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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Tactical Jackets

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How to Choose the Best Tactical Jacket

If you’re looking for a serious jacket that will be a constant, reliable companion on all types of operations and adventures, you might consider getting a tactical jacket! These jackets have pockets all over and various features to help you in your objectives. We’ve put together this tactical jacket buying guide to help you choose the perfect complement to your gear! But before you get started looking to buy a tactical jacket, here are some things that you should know.

Best Tactical Jackets

Material: Material can make all the difference. You want something that is going to be functional but also keeps water out and stains away. Some examples of good materials are polyester and Cordura, as well as some blended fabrics.

Best Tactical Jackets

Size Options: This is the range of sizes that the jacket can come in. Make sure to always check if there is an available sizing chart because sometimes the measurements are not standard across all jackets. Get your perfect fit!

How to Choose the Best Tactical Jacket

Color Options: This refers to the number of colors that the jacket is available in. Most come in some form of camouflage, as well as Army green and a number of others. This is pretty standard and down to personal preference.

Best Tactical Jackets

Waterproof: Rain will roll off of a fully waterproof jacket, to keep it from soaking in and through the jacket. Water resistant jackets will keep water from soaking through in smaller amounts. Choose the one for you!

Best Tactical Jackets

Hood: Most of these jackets do have a hood, but it is concealed and tucked away until you need it. Some of them are even detachable! This way, you can stay warm and dry while you’re outdoors.

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Windproof: A good tactical jacket is also windproof. This means that you can stand out in the wind while you’re on a mission or even a camping trip and you won’t feel the wind or be chilled by it.

Top 10 Products

Our tactical jacket reviews have been selected from a variety of different products, in order to bring you the absolute best of the best. If you’re eager to get back out in the field, check out our top pick and budget pick first, as they’re the best of the best! The rest of the jackets on our list are excellent as well, so make sure to check them out before you make a decision.

Rothco Special Ops Jacket

Top Pick
Our top pick for the best tactical jacket for sale is this selection from Rothco. This Special Ops jacket is full of features to make whatever operation you’re using it for go smoothly. As is pretty standard with these types of jackets, the pockets are placed high up on the chest to give you the room and maneuverability to reach for your tools. The collar is lined in fleece, which conceals hood detachments – so you can use the hood or take it off as the situation dictates. There are also zippers under each arm so you can vent heat away from your body. The jacket itself is a soft, three-layer construction that protects you against the wind, retains heat, and helps to wick away moisture – all wrapped in a polyester shell. There are places on each shoulder for rank or unit patches. If you’re looking for a jacket that has it all, this is the selection for you!
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Gadsden & Culpeper C Tac-Jacket

Budget Pick
Our best cheap tactical jacket is the Condor Tac-Jacket from Gadsden and Culpeper. You can get it in black, brown, or the olive drab that the Army favors. It’s a fleece jacket that is comfortable and functional! The collar, shoulders, and forearm areas are reinforced to be resistant to tears and abrasions. There is a patch on each shoulder with Velcro to attach patches too. And the jacket comes with two patches as well! One is the American flag and the other is the ‘don’t tread on me’ patch for morale. The sleeves are extendable in case you have longer arms, and the extended portion has thumb holes. That’s pretty nifty if you ask us! There are also pockets everywhere, including a vertical pocket across the chest, two slash pockets for your hands, and even a pocket on your shoulder. You’ll be able to carry everything that you need. There is even a Velcro loop for additional tactical patches!
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ReFire Gear Tactical Jacket

This ReFire Gear Tactical Jacket comes in four different colors, including Army Green, black, grey, and brown. This fleece jacket is soft and works to keep you comfortable and warm when the temperatures are colder. The design of this jacket includes 7 pockets – two in the front, back, on the left sleeve, and a pocket on the right sleeve as well so you can carry anything that you might need with you. It’s easy to maneuver in this jacket, so it’s the ideal companion for climbing, hiking, fishing, and other outdoor sports as well as tactical combat. There is a handy size chart included so that you can get the perfect fit, as the manufacturer runs a little small. It stays looking great and won’t pill no matter how much you wear it or wash it! It has a double zipper for extra heat retention as well as a thumb-hole on the sleeve and Velcro on the arms for patches.
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Condor Alpha Tactical Jacket

This military jacket by Condor Alpha will keep you really warm in the winter, because the fleece outer shell does its best to keep the heat inside, close to you, where it belongs. It also looks pretty great and can be worn under a jacket or by itself. We love that it’s thin enough to be layered but thick enough to keep you warm! The shoulder areas, forearms, and collar are reinforced so that they don’t wear out easily. The sleeves extend down two inches and even have thumb-holes, which we thought was a really neat and functional feature. There is a shoulder patch area on one sleeve that will allow you to attach a single Velcro patch that you can use to identify yourself. The vertical chest pockets are deep and easy to reach while staying out of the way and allowing you to reach your gear. This easy-to-wash jacket is a must-have for your tactical arrangement!
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Camo Coll Tactical Jacket

This jacked by Camo Coll is one of the best tactical soft shell jackets on our list. It comes in an amazing 9 colors, including four different camouflage variations, black, grey, Army green and two other neutral colors. The outer shell of this jacket is mostly polyester with a fleece lining, so it’s water resistant. You won’t get soaked if it’s raining out where you’re taking on your mission. It’s also windproof so you’ll stay nice and warm in gusty weather. It’s great for outdoor adventures, traveling, as well as camping and fishing. The waist and hood both have drawstrings, and the wrist cuffs are also adjustable for a number of ways. There is a size chart included so you can get the size that will fit you perfectly, and be the most comfortable no matter what you’re using it for. It’s a super high-quality windproof tactical jacket that comes in any color you could want!
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MAGCOMSEN Tactical Army Jacket

The MAGCOMSEN is the best waterproof tactical jacket on our list! It’s made of a tough outer polyester shell that will keep you safe from wind and water, as well as a fleece inner layer to keep you warm! The waist and hood are both closed with drawstrings to help keep your warmth inside and the wind outside. It’s got a concealed hood that you won’t be able to see unless you need it, and we think that’s pretty awesome. There are two high chest pockets so they won’t get into the way, two back pockets for your larger gear. One of the sleeve pockets is perfect for a music player and even has to hole to pass the headphones through. There is a forearm pocket for smaller stuff, and patch spaces on both arms so you can always represent your unit! And the colors will make you happy! This is a high-quality jacket at an affordable price!
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WenVen Military Jacket

This breathable jacket from WenVen is one of our favorites! It is a canvas jacket with a cotton body lining, so it is sure to keep you warm no matter the weather. There are two available styles, each in the same color spread – one has a static waist and wrists, while the other style is elastic at these points. The seams are strong no matter which style you choose! There are five total pockets, including an inside pocket for all of the stuff you need to keep close. There is a zipper running the length of the jacket as well as a snap-button closure for double protection. These jackets also have a unique feature: there is an Air Force symbol embroidered on the sleeves, instead of having a detachable patch space. If you’re into the Air Force, it’s great! We love the classic style of this jacket; it has a vintage look with modern features!
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TacVASEN Special Ops Tactical Jacket

TacVANSEN makes one of the best tactical softshell jackets on our list! This is a heavy jacket that it warm while still being breathable and wicking moisture away from your body. The polyester outer shell is completely waterproof and will keep you dry when it starts to rain on your adventures. There are six available colors, including urban camouflage, black, grey, green, khaki, and Army camouflage. The waist and hood are drawstrings so you can get that snug fit that will keep you dry and warm, and the wrist cuffs are adjustable as well. It is the perfect jacket for outdoor activities including hiking and camping. You won’t find a better hunting jacket, either! There is a sizing chart included because the sizes are Asian sizes that have been converted to the US. Make sure to get your favorite patches, because There is space on the arm for you to represent your unit or other loyalties!
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Free Soldier Tactical Jacket

This Tactical Jacket from Free Soldier is made of Dintex, which is a high-quality material that many more expensive jackets are made of. It’s a polyurethane and polyester layer system that includes a soft inner shell (in this case, lined with fleece), a middle waterproof and wind resistant layer, and a strong outside layer that can stretch and breathe. It’s one of the best tactical jackets for this material! This jacket has vent zippers under the arms to make it even more breathable and comfortable to wear, as it will evaporate any moisture under your arms. There’s a forearm pocket to easily be able to reach your favorite gear, as well as two Velcro patches and shoulder pockets. There’s room to hide everything that you need and even a hidden hood with drawstring closure. We love all of the pockets on this model. It comes in two different camo styles, Army green, black, grey, and a khaki color!
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ZAPT Cordura Tactical Jacket

This last jacket is unique on our list for the way it is styled! This ZAPT jacket is covered in compression buckles to help keep any loose parts of the jacket out of the way, as well as to keep all of your heat inside the jacket. The elbows, shoulders, and cuffs are covered in two layers of Cordura, which is a durable fabric used in some tents and other outdoor gear. There is a strap in the back center of the jacket that would be used to hold combat items, as well as pen tubes, waist since, and arm gear pockets all over the body of the jacket. It looks very serious! One of the coolest features is the interior flashlight pocket, perfect for holding those larger, heavy flashlights. We especially love the windproof collar design – so you can stay comfortable while undergoing all manner of adventures. It’s an aggressive jacket that you’re sure to love!
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