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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Staple Guns

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How to Choose the Best Staple Gun

Are you trying to re-upholster your favorite chair, or keep your door frames attached to the wall? A staple gun can do all of this and more. This is a device you need for attaching things in the most durable way possible. First, let’s take a look at the things you’re going to need to know before you go shopping for your new DIY tool. After, check out our staple gun reviews to point you in the right direction!

Best Staple Guns

Type: Some staple guns are powered by electricity, while others have to be depressed manually to put the staples where they need to go. Electric or cordless guns will be more powerful and have more heavy-duty applications than manual ones.

Best Staple Guns

Staple Sizes: There are different staple sizes available. Each type of staple is made for a different job; for example, carpentry staples are thicker than upholstery staples. Get a gun that is made for the type of staple you’re using.

How to Choose the Best Staple Gun

Material: This refers to what the staple gun is made out of. Most are made of steel or aluminum in some capacity. The materials have to be durable and ready to stand up to heavy use on a frequent basis.

Best Staple Guns

Weight: How heavy is the gun? If you’re going to be using it for longer periods, a lighter one is going to go easier on you. Keep in mind that this is the weight before the staples are added.

Best Staple Guns

Size: You won’t want a huge stapler gun for a small project. Some upholstery jobs can use a smaller gun just fine, as long as it can use the staples you need. Keep your purpose in mind when shopping.

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Warranty: You need to know that what you’re purchasing is going to work right. A warranty protects you from manufacturing defects. If it fails to work, you could get the unit replaced or your money refunded. It’s a good deal!

Top 10 Products

Now that you’re in-the-know about these products, we can show you our reviews! We researched and reviewed a selection of staple guns to bring you the best of the best! Our recommendations are going to get you what you need! Check out our top pick and budget pick first, because they’ll give you the best idea of what’s out there. The rest of the staplers on our list are pretty amazing as well, so hold it together until the end!

Makita XTS01Z Stapler

Top Pick
This Makita model is a battery powered staple gun made for crown molding and other carpentry. It’s powerful enough to drive crown staples that are 3/8” long into all types of hardwood. That’s amazing! There’s a depth control feature that’s adjustable by a knob on the side of the unit, and there’s a window on the side of the magazine compartment that shows you how many staples are left so you know when to reload. This beast can even shoot Arrow T50 staples, which are heavy duty roofing staples! Despite being battery powered, this unit is incredibly lightweight and easy to use, with a rubberized handle for comfort while you’re working on long projects. The battery is sold separately, but if you have other Makita devices, those batteries will work perfectly in this stapler. It’s a perfect addition to your tool collection! We love how much of a powerhouse this staple gun is, and how many applications it has.
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Stanley TR250 Staple Gun

Budget Pick
The Stanley TR250 is not just a staple gun! It drives staples, but it also does so much more; this thing can nail brads, tack cables, and tack up wires as well. The drive channel is all metal, so it’s going to hold up to all the use and abuse you throw its way. The housing for the entire unit is made of aircraft-grade aluminum so it’s extremely lightweight as well as being powerful! There’s a power switch on the device so you can change between a high level of power and a lower level, depending on whether you’re tacking into soft materials (upholstery work) or hard materials (wood). The handle squeezes easily, so you won’t have to kill your hand to get this thing to fire. It also uses Arrow T50 Crown staples for heavy-duty jobs like roofing and other outdoor tacking. This stapler gun may be manual, but it has the power of an electric stapler!
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Surebonder Pneumatic Stapler

Pneumatic staplers are stapling guns that need to be attached to an air compressor to work. This is how they receive their power. This Surebonder is one of the best of this kind we found during our research! It can hold up to 100 staples at a time, so you won’t have to change out all that often. You will need to apply device oil to the gun after every 300 staples, but the oil is included so you don’t have to make a separate purchase. Also included is a carrying case to keep everything together. The compressed air that it runs on will need to be between 60psi and 100psi. This variation in pressures allows this stapling gun to be used for both tough construction jobs and upholstery as well. In fact, this is the quickest, best staple gun for upholstery that we looked at. It fires Surebonder #4 staples as well as the Arrow T50s.
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Hitachi Crown Stapler

The Hitachi Crown Stapler is a thin tool that’s great for most smaller projects and fine trim work. It’s great for furniture projects, countertops, and driving nails into thinner material such as plywood or floor underlays. It’s a lightweight tool made of durable aluminum that won’t wear out too quickly on you. There’s depth adjustment so the nails are only driven so far into the surface. This stapler is powered by compressed air and runs at a pressure between 70 to 120 psi for maximum power and efficiency. The exhaust port is adjustable, so you can turn it and it won’t put hot air directly into your face. You can even set the mode for this gun! It can fire a stapler each time the tip touches a surface, or there’s another manual mode where you have to press each time. It’s the best staple gun for wood – at least lightweight wood – that we came across on our list.
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BOSTITCH Powercrown Stapler

BOSTITCH is a well-known power tool company that’s been making quality devices for many years. This stapling gun is a great member of their lineup! It’s made of extremely lightweight aluminum so you won’t get tired of carrying it around, but it’s still sturdy enough to withstand any job you need it to do! The magazine is made of chrome-plated steel, so it’s tough enough for use after use! Plus, the magazine is made to resist jamming, so that’s not something you’ll ever have to worry about with this stapler. The handle is also steel, but it has a rubberized grip so your hand doesn’t get tired. It’s a manual stapler, so this is really helpful! However, it comes with an easy-squeeze mechanism that allows the staples to fire without having to exert too much effort. After a long day, you’re going to be thankful about that! This is easily one of the best manual staple guns out there.
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Valu-Air Stapler

The Valu-Air Stapler is an affordable multi-purpose tool with tons of features and accessories included! The body is made of lightweight aluminum, so it will be easy to work with and comfortable to carry. It’s powered by air, so it will have to be attached to your air compressor to work. Once it’s hooked up, this staple gun is a beast! It doubles as a brad nailer, so you can use it for a variety of jobs without having to change tools. It has a depth-control wheel so you can customize how deep the nails you shoot go into the surface you’re attaching. This is especially important for sensitive surfaces. The tip is a soft rubber nose, built so it’s still durable but won’t dent the surface you’re working with. It comes with brad nails and crown staples both – 100 pieces each to get you started. Plus, there’s a plastic carrying case to keep it all together.
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Tacwise Staple Gun

Tacwise is a little newer on the power tool scene, but their staple gun is no less amazing for that. It’s a company by construction people, for construction people! This thing is incredibly light. Without staples loaded, it weighs less than a pound – it’s so easy to throw around, you aren’t going to even go to realize it. It comes with a margin adjuster, which is an edge you attach to the device to allow you to lay staples in a straight line. The grip is wider so your hand won’t feel the long hours of use. The weight makes it good for projects when you have to staple above your head. Your arms won’t get tired of this staple gun! It also includes a belt hook so you can keep its window and a personalization window so you can make it yours! This Tacwise tool is great for all for all of your DIY projects, from upholstery to carpentry!
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Gardner Bender Staple Gun

The Gardner Bender Staple Gun is unique on our list because it has a unique use. This stapler is used for securing data cables and cable cords – basically, all cords that need to be left intact in order to continue working. It secures coaxial cables, low-volt cables, and data cables without damaging the cables or causing them any sort of trauma that would cause them to set off an electrical discharge. As such, it uses extremely long staples – ones that are specifically for this type of work. You only need to apply 55 pounds of pressure to the handle in order to fire the staples, so it isn’t difficult to use it at all considering the staples are longer and more powerful. It’s extremely lightweight at less than two pounds so you won’t feel the strain of long work days. The heavy-duty plastic casing is made to resist dings or scrapes, so your tool will last a long time!
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Arrow Fastener Staple Gun

The Arrow Fastener Staple Gun is a bottom-load gun with a cordless design. At a full charge, this beast can fire up to 500 staples before it needs to be recharged. Battery indicator lights on the unit let you know when you need to recharge – so there’s no need to count staples! There’s a viewing window on the magazine that shows you how many staples you have left so you know when to reload – no more guesswork with this gun! It’s made of plastic and rubber, with vents to let off the extra heat so the casing stays intact. The rubberized grip allows you to work for long periods without your hands cramping up. This is one of the best electric staple guns we looked at during our research! It uses staples anywhere between 1/4” and 1/2”, so it’s suitable for a wide range of projects. This is made by the people who make the Arrow T50 staples!
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Freeman Cordless Stapler

This cordless staple gun by Freeman is a great value for the price! It’s a heftier piece, which some people prefer to lighter versions. It’s made of durable, heavy-duty aluminum that you can use over and over again. The magazine loads from the bottom, and you can load both the brads and nails that this thing can fire. Did we mention this stapler doubles as a brad nailer? There are lights on either side of the device that let you see easier while you’re working, as well as a belt hook so you can carry it with you. The depth adjustment knob needs no tools – it’s easy to adjust how deep the nails are shot into your material. Also included with the Freeman Staple Gun are extra batteries, a charger, 500 brads and 500 nails. Plus, it comes with a neat carrying case to keep all of the pieces together. We love that this stapler pulls double duty!
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