen Solar Lights

Available in both black and white to suit your preference, these high output solar spot lights offer optics-grade PMA lenses to give you a much brighter light that covers up to 55 feet. When it’s sunny outside you don’t even need long to get a full charge, only up to 6 hours, and then you’ll have plenty of light to get you through the night. Even better, even a rainy day can produce enough low light for up to 3 days. That means, no matter what, you’re going to have the light that you need in your yard. Completely waterproof, freezeproof and heat proof, this set is ready for absolutely anything, and it will give you the light you want from dusk until dawn. There’s even an extended lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and you’ll get a 160 week warranty that offers complete replacement if you have any problems at all.
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Magictec Solar Spotlights

This 2 pack of the best spot lights has a warm white color that’s just the right brightness for you to enjoy your yard and feel secure. They can even be installed into the ground or on a wall, so they shine the light exactly where you want it. With full adjustability for the light itself as well as the solar panel, you’ll be able to make sure that you’re getting just the right projection. You’ll even get over 10 hours of light off a full charge and you can set either of the 2 brightness modes you like. Completely waterproof and heatproof, you won’t need to worry about this light sitting outside in the heat of the summer or even in the rain. They are an average size compared to similar products and even offer a full year warranty that says they’re going to last.
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AMIR Solar Spotlights

This set of 2 lights is great for any purposes outside your home and serves as one of the best outdoor solar spot lights. Whether you need to light up your yard, your driveway or even your patio, you’ll definitely be able to with these lights. Not only that but they use LED bulbs to give you even more distance and just the right brightness with the standard white display. If you want something a little more unique, however, you can opt for the colorful or even color changing options. All of these lights are waterproof and durable enough to last even in less than ideal weather. The 180 degree adjustable light and solar panel make it easy to collect all the light you need and then direct it exactly where you want it to go so you’re ready for anything. You also get the light you need as soon as the sun goes down and it turns off as soon as the sun comes up. Plus you get to choose between high and low light.
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Aptoyu Solar Lights

With this set of solar lights, you’re going to get 9 LED lights in each 1 and you’re going to get a total of 4 lights to help line your driveway, walkway or other path. What’s really great is that they’re bright enough to provide a little bit of security along the way, making sure that you’re able to see anything, and they offer a high and low light mode. Completely water resistant for rainy days, they can charge in just 6-8 hours of sun and provide you with up to 6 hours of light on high mode or 12 hours of light on low mode. That way you get light when you need it. Even better, you get to decide where they work best for you. Put them up on the wall to get light higher or stake them into the ground for a more seamless look. You can even adjust the angle of the solar panel and the light itself to make sure it’s collecting sunlight the way it should and make sure that it’s directing it right where you want for the best solar spot lights.
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Mulcolor Solar Spotlights

This 4 pack of lights is great for anyone who is looking to improve the overall security of their outdoor space or who just want to brighten things up in a unique way. You can attach these best LED solar spot lights to the wall or stake them into the ground but either way, you’ll have no wiring and no plugs. You’ll also have pretty much full control over the angle of the light itself and the angle of the solar panel so you can get just the right amount of sunlight in and sunlight out. Fully weatherproof, these lights are ready to go with as little as 6 hours of sunlight and will turn themselves on at dusk and off again when the sun comes up so you can save some of that light for when you really need it. There are even 2 different modes so you can get high or low light.
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Findyouled Solar Spotlight

With the way most solar lights are made, if you don’t get sunlight in exactly the same place as you want your lights to be you don’t get to use them, but this set is different. You get 2 solar lights that are connected to a solar panel. The panel can be put where you need it in order to get the sunlight you need and the lights can go where you want them in order to shine the right amount of light on your driveway, garden, pathway, or anywhere else. They have a cast aluminum finish that makes them more durable even in rougher weather and they have an impact resistant lens to top it off. Stake the lights into the ground or put them up on the wall to get the light you want and don’t worry about turning them on because they take care of that themselves. The lights turn on at dusk and turn off immediately at dawn so you’re ready for anything with the best solar spot lights.
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T-SUNRISE Solar Spotlight

This option lets you get 2 solar lights that you can put wherever you might need light, and you won’t have to worry about the solar panel getting enough light because it is actually separate. Instead of everything being together you can set the solar panel where you need it to collect light and then you can direct it where you need it. You’ll even be able to choose between different color options when you pick this light. Able to give you up to 9 hours of working time after being charged only 8 hours, this light sticks into the ground or hooks onto your wall. You’ll get a full year warranty with this system and you’ll get something that’s durable enough to withstand water as well as anything else the season can throw at it. All you need to do is find a place where you can set it up and get the best results.
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W-LITE Solar Spotlights

This light system gives you a whole lot of bright light right where you want it with the best solar spot light. You get to set the solar panel up separate from the lights themselves and then you can direct the light where it needs to be. Set them up on the wall or you can put them directly into the ground with no problem. You’ll also be able to get up to 5,000 years out of them and you’ll receive a full 1 year warranty. What’s great is that it’s light sensitive, which means that you won’t burn up some of your light while it’s charging, since it only turns on when the sun goes down and it gets to dusk. Lightweight and simple to use, this system gives you up to 9 hours of working time with as little as 6 hours of charging time, which means that it’s great even if you don’t have the brightest amount of sun all day.
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