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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Solo Tents

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How to Pick Your Solo Tent

Looking for an amazing solo backpacking tent for your next camping trip? Single person backpacking tents are designed for people who like to camp alone or don’t like to share a tent. We researched and reviewed a whole bunch of tents, looking for our favorite solo setups. Here are some things we looked for when shopping.

Best Solo Tents

Weight: How much a solo tent weighs can be really important. If you plan to carry your tent on your back, make sure it’s not too heavy for you. The weight will be in pounds.

Best Solo Tents

Material: What are the walls made of? Also, we will mention what the floor, fly, and other pieces are made from if it’s from a different material. Most tents are made from polyester.

How to Pick Your Solo Tent

Fly Net: We’ll let you know if the tent comes with a rain fly or not. Rain flys are important to keep you dry if it starts to rain, so we recommend buying one if not.

Best Solo Tents

Seasons: Season refers to the number of seasons the tent is graded for. There are 2, 3, and 4-season tents. If you are planning to camp in the cold, go for 4-season.

Best Solo Tents

Size: If you are tall or will be carrying a lot of stuff, make sure you have enough room in your tent. Size is measured in inches, length by width by height.

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Warranty: Warranties usually cover manufacturing defects and material problems and are limited. Warranties will usually be measured in years.

Top 10 Products

So which is the best solo tent for you? We’ve picked our top ten tents to help you on your journey. The first pick is our Top Pick, which is our favorite of all ten. The second will be our top budget pick, which will give you a great tent at a great price. Now, let’s get to those reviews!

Eureka Midori Solo

Top Pick
The Eureka Midori is our best single person tent pick! The waterproof, factory-sealed tent is fantastic for your solo trek out into the woods. It only sleeps one, but it still offers loads of space for you to move around. It even has a loft for your gear to give you even more room for sleeping. The bathtub-style coated floor protects from standing water getting into your tent. This tent also features a neat technology that Eureka calls “V3.” V3 increases the three most important V’s: volume, versatility, and ventilation. The giant doors and windows allow for greater airflow, and an optional strut pole can increase available space. But that isn’t the best part; we love it for its lightweight design that folds down small. This tent is only about 3.9 pounds and folds down to a tiny 18 by 5 by 5 inches.
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ALPS Mountaineering Lynx

Budget Pick
Want a cheap one person tent that still has it all? Then check out the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx. The Lynx comes in several sizes, including a two-person and a four-person tent, but we’re going to focus today on the one-person version. It pops up to a massive 90 by 32 by 36 inches giving you plenty of room. The total weight of the tent is about 4 pounds, even with the ropes, stakes, and storage bag. This tent features factory-sealed seams and fly, making it as weatherproof as possible. The freestanding design makes setup a breeze, and the aluminum poles can hold up long term too. And, as with all ALPS tents, you get a sweet lifetime warranty on your tent. And what could be better than that?
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Teton Sports Outfitter

The Teton XXL Sports Tent is a great addition for anyone who doesn’t like leaving too many of the comforts of home while in the wild. This tent is designed to slip right over the Teton cots, allowing you to sleep up off of the ground. It has a quick, pop up design to make setup easy, and an even quicker, “two-finger” collapse to ensure a speedy pack up, too. It’s a little heavier than the Top Pick and Budget Pick on this list at 4.3 pounds, and it’s also a little bit smaller. However, the Teton XXL more than makes up for it in convenience and its lifetime limited warranty. Pair the XXL with a comfy Teton cot and camp pad, and you have the best single person tent and sleeping arrangement we can think of.
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Coleman Pop-Up Tent

Looking for a little more room? Although this tent is technically a two-person tent, it’s lightweight enough to carry for one. The water- and fire-resistant rain fly helps to keep your tent safe from both storms and little fly aways from your campfire. The rain fly is also moveable the ensure you have the best setup to stay dry and ventilated. Taped flooring helps to keep water out, even if the ground you set up on is soaked. The pre-assembled poles help to make setup as easy as possible. And there are two big pockets inside to help store all your stuff. We love its lay-flat packed design so it takes up as little space in your bag as possible. So if you want to bring along an inflatable mattress or cot or just want a little more room to move around, the Coleman Pop-Up is a great option!
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Winterial Single Person Tent

The Winterial Single Person Tent is an ultralight one-person tent with some serious waterproofing. Coming in at just under three pounds, the Winterial is one of the lightest tents on this list. And it is also factory sealed to keep out most of the wet and it even fights condensation on the inside of your tent. This tent is tiny when broken down at just 18 by 4 by 4 inches, but it opens up to a massive 90 by 38 by 28 inches. It’s really easy to put together with just two aluminum poles for sturdy ease. It comes in two designer colors: orange and green-grey. With this three-season tent, you’ll be ready for just about anything.
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Eureka Apex Solo Tent

Here’s the second Eureka tent on this list. The Apex Solo is a side-entry tent with a lot of room and a big, UV-protected rain fly. It’s a great three-season tent for any solo hiker. It has extra pockets and a vestibule for extra storage. The shock-corded fiberglass poles and the all-clip, free standing design give you a quick setup, even if you’re setting up alone. Although it’s a little heavier than some of the others on this list, it’s still a very light five pounds. The factory-sealed fly and floor seams help to keep water out while the polyester walls keep from stretching during wet weather. We love this tent for its twin doors and the tons of mesh that allow for maximum ventilation without letting bugs in.
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Texsport First Gear Cliff Hanger

Want a coated tent for your wet-weather outings? The Texsport First Gear Cliff Hanger is made from a 1500mm polyurethane-coated walls and floor with a 1000mm coated rain fly. Even with all that coating, it’s still lightweight at just three-and-a-half pounds. The Cliff Hanger comes in two colors, Moss Green and Steel Grey. It’s flame retardant to CPAI-84 specs. Also, the FG7 quick setup system, complete with 8mm poles and durable speed clips. The tent, along with the sturdy stakes, all come in a convenient carrying bag that is lightweight. But our favorite part of the Cliff Hanger is the amount of No-See-Um mesh you get. One whole side of the tent is mesh, giving you bug-free ventilation. It allows you to get the most out of every view.
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ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr

Another ALPS tent! It’s hard to find a warranty like theirs anywhere else. But that isn’t the only reason we love ALPS tents. We like the easy-to-assemble designs and the free-standing layout. This tent is a little wider than most other one-person tents at 44 inches. It’s also three-feet high and 86 inches long. It comes to a total of 4.4 pounds and folds to 18 by 6 inches, making it light and portable. The rain fly, which is large to keep you dry, buckles to the frame, giving you maximum security during windy nights. But the coolest part of this tent has to be that the walls are made entirely out of mesh! This means that you can have wonderful, bug-free views of the sky on nights when it doesn’t rain.
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MSR Hubba NX Tent

If you are looking for something even lighter to save weight in your already heavy pack, check out the MSR Hubba NX Tent. It’s an ultralight solo tent made from durable nylon. It has “ripstop” technology that helps prevent tears. This super light tent is only about 2.5 pounds, making it the lightest on this list. If you like hiking solo for days or even weeks, that loss of a pound on your back can make a big difference. And the inside is pretty roomy too, with measurements of 85 by 36 by 30 inches. It has a rain-gutter to prevent rainwater from coming into your tent with you. The rain fly is even coated to keep you as dry as possible. It folds up tiny to keep from taking up too much room in your pack.
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Texsport Saguaro Bivy

Need something a little longer? The Texsport Saguaro Bivy comes to a whole 92 inches long, giving you a little more room for long legs. It’s a very light four pounds, even with its polyurethane and silver coatings that keep UV rays and rain out of your tent. With this tent, you also get a great three-year warranty that will safeguard you from a lemon of a tent. While this tent is designed for two people, it would be two very friendly people or one person looking for a little more room. The entire roof of the Saguaro Bivy is no-see-um mesh, giving you privacy and protection from bugs while giving you a sweet view of the stars. Texsport’s tagline is "Authentic Adventure Gear," and we’re pretty sure that this amazing tent lives up to the name. So if you want a roomy one-person tent at only four pounds, you’ll have to check out the Texsport Saguaro Bivy!
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