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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Sprinkler Controllers

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How to Choose the Best Sprinkler Controller

If you’re pumping up your landscaping game, you’ll need the best sprinkler controller to help you manage it all. But there are so many out there how do you even know where to start? We’ve assembled a handy guide that will help you navigate through sprinkler systems like a pro. Here are some things to be on the lookout for in a great sprinkler system.

Best Sprinkler Controllers

WiFi: If you want a sprinkler system that keeps itself up to date with the latest weather, WiFi capability is a great feature. WiFi capable controllers are also more likely to be able to be controlled by your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Best Sprinkler Controllers

Smartphone Ready: Looking to make your whole home smart? Grab a controller that works with your smartphone. Many controllers come with apps that give you detailed information about your water and allow you to remotely control your system.

How to Choose the Best Sprinkler Controller

EPA Certified: EPA certified systems can greatly reduce your water usage. This not only saves the environment, it saves your money. Some EPA certified systems even can be redeemed for rebates that cover the cost of the machine.

Best Sprinkler Controllers

Battery Powered: Some systems are battery powered, which allows you to place the controller anywhere and make it more mobile. If you are going to remotely control your system, this may not matter as much to you.

Best Sprinkler Controllers

Weather Aware: A weather aware system lets your water controller work with nature, not against it. No more worrying about wasting water on your lawn when it just rained yesterday, or not using enough water during a dry spell.

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Size: Your controller should tuck easily away somewhere, allowing you to forget it's even there when you’re not scheduling your water management. Although, if it just goes in your garage, it may not matter so much.

Top 10 Products

You’re all set to search for the best irrigation controller! If you’re in a hurry, just check out our first two. Both our top and budget picks are great choices or anyone looking for a great water system. Our other eight picks are also great systems, allowing you to easily control your water system. Happy watering!

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Top Pick
Our top pick is the best wifi sprinkler controller on the market. The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller really has it all. It can be controlled from anywhere from the Rachio app on your smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to easily manage your sprinklers no matter where you are, so your grass is always fresh and green. It’s even certified to work with Alexa, so you can fully integrate it into your home. This sprinkler system automatically adapts to local weather, so you won’t have to worry about it watering your grass the day after it rains. It even adjusts its watering times as the seasons change, so your landscaping is always it's most beautiful. It comes with WaterSense technology that can help you reduce your watering bill by up to 50%. Some local water providers even provide rebates for this device that can cover the cost of the machine. This controller can be customized to your yard, so everything is getting the ideal amount of water every time.
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Orbit Sprinkler System Controller

Budget Pick
If you’re looking for the best lawn sprinkler controller on a budget, this is the one for you. The Orbit Sprinkler System Controller allows you to control your sprinkler system from your smartphone or it's controlled panel. This allows you to always stay in control of when and how much your plants get watered. This controller comes in both 12 and 6 station models so you can choose which best suits your needs. This controller also works with Alexa, allowing you to integrate your smart home with your smart lawn. This controller also has weather sense technology that allows it to change its watering sequences based on the weather. No more worrying about your lawn going too long without water or wasting water the day after it rains. It is easy to install and even easier to use, with so many control options. This controller will help you save time and money when watering your lawn.
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Metro Smart Sprinkler Controller

Looking for the best smart sprinkler controller? This one is at the top of our list for a reason. It’s fully automated, just set it up and let it create watering schedules optimized for your plants and lawn. This makes it a great choice for people who don’t want to think a lot about creating a specific watering schedule for their lawn. It saves water by using weather forecasting data and historical statistics to create a watering schedule that works for your lawn and supplements nature. It automatically complies with water restrictions in your area as well, so never worry about breaking water restrictions unknowingly. It also includes a feature in its app that allows you to monitor your water usage, letting you know when you’re using too much or too little, and how it will show up on your water bill. It is WiFi enabled, comes ready to sync up with Metro's smartphone app, and even works with Alexa.
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Rain Bird Sprinkler Controller

This is a great choice for anyone looking for an easy to use controller. This controller includes clear instructions and an easy to understand control panel, so even watering amateurs can achieve a beautiful lawn. This controller has six zones, which can all be individually programmed and get your landscaping customized watering every time You can use this controller for both indoor and outdoor gardening and landscaping. This controller also includes one-touch seasonal adjust. This allows you to increase watering time in hot, dry months or reduce them in cool, rainy months. This controller includes a rain-sense function that suspends watering for 72 hours after it rains. It has superior durability, so it will last as long as your lawn. It also comes with a built-in surge protector, so you won’t have to worry about surges ruining your watering schedule. It comes in a sealed case that protects it from water and grime.
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RainMachine Touch Controller

This is a great choice for anyone looking for a controller system with a touchscreen for easy and simple controls. The dashboard displays everything needed to know about your garden, letting you easily get a feel for what is and isn’t being watered. This dashboard also displays the weather so you’ll always be prepared for what’s coming. The controller uses the weather information it gathers from NOAA.GOV, Metno, Forecast.io, NetAtmo, or Wunderground Personal Weather Station to make informed decisions about when your lawn needs to be watered. It updates weather data several times per day to calculate the right amount of water for your plants and lawn. If you're really into your water data, the app even allows you to get weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs showing you your watering history. The app allows you to garden from your phone, but they also have a webpage that allows you to control your sprinkler system from any screen with the internet.
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SkyDrop Sprinkler Controller

This is a great choice for anyone who wants the best wifi irrigation controller. This controller is incredibly connected. Connect with it through the SkyDrop smartphone app, Alexa, or even text it! This controller allows you to manage your irrigation from any smartphone or internet capable device easily and intelligently. You can even get them to come and professionally install it for you if you’re not confident in your irrigation installation skills. The self-regulating controller customizes your watering based on hyper-local weather data. This data is updated regularly through the control systems wifi connection. It is even EPA WaterSense certified, which means you can be confident knowing it is using water well. It also means in some places you can get a rebate for installing a WaterSense system. The system works on proprietary algorithms that are paired with irrigation science for a great watering system for every yard. You just input some specific information about your plants and lawn.
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Blossom 7 Watering Controller

Still searching through the best sprinkler controller reviews for something really special? Consider the Blossom 7 Watering Controller. It uses up-to-the-minute satellite-based weather data to keep your sprinklers on a schedule that works with nature, not in spite of it. This helps prevent over-watering and under-watering. This controller covers seven zones, which allows you to customize your sprinkler system to a larger area of landscaping. This controller allows you to create a watering schedule that works with your yard in mind. You can control your schedule from anywhere with a smartphone or tablet. No more coming home from long vacations or business trip to a dead lawn. This controller is incredibly easy to install. It can be done in as little as 15 minutes. Both the app and the controller are beautifully designed, so your water controller will no longer be an eyesore on your wall. It is easy to set up and start scheduling your watering, so you’ll never have to worry about your lawn.
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Orbit Remote Control Sprinkler Timer

Don’t feel like you need all that fancy wifi controlling and smartphone apps to get a great looking lawn? The Orbit Remote Control Sprinkler Timer is a great solution for anyone looking for something simple that really works. The underground timer comes with a remote transmitter that is ideal for operating twelve zones. Altogether, this controller can manage up to 300 feet. That’s a lot of landscaping. You can remotely turn on the zones you need after planting new flowers or performing routine lawn maintenance. There’s no need to run back and forth to the controller box, as everything can be managed from the remote control. It is programmed to save water in drought conditions, making this a great choice for environmentally conscious users. You can either manually override the schedule or revert back to the existing schedule depending on what you need for your lawn to look it’s best.
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Hunter Sprinklers Controller

This is a great choice for anyone looking for a quick and easy to control irrigation system. This controller has a very easy to understand dial system that ensures that you’re never confused when setting up your watering system. This controller is made for use with Pro-C and PCC indoor/outdoor controllers. This is a good choice for anyone looking for a great, easy to use controller system. It includes a rain sensor that lets you know when it has rained and adjusts your watering system accordingly. You can bypass this system if you decide to do some manual watering in an area near a sensor. This sensor includes a seasonal adjustment for optimal watering at any time of year. You can set the days to water, program start times, and station run times all from the easy to use dial and arrow system. You can even set the pump operation if you need to. You can also manually turn on a single station.
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Irritrol Rain Dial Controller

If you need a great indoor irrigation controller, this is a great choice. It is climate logic ready. This means that it automatically reschedules the Rain Dial-R watering based on the weather, so your plants will be in sync with nature. Though this unit does not come with a remote control, it is ready to pair with one. You can pick up any compatible CRR (Contractor Residential Remote) remotes and choose one that fits your needs exactly. Though this is a very basic controller, it will get the job done. It does not come with a rain sensor, but can be connected with one. There is a sensor bypass switch and terminal for connecting a rain sensor. Because this unit is so basic, it allows you to get creative and make a solution that works ideally for your home and plants. It comes with three independent programs that give you programming flexibility to meet the needs of a wide variety of plants in the landscaping.
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