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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Stroller Fans

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How to Choose the Best Stroller Fan

During the hot, humid summer months, it’s important to keep your new baby or a toddler cool when you’re out and about. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get a stroller fan. We researched some of the top selling and most popular items and put together this stroller fans buying guide to help you find the right one for you. First, let’s take a look at some of the key features you should know before you shop.

Best Stroller Fans

Rechargeable: While some of these fans run on standard AA batteries, a lot of them use rechargeable batteries. The good news is that all of the fans that require rechargeable batteries include one and a USB charger with the product.

Best Stroller Fans

Color: A lot of these fans come in basic colors like black, white, and gray. If you want something a little more fun, there are a few that come in brighter, more baby friendly shades like pink, purple, blue, or green.

How to Choose the Best Stroller Fan

Flexible Neck: Most of these fans have 360 degree vertical and horizontal rotation, which is not the same as a flexible neck. A few do have long, flexible stems that are exceptionally easy to position in any angle.

Best Stroller Fans

Clip-On: All of these fans have a clip on function which is how they attach to the stroller. Some take it a step further by having a wide, flat clip so you can also use it as a table top fan.

Best Stroller Fans

Size: Pay attention to the dimensions if you want to use your fan in a variety of places or if you want to toss it in your diaper bag or purse. Some of these are meant to be small and portable.

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Warranty: Some of these fans don’t have a warranty. The ones that do range from 30 days to 1 year. Make sure you know what your warranty covers and what it doesn’t so you’re not surprised if something happens.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know a little more about stroller fans, let’s take a look at our top 10 products. If you’re in a hurry, the best place to start is with our top and budget picks. They’re right at the top of the list and a great way to see the range of products available. All of these products are pretty awesome, though, so stick around as long as you can. Alright, let’s get started with our reviews!

SkyGenius Mini Fan

Top Pick
Our top pick for best baby stroller fan is the SkyGenius Mini Fan. This fan has a compact design that’s perfect for travel and easy to set up. All you do is use the large clip to attach it to the stroller frame or tray. You can rotate this fan 360 degrees both vertically and horizontally so it’s pretty easy to get it properly positioned. It has multiple speed options with the highest setting having a speed of 75 feet per second. This fan includes rechargeable batteries and a USB charger that you can use just about anywhere. The red indicator light turns on when it’s actively charging and off when it’s full, which takes about 4.5 hours. Depending on speed, a full battery lasts between 2.5 and 6 hours.
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Dreambaby Clip On Stroller Fan

Budget Pick
One of the best cheap stroller fans available is our budget pick, the Dreambaby Clip On Stroller Fan. This lightweight, portable fan is easy to toss in your diaper bag for longer trips and really convenient to set up. Use the sturdy clip to attach it to the stroller and the flexible next to position it at any angle. And get this, the fan blades are made of foam so they won’t hurt a curious toddler’s tiny fingers. Another thing we have to mention is that it just looks adorable. There are a few different designs to choose from but most of them have a white stem and center with a brightly colored clip and fan blades so they resemble a cartoonish flower. They look like cartoonish flowers and are perfect for a stroller.
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Diono Stroller Fan

Up next is the Diono Stroller Fan, a clip on fan that attaches to most strollers, high chairs, and even crib rails. The fan is protected by a wire cover that’s spaced close enough together that tiny toddler fingers won’t be able to get in and stop the blade from turning. This one has a long, adjustable neck that bends to any angle so your little one will stay cool while you’re on the go. The modern dark gray and white color scheme will go well with just about any stroller print or nursery decor. It’s powered by simple AA batteries and has a tremendously long battery life. This fan is a great choice for preemies and newborns because it doesn’t have the strong air stream that some of our other picks do.
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Bluboon Clip on Fan

The Bluboon Clip On Fan is one of the best stroller fans we found in our research. The easy to open clamp can be attached to your stroller frame or tray or you can use it on the baby’s car seat, crib, pack and play, or even attach it to a rocking chair for story times and feedings. You can rotate this fan 360 degrees horizontally and vertically so you can position it anywhere you want to. The easy to use speed slider adjusts the flow and, even at its fastest, it still runs pretty quietly. Included are a battery, backup battery, and USB charger so you’re always ready to go. If you completely run out of juice, you can use the USB cord, though it will only run at one speed.
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Tomoto Mini Clip Fan

The Tomoto Mini Clip Fan is the perfect size for your stroller. Attaching it is easy thanks to the large clip and the spongy pads help make sure it doesn’t slip and slide out of position. The fan rotates 360 degrees both vertically and horizontally so you can position is any way you want. This is a really nice feature because if you have a preemie or a newborn, you won’t want as much air blowing on them as you would a toddler who’s been running around the playground and is ready for a nap. The rechargeable battery and the USB cord needed to power the fan are both included. It takes about 5 hours for a full charge and lasts about 3 hours on the fastest speed or up to 6 hours on the slowest.
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Comlife Stroller Fan

We’re calling the Comlife Stroller Fan our pick for the best stroller fan for Disney. Why do we say that? For 2 reasons: it charges quickly and lasts a long time. If you use a 5V adapter, you can get a full charge in about 4 hours. Then, depending on the speed, you can get up to 32 hours of use. That’s a long time and you’ll need it in the hot Disney sun! And here’s something really cool, you can also use the fan as a power block and attach a USB cord to charge your phone on the go. The wide clip holds great and the flat bottom also doubles as a stand. With 360 degree rotation in both directions, you can easily position it right where you need it.
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Apuppy Stroller Clip Fan

Our next pick of the best stroller fans for sale is the Apuppy Stroller Clip Fan. One thing that stands out about this one is, quite frankly, it’s adorable. The large clip is shaped like a little whale and adds a bit of whimsy while also keeping your little one comfortable. The cover was designed so that curious little fingers can’t get anywhere near the blade. Speaking of blades, this fan has 5 of them, which creates a powerful breeze while being whisper quiet. It rotates 360 degrees horizontally and vertically for precise positioning. This fan is powered by a rechargeable battery and they even include it along with a USB charging cord. Once the battery is fully charged, you’ll get between 2 and 6 hours of runtime, depending on the speed.
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Zipridge Baby Stroller Fan

Next up in our stroller fans reviews is this adorable fan from Zipridge. The fun, baby friendly whale design adds a little something that a lot of other fans are lacking. It compliments most baby themes and adds a bit of fun. While most other fans come in basic colors like black, gray, and white, this one really stands out thanks to its bright, fun green color. The whale-shaped clip is strong and easy to use. Plus, it has a wide, flat base so you can use it as a table top fan, too. The rechargeable battery and USB charging cable are both included for your convenience. It rotates 360 degrees both vertically and horizontally plus it has a big airflow that keeps your little one cool from any angle.
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OPOLAR Clip on Stroller Fan

Last but not least is the OPOLAR Clip On Stroller Fan. At a maximum of 3600 rpms, this fan really delivers when it comes to airflow. The stepless controllable speed allows for precise adjustments and it’s quiet, even at the highest levels. The rechargeable battery and USB power cord are included. When fully charged, you’ll get up to 8 hours of power, depending on the wind speed. This fan is also designed with a baby-friendly whale-shaped clip in a bright blue color. You little one will love the bright, stimulating color. In addition to being adorable, the clip holds tight and won’t slip. One more thing, it spins in 360 degrees horizontally and vertically so it’s easy to get it into the right position and helps prevent any dead air space.
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Ommani Stroller Fan

The Ommani Stroller Fan is optimized to for enhanced airflow with quieter operation. What does that mean? A lot of air flow without a lot of noise. There are 4 fan speeds in total with the fastest going at 80 feet per second. The batteries can be recharged using the included USB cord and hooking it up to your laptop, power bank, or USB charging block. And get this, depending on fan speed, you can get up to 8 hours of operation from a fully charged battery. It rotates 360 degrees horizontally and vertically plus you can even use it as a table fan using the wide, flat clip as a base. One more thing, this fan is made of durable ABS plastic and has been through multiple drop tests. It won’t slip or break easily.
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