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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Tackle Boxes

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How to Choose the Best Tackle Box

Anyone that likes to go fishing knows that you need a way to carry all of your things with you, but finding the best tackle box isn’t always easy. You can look at different sizes and styles for different types of fishing to get just what you need for your trip. Whether you’re looking for something small or something large you need to make sure that you have quality and durability. So take a look at this tackle box buying guide to find out more about the options. Make sure you look at each of these features as well.

Best Tackle Boxes

Drawers/Trays: How many separate sections are there in your tackle box? Do you need a lot of different sections to separate everything you’re taking with you? You’ll definitely want to have plenty of space after all.

Best Tackle Boxes

Type: Are you getting a bag or a box? Do you want something that has harder sides and surfaces to protect it even better or something with soft sides that might be lighter? You’ll want to know what you’re getting.

How to Choose the Best Tackle Box

Pieces: Are there different pieces included such as accessories or dividers that you can make into exactly what you want? You’ll want to know how many pieces you’re getting in total so you can make sure you have everything.

Best Tackle Boxes

Material: What is the case actually made of? Different materials will be more or less durable than others. They’ll also have different capabilities when it comes to drying or protecting against moisture or other damage.

Best Tackle Boxes

Size: How big (or small) is the case you’re looking at? Is it the right size for what you’ll need? Look at different sizes to see how much it’s going to hold for you and how it’s going to work for your next fishing trip.

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Warranty: Is there a warranty on the tackle box that you’re looking at? If there is then it means that they’re going to have more durability and that they will work for you for an extended period of time, which is what you need.

Top 10 Products

There are plenty of options when it comes to different tackle boxes and they definitely can be difficult to research. That’s why we’ve done all the research for you and we’ve taken care of a lot of the hard stuff. You can take a look at these tackle box reviews to find just what you really need.

Plano 4-Drawer Tackle Box

Top Pick
This tackle box offers 4 different drawers as well as the lid to store all of your fishing gear and may be the best tackle box for bass fishing. Each section has several divided areas so you can keep your line, bait, hooks and more separated and easy to find when you need them. Moderately priced, this case also has bulk storage and side tool storage so you’ll have everything that you need anytime you head out to the water. You even get a limited lifetime warranty that says this box is going to last as long as you need it to. The front clasps ensure that nothing is going to fall out and the handle at the top makes it easy to carry with you wherever you go. It’s large enough to hold all of your gear but still small enough to fit easily in your vehicle, garage or boat.
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Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box

Budget Pick
This tackle box is small and lightweight but still gives you plenty of space for the things you’re going to need on your next fishing trip. It’s the best cheap tackle box and it’s available in several different colors it even comes with everything that you’ll need to head out for the day. There are 2 trays that you can fill with your own assortment of fishing gear, but it also comes with 62 pieces of assorted tackle so you can use it even as a complete beginner. It even has a fishing guide to help you start out. The low price makes it great for anyone and the case has a latch to keep it closed during transport and opens easily to reveal several divided sections on the inside to hold everything else. There’s even a larger section in the base to hold bigger gear, lines and more in this best tackle box for kayak fishing.
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Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag

This tackle bag is soft sided so it’s easy to put wherever you want and it’s waterproof so you don’t need to worry about getting it wet (which happens a lot when you’re fishing. The molded base keeps it firmly in shape and the skid-resistant aspect means that it’s not going to slide around. There’s plenty of space inside this bag, which allows it to hold 4 large boxes with plenty of divided spaces for all of your gear. There are also pockets all the way around the outside to keep even more of your stuff. You can carry this bag with either the shoulder strap or the smaller strap and you’ll get a lifetime warranty included that says it’s going to continue to work great for you for a long time to come. It even has front tool holsters and a line dispenser built into the exterior.
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South Bend Wormgear Box

This box comes in 2 different colors and is actually very inexpensive, designed for beginners or novice fishers alike. It comes with 88 different pieces of tackle that will help you get out there and enjoy your fishing experience, even if you’ve never been out before. In fact, it’s the best tackle box for beginners. The only thing you’re going to need to provide is the fishing pole itself because everything else is right here. The hard sided case has a single tray to sort everything you want to take with you. Lightweight, this box is small and so are the pieces that come with it, but you’ll be able to get started and even take this as you get more experienced for shorter trips or different types of fish that you might be looking to catch.
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Plano Angled Tackle System

With this tackle box, you’re going to have plenty of space for anything that you need to take with you on your next fishing trip. It contains 3 small boxes and has tray space in several additional compartments throughout the box. The latches make sure that it stays secure when you need to transport it but that it’s easy to open when you want. The boxes are pulled out at a 15 degree angle to make them easy to get things out of and the covers and doors make it easy for you to see where everything is. This box is made in the USA and is designed to hold any of your equipment securely. It’s large enough to store everything you’ll need but not so large that it’s difficult to transport. You’ll be able to toss it in your boat, your vehicle or anywhere in your garage for next time you need it. It’s also the best tackle box for saltwater fishing.
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VOGAYET Fishing Tackle Bag

This tackle bag is designed to look rugged and carry everything that you’re going to need. It’s actually a small, fanny pack style bag that will still hold a number of different items (as well as your beverage). It has several compartments, loops, latches and more to keep everything separated but still accessible and safe. Water resistant, this bag is available in several colors and can be used in a number of different configurations to make it easy to carry. There are options available that come with trays to make it even easier or you can add your own with all of your gear separated into them. The bag itself has plenty of space for those heading out on a short trip or who like to travel a little lighter for fishing. It’s great if you’re looking for the best tackle box for sale.
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SRA Tackle/Bait Case

This case may not look like a tackle box at all, at least, not the kind that you’re used to, but it has plenty of space to store everything that you’re going to need for your next fishing trip. The hard box case is fully enclosed but when you open it you’ll have several layers of compartments to hold everything you need. In fact, it opens down the middle and offers three layers of boxes with different dividers to keep all of your pieces separated and organized. There is plenty of space under the trays to store larger items and this lightweight box is also inexpensive, making it a great choice for those who like to go fishing on a budget. The locks are easy to latch but also quick to unlatch when you’re ready to get going and the modern design of the case makes it durable and resistant to drops. It’s one of the best tackle boxes for anything you need.
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Wakeman Tackle Box

This small box comes in a range of different colors and actually comes with several different pieces to get you started as well. If you’re just starting out or want something that you can take when you go for a shorter trip this may be just what you’re looking for. It has space to store small items in the clear lid, which allows you to see exactly what you’re looking for and there’s plenty of space in the tray and lower level case inside. You’ll get several different pieces that make it easy to get started including hooks, bait, sinkers, weights and more. The box is lightweight and has secure latches that ensure all of your fishing accessories will be stored safely and ready to go when you head out to the water the next time. It comes with 55 different pieces and can help you with different types of fishing or different levels of anglers as well.
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Okeechobee Fats Tackle Bag

Available in 2 different colors, this bag is made with a durable polyester canvas. It has several different compartments as well as straps, loops and more that will allow you to store everything you want in an organized fashion. It even comes with 4 utility boxes that allow you to sort some of your smaller items and can be carried easily with the shoulder strap or the handheld carry strap that are both attached. This bag is moderately priced and holds a lot of gear for a small system. For those who are just getting started or those who are further along in their fishing journey, this bag can easily carry everything that you need and makes sure that it’s easily accessible when you need it. If you want a way to carry only what you need for your trip this is a great fish tackle box to do it.
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Flambeau Classic Tackle Box

This classic tackle box is moderately sized and priced so it’s great for those who want to carry the things they need but not a whole lot of extras. It features a lid compartment for some of your smaller gear as well as 3 trays on the inside to sort your hooks, sinkers and more. The base also holds larger items that don’t need to be sorted. There’s a tongue and groove design between the lid and the base to make sure that it’s water resistant and the latch keeps everything securely inside. The box is designed to stay open without tipping so you can access everything you need and it has several dividers that give you different size spaces. Easy to carry and small enough to easily fit in a boat, vehicle or anywhere else, this tackle box is good for someone of any skill level.
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