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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Surfboards for Sale

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How to Choose the Best Surfboard

Surfing is everyone’s favorite ocean pastime. But for the novices and groms out there, finding the perfect surfboard is easier said than done. Before you buy your surfboard, you need to know a few things about it. While reading through surfboard reviews, we found a few characteristics of each board that stuck out to us. Here are a few of the most important qualities to keep an eye out for as you window shop for your next board.

Best Surfboards for Sale

Size: The size of your board is especially helpful to newbies as shorter boards are often harder to manage in the water. If you’re new and unsure of your balance, look for a longboard for a more stable ride.

Best Surfboards for Sale

Material: The material your surfboard is made out of may affect how long you’ll be able to keep it in one piece. Although some materials are lighter, you may find that they may deteriorate quicker than boards made of heavier materials.

How to Choose the Best Surfboard

Capacity: Depending on your size, you may be concerned with the capacity your board can hold. You may also want to bring a friend or child to surf once you get comfortable surfing on your own. You’ll find the capacity total in pounds.

Best Surfboards for Sale

Weight: Carrying your board to and from the beach can be exhausting. Lightweight boards are great for kids and those who don’t have the capacity to carry heavy objects back and forth. Find a board that you can comfortably carry!

Best Surfboards for Sale

Leash Included: Keeping your board close is important when the waves get rough. If you’re making an investment in a board, be sure it includes a strap to keep it from getting lost or injured on coral reefs.

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Warranty: We all love a good warranty. If your surfboard breaks or falls apart before you set foot on the beach you’ll be happy you bought a board with a warranty. Keep your surfboard investment safe with a warranty.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what you’re looking for in a board, check out the rest of this surfboard buying guide to find the best researched and reviewed boards that will make the next wave the best one yet. We’ve found all the best surfboards for sale to get you out on the water faster! If you don’t have time right now to read about all 10 of them, don’t worry! Check out our Top Pick and Budget Pick now, and then come back later when you have more time!

SBBC Soft Top Surfboard

Top Pick
Look no further for the perfect surfboard! Designed in the waters of South LA, the SBBC Soft Top Surfboard is a great board for any level surfer. The soft top is made out of EPS Foam giving you a lightweight and sturdy board. The PVC lined holes in your board will keep water from entering, while the heat release valve gives you the hands free ability to remove any extra heat from the board’s core. You have four colors to choose from: blue, green, orange, and white. With every surfboard, you’ll receive 3 screw-in surfboard fins, a leash for your board, and all the screws you need to secure those accessories. The coolest thing about this board is that it has plugs for your GoPro to attach to on the front to capture your first waves on camera! No matter your size, age, or experience, the SBBC Soft Top Surfboard is the perfect fit if you’re looking to catch a wave.
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Giantex Foamie Surfboard

Budget Pick
Our budget pick is another great beginner board that has a capacity of up to 200 pounds. Made with EPS foam, you’ll find it’s easy to carry your board to and from the beach no matter your age or size. It’s also great for keeping you afloat and keeping water out of your board! With three designs and colors, you’ll be able to pick a board that fits your personality while also getting a great bang for your buck. The leash strap and fins are included and are easily attached if you’re itching to get to the water! The Giantex Foamie Surfboard has all the essentials to catch your very first wave. If you’re buying a board for yourself or your kids, this board is the perfect lightweight and practical buy if you’re beginning your surfing journey or are unsure of your dedication for your new hobby. Spend just enough and get a great board from Giantex!
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Keeper Sports California Board

The Keeper Sports California Board is one tough foam board. Holding up to 160 pounds, this board is sturdy and lightweight. The board itself is made out of high density EPS foam giving it a weight of 11 pounds, but making it durable enough for many seasons out on the ocean. The board’s core is 100% waterproof, so you shouldn’t expect a leak anytime soon. With its HD Polyethylene bottom, the Keeper Sports California Board is slick enough to paddle out without waxing up first. Everything you need to catch a wave is included: leash, fins, and traction pad. Molded with laminated wood stringers, this board gives you more stiffness for every twist and turn you make. If you’re a little taller, this board is most likely a better fit for you as shorter, 6-foot boards may not give you the length you need. This board is a great fit for anyone who is prepared to take on the art of surfing!
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Liquid Shredder Surfboard

The Liquid Shredder Surfboard is an economy series surfboard that’s the perfect size for riders 140 pounds or lighter. This board comes with fins, a traction pad, and a leash, providing you with everything you need for your first ride. The board itself is made out of EPS and EPE foam products bringing you traction and expansion for when you hit the water running. The bottom of the board is made out of wooden stringers, giving your board the perfect slick and stiffness for when you’re catching a rough wave at top speed. You’ll have three colors to choose from when you choose the Liquid Shredder Surfboard including red, yellow, and blue. The top of your board is made out of an EPE foam giving you extra traction and texture to keep you from falling off. With a 90 day warranty, you really have nothing to lose when you buy a Liquid Shredder Surfboard!
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Wavestorm 8' Surfboard

If you’re looking for a board that catches every wave, you’ve found yourself a winner in the Wavestorm 8-footer! This classic longboard is made from 3-marine ply stringers giving you the tension and stiffness you need to tackle any wave. Made for the bigger surfers out there, you’ll find it holds up to 200 pound riders well. Despite its heavy capacity, the carry weight is under 12 pounds making it a great board to bring back and forth to the beach every day. The leash, traction pad, and fins are all included. The graphics on your board are also UV ray proof ensuring that they don’t fade after long days in the sun at the beach. Wavestorm has been known and recognized for their ability to create simple, durable boards that bring the whole family together. No matter what your experience is with surfing, you’ll find this longboard is the perfect board to catch waves and spend an entire day on the beach with your friends and family.
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BIC Sport DURA-TEC Surfboard

Despite this board being 7 feet, the BIC Sport DURA-TEC Surfboard is perfect for those wanting to go from longboard to shortboard. With this beginner to intermediate level size, you’ll be able to test the waters to find the best surf. These boards are known for their “ding-free” performance making them one of the most durable boards on our list. The nose guard also prevents damage that could happen to your board as you turtle down or come into shore. An ankle leash is not included, so be sure to grab your own! Both the inner and outer core of your board is made with EPS foam, giving your board the protection you need from water and heat. You’ll have years of fun with this board as its durability and shape offer you new experiences every time you ride. The BIC Sport DURA-TEC Surfboard was made for a variety of waves and conditions, so it’s a great pick for anyone who is stuck in the middle of their surfing career, but unsure of what they’re capable of.
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California Board Company Surfboard

The California Board Company has done it again with this classic 8-foot longboard. Made from EPS foam, the inner core is 100% waterproof. You’ll also find a tri-fin system and leash included to get you set for your first day on the water. With a max capacity of 225 pounds, this longboard will stay afloat with just about any rider. The HD Polyethylene bottom gives you the traction you need to slice through the waves. If you’re looking for stiffness, this board is made with wood stringers giving it the strength and tautness you need to catch almost any wave coming your way. With easy setup, you’ll be able to screw in fins and plug in your leash all within a few minutes. What will blow you away is the design as it may look flat online, but you’ll see the details upon its arrival at your doorstep. If you’re looking for a beautiful, classic longboard try out The California Board Company Board for ultimate satisfaction!
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A ALPENFLOW Foam Surfboard

The A ALPENFLOW Foam Surfboard is a mixture of both foam and fiberglass. Originally made for the intermediate to hard level surfers, this board’s rounded nose is also a good fit for beginners who are under 230 pounds. Like every board we’ve mentioned, this board comes with a fin system, traction pad, and an ankle leash. You’ll be surprised that this board weighs in at just 15 pounds as the materials are a little heavier than your standard foam board. The board is made with fiberglass on both the top and bottom. You’ll find poplar stringers keep your board stiff and ready to catch a wave, but the high density IXPE deck gives you all the traction you need when riding a tricky wave. If you’re looking to upgrade from your plain foam board without a crazy price upgrade, the A ALPENFLOW Foam Surfboard gives you a mix of foam and fiberglass with a great value price!
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BIC Sport Surfboard

If you’re looking for a uniquely designed foam board, look no further than the BIC Sport Surfboard. This board is perfect for kids as it features brightly colored designs and weighs in at a little under 8 pounds, but it’s also a great, wild ride for experienced surfers, too. Made from foam, fiberglass, and epoxy resin, you’ll see and feel the quality of this board from the first time you step on it. Custom-made aluminum molds are used to make these boards to ensure a durable, quality, and consistent performance. You’ll also find that this board is extremely user-friendly, no matter the age, size, or experience of the rider. You’ll have to purchase your own leash, but you’ll find a tri-fin system included in your purchase to give your board the slice and direction it needs in the water. Here’s what you really need to know: finding a board that fits your personality won’t be hard if you start with the BIC Sport Surfboard!
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North Gear Surfboard

North Gear’s Surfboard is another great foam option! It’s light enough to carry just about anywhere and capable of keeping up to 220 pounds afloat. You’ll also receive a free leash to keep your board secure to you. A traction pad is also included to keep your feet where they need to be in slick conditions. The surfboard’s fins are removable and easily attached in case you have to fit your board in a tight squeeze at home or in your car. Many people are buying these boards to show off their ability to rip it no matter the board size or reputation. Safe and fun to surf with, the North Gear Surfboard is perfect for any age or experience level. If you find you are missing pieces or need additional pieces, the North Gear team offers great customer service, too. The bottom line is: If you’re looking for an easy board setup that can rip, then this board is for you!
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