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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Solitaire Diamond Rings

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quadcopter reviewsBest Solitaire Diamond Rings

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How to Choose the Best Solitaire Diamond Ring

Solitaire rings are one of the simplest and most elegant ring designs. This consists of a single diamond in a large setting, on a thin band that is some type of gold or platinum. If this is the type of ring you’re looking to purchase, we can help! This solitaire diamond ring buying guide can help you choose the perfect ring for yourself or a loved one! Here are some things you should know before buying.

Best Solitaire Diamond Rings

Carats: This universally refers to the quality of the ring, though it’s actually a measure of weight. Many people recognize that the weight of a particular stone affects both the price and quality of the diamond.

Best Solitaire Diamond Rings

Shape: This refers to the cut of the gem. Solitaire rings usually have a round stone or a princess cut stone, depending on the style. Some may even have oval stones, though those are less common.

How to Choose the Best Solitaire Diamond Ring

Setting Metal: What material are the ring and setting made of? This is usually either platinum or some type of gold, whether it be rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold. This also influences the price.

Best Solitaire Diamond Rings

Stone Type: This is fairly simple: is the stone real, or is it created in a lab, synthetic or simulated? A real stone will usually have a higher weight and price, whereas a simulated diamond is a fraction of the cost.

Best Solitaire Diamond Rings

Size Range: How the ring fits is one of the most important things you have to consider when buying a ring. The size range includes all of the sizes and half-sizes that are available without resizing.

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Warranty: Most companies will repair or replace your ring if the stone or setting is damaged within 30 days of purchase. Some companies have longer periods, where they will fix normal wear damage without any fuss.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know some things about purchasing a diamond ring, let’s get to the reviews! We’ve researched a wide variety of rings and styles in order to bring you the top ten solitaire diamond ring reviews! Check out our top pick and budget pick first if you’re in a hurry, but the rest of our list is also full of amazingly beautiful diamond pieces that you and your loved one are going to adore.

Diamond Manufacturers Solitaire Ring

Top Pick
This ring from Diamond Manufacturers would be a gorgeous addition to any jewelry collection! The solitaire style makes sure that the genuine white diamond is the center of attention. When it catches the light, the whole room will stop to look! This real diamond jewelry is made of completely natural stones that are untreated and conflict-free, so you can wear it with confidence! This ring comes with a specific diamond certificate, which will tell you the weight and specifications of the exact diamond that is in your ring. This gorgeous stone is about 0.5 carats, though your own may vary slightly to either side, and it’s set in gorgeous white platinum that will really make it stand out! The design is very simple and beautifully-made, and we’re sure that you or whoever you’re gifting it to is going to love it! All of the facets of this stone and the clarity of the color will leave you breathless!
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Diamond Delight Solitaire Ring

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is this ring from Diamond Delight. The single, 0.25-carat white diamond is completely natural and set on a stunningly simple band with a rose gold finish. The settings are a little bulkier than a normal solitaire ring, making it unique and beautiful. The ring and the setting are made of 14 karat gold, with the beautiful rose tint. Whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else, the color of this ring is going to make you very happy! It’s also available in white and yellow golds if they appeal to you or your partner more. You can even customize the weight of the diamond if you want to spend more or want a higher-quality piece. After all, you want the one stone on this ring to be so dazzling that it holds all of the attention for itself. This beautiful white diamond definitely does that. We love these magnificent discount diamonds!
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Houston Diamond District Ring

This beautiful solitaire piece comes from the Houston Diamond District. It’s a 100% authentic white diamond set on a 14 karat white gold band. The setting consists of six prongs to hold the stone in, and the diamond weighs around 0.5 carats. Getting a diamond that’s this clear at such an affordable price is a great deal! They sell a range of sizes, from 3.5 at the smallest end to 8.5 at the highest, and with all the half-sizes available, you’re sure to find your perfect fit with this beautiful ring. It’s an eye-catcher, that’s for sure! It sparkles beautifully in the light, and you definitely will not regret your purchase – whether you’re buying it for you or someone else. We love this gold and diamond jewelry piece! You’ll even get a certificate of authenticity to prove that this diamond is the real deal! This price and quality of this piece simply can’t be beaten!
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NDSTORE Diamond Engagement Ring

This NDSTORE Diamond ring is pretty much the classic solitaire ring. A 0.5-carat white diamond is set into a thin band that is made of 14 karats white gold. The center stone is the classic round shape, and the setting takes it up and away from the band in order to showcase the stone above all else. The diamond in this ring specifically is conflict-free and completely natural and genuine. The company uses very strict standards to hand-pick and grade their diamonds. The result is stones that are extremely clear, full of fire, and beautiful to look at in the light. The stones are also authenticated, and you’ll receive a certificate with your ring that proves it is a real stone. You can customize the size from five available (and most can be resized slightly) and the weight of the stone, so you can get the quality you want. It’s great to buy diamond jewelry online!
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Dazzling Rock Engagement Ring

This ring from the Dazzling Rock collection takes solitaire rings to the next level. Instead of featuring a huge stone that is lifted above the rest of the ring in order to make it stand out, this ring features a ring that doesn’t outside the band. It’s set in white gold, but the ring comes right up to the back of the diamond in an attractive pattern that is heavy on simple design elements. It creates a snug look that really elevates this ring to a higher status. It’s small and simple while still being elegant and classic, and there’s nothing that can beat that, really. There’s a 90-day warranty included from the manufacturer, under which they will repair any normal wear or damage within that time frame. This solitaire diamond engagement ring takes the cake with its princess cut stone! You can even get different diamond weights put into the ring, which is an amazing feature!
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Diamond Wish Solitaire Ring

This beautiful ring from Diamond wish features a 0.33-carat white diamond that is cut in the round and secured with a 4-prong setting. The setting and the band can be finished in either rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold, depending on what style you prefer. It comes with a certificate of authenticity so you know that the diamond is both genuine and conflict-free. When you order, it will arrive in a gorgeous wooden box to display and present it in. The gold of the band and the setting is 14 karats and perfectly shiny! We love the design elements to this ring, including the way that the band tapers just before reaching the diamond in the center. This gives the stone more room to shine and creates a wonderful look when the ring is on your finger. We love that the setting is raised above the band to give the stone the center stage that it deserves!
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Szul Diamond Solitaire Ring

This Szul solitaire diamond ring really shines when it comes to the setting. The delicate white-gold prongs come far away from the band, holding the beautifully-cut 1-carat white diamond aloft. The round cut contributes to the style and grace of this ring. And because the bottom of the stone isn’t encased in the ring, you’ll get a beautifully solid sparkle from any angle, not just the top down. It’s the best way to display this beautiful stone! The white gold that makes up the band is a full 14 karats, which is an amazing quality. The diamond itself comes with a certificate of authenticity, noting that this gem has been inspected and evaluated to be a quality, real gem. You can’t beat that! We also love that Szul offers a 60-day complimentary repair service if you need anything fixed within the first two months of owning the ring. Another great deal, considering the cost of repairs.
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Gem Stone King Solitaire Ring

This ring by Gem Stone King is unique on our list because of the quality of the gold that the band and setting are made of. This is the only ring on our list to be made of stunning, durable 18 karats white gold. You won’t have to worry about wearing it every day because it can stand up to normal, everyday use without batting an eye. Before it is shipped, each piece passes an inspection process that makes sure you’re getting the best possible quality of the most beautiful stone. It’s small and simple enough to match any outfit while still looking gorgeous and accentuating the natural beauty of your hands. You just have to have this piece in your jewelry collection! The six prongs that hold the ring are beautifully shaped and definitely add to the elegance of this ring. If you’re looking for the perfect anniversary present, valentine’s gift, or even engagement ring, you can’t go wrong!
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Diamond Studs Forever Ring

This ring from Diamond Studs Forever is small enough that it is simple, stays out of the way, and still beautiful enough to be eye-catching. If your skin is sensitive to metals, you can rest assured that this ring probably won’t irritate it, as the band and the setting are made with sparkling white platinum. The diamond itself is a clear 0.33 carat stone that is custom-set when you order it. It’s completely conflict-free, and cut using the latest technologies to ensure that you’re getting the most beautiful ring! These special processes bring out the best of the diamond, making sure that you get the most beautiful stone. Every piece is quality assured and comes in a gift box to make sure that it isn’t damaged in shipping. We love the clarity and size of this round-cut stone, and we’re sure that you will too! Plus, it’s certifiably made in the USA! It’s a great small understated piece!
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Omega Jewellery Diamond Ring

Omega Jewellery provides this beautiful rose gold ring. The band and setting gold are rated at 10 karats and shines beautifully with a rose tint. The diamond is simulated, but very clear and still shines brightly in the light. The four settings secure the corners of the 1.5-carat princess cut stone. There are so many facets, this ring is sure to dazzle you! You can use it for just about any occasion, or anytime you want to buy yourself or someone else a beautiful piece of jewelry that they will cherish for years to come. It comes with a beautiful black foam-insert gift box that will be perfect to present your ring. You can get it finished in white gold or yellow gold if that’s more your style, and it will shimmer and shine just perfectly no matter what finish you put on the ring. If you’re looking for a high-quality ring at a low price, check this out!
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