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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Tactical Shooting Gloves

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quadcopter reviewsBest Tactical Shooting Gloves

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How to Choose the Best Tactical Shooting Glove

Tactical shooting gloves are a versatile piece of gear that can really help you with precision and protection when you’re out in the field. We researched some of the top selling items and best known brands and put together this tactical glove buying guide to make sure you find the best pair for your needs. Before we get started, let’s take a look at some of the key features you need to know before you shop.

Best Tactical Shooting Gloves

Cold Weather: While some of these gloves provide some protection in mild winter weather, not many of them are meant for more extreme cold. We did find one really good pair that will keep you warm and protected.

Best Tactical Shooting Gloves

Color: These gloves come in a few different colors but they’re all muted, neutral, and military inspired. You’ll find black, tan, and army green gloves in some styles but there are others that only come in black.

How to Choose the Best Tactical Shooting Glove

Hard Knuckle: All of these gloves provide some kind of knuckle protection but only a handful of them have hard knuckles. It’s best to decide how much protection you need before you shop. Hard knuckles obviously offer a little more.

Best Tactical Shooting Gloves

Material: Materials vary so much. Honestly, there are so many different ones used. What they have in common, though, is that they’re all durable, comfortable, and allow your hands to get the important protection they need without restricting movement.

Best Tactical Shooting Gloves

Finger: All of these gloves are full finger designs. That said, some of them are available in half-finger styles as well. It’s completely personal preference as to which you prefer. Full finger options offer more protection while half allows more movement.

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Machine Washable: Some of these gloves are machine washable, some aren’t. It’s worth noting that some of those that aren’t are treated so they’re anti-bacterial and won’t smell. Also, allow any glove you toss in the washer to air dry.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for, let’s take a closer look at our tactical gloves reviews. If you’re in a hurry, make sure you start at the beginning. We put our top and budget picks at the start of our list because comparing them is really the best way to see the kind of variety that’s available. Stick around if you can, all of these products are worth checking out. All right, let’s get to it.

FREETOO Tactical Gloves

Top Pick
Our top pick for best tactical gloves for shooting are the FREETOO Tactical Gloves. The fit is really great. They’re snug without being tight throughout the palm and fingers so there’s not a lot of bulk to get in the way of holding your weapon. Adjustable Velcro around the wrist is firm without being stiff so your hands can still move freely. That’s not all, these gloves are also built tough. They have a reinforced palm, knuckle padding, double stitching, and a double layered leather palm that provides excellent grip. These gloves are ideal for summer, too, thanks to the breathable materials and vented design that keep your hands from getting sweaty. These are great for shooting, general outdoor use while camping or hunting, and can also serve as an excellent pair of motorcycle gloves.
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Mechanix Wear Tactical Gloves

Budget Pick
Mechanix Wear Tactical Gloves are the best tactical gloves for sale for anyone who’s on a tight budget. They’re made of TrekDry, a form-fitting material that keeps your hands cool and comfortable. These gloves offer a good fit and the hook and loop closure keeps them securely in place. The inside is lined with durable microfiber that’s soft and comfortable but also allows your hand to breathe. To extend the life of these gloves, the palm is made of a single layer of seamless material. No seams mean no weak points so it’s less likely to tear over time. A little thing about these gloves that we really like is the nylon web loop. You can use it to hang your gloves or to attach them to your pack so they’re right there when you need them.
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TitanOPS Shooting Gloves

Next up for top tactical gloves are TitanOPS Shooting Gloves. These are durable, full fingered gloves that have really effective knuckle protection. They’re really comfortable, too. The combination of microfiber, leather lycra, and nylon is soft, flexible, and has a snug fit. Because they have some stretch, they still give you the dexterity you need to perform. Extra stitching provides reinforcement to prevent wear and tear. While these are great for shooting, they’re also a good choice if you’re looking for a tough pair of gloves to wear while camping, hunting, or working with your hands outside. Plus, they’re machine washable and dry quickly so cleaning up after training is easy. And get this: they’re bacteria resistant and odor-free so you won’t have to wash them as often as you think.
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Seibertron Special Ops Gloves

Seibertron Special Ops Gloves are a great choice for best tactical shooting gloves. There are a lot of cool features about this glove that make is an all-around great performer. One of the best things about it is the grip. The palm and fingers are covered in special TacticalGrip which makes it simple to hold onto your weapon, even in wet weather. There’s also reinforced stitching and a precision cut double-layer padded palm for increased durability and protection against rips and tears. These gloves also have a flexible neoprene wrist that provides added support without restricting movement. As for protection, the soft knuckle protectors keep your hand safe without being stiff and difficult to move in. That’s not all, they’re bacteria resistant and odor-free so they don’t require much maintenance.
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JIUSY Touch Screen Tactical Gloves

JIUSY Touch Screen Tactical Gloves are our next pick for best tactical gloves for shooting. They provide a lot of protection that’s tough but also really comfortable. How do they do it? The one-piece anatomically shaped thermal plastic rubber knuckle guard is just firm enough to protect without being uncomfortable. The material is breathable, expertly stitched, and snug without being tight. They also reinforced the palm to protect from any abrasion. These gloves are pretty versatile. Of course, they’re great for shooting but they’ll also serve you well when hunting, riding a motorcycle, working outside, hunting, camping, or even when driving. Plus, they’re touch screen friendly. They come in 3 different colors and, get this. There are even half finger versions available if that’s what you’re looking for.
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Reebow Tactical Military Gloves

If you’re looking for a pair of womens tactical gloves, Reebow Tactical Military Gloves are a great choice. They come in a range of sizes and the fingers tend to run a little narrow so they’re a little better for smaller hands than some of our other picks. Plus, they have an adjustable wrist strap so you can adjust them to fit perfectly. Of course, they offer a lot of other awesome features, too. Molded hard knuckles for protection and a reinforced palm provide enough support to use them for a lot of things. They’re flexible and comfortable, too, so they’re great for shooting, motocross, riding a motorcycle, even when you’re camping or hunting. Because they’re made of durable microfiber leather material, they tolerate wear and tear and provide a non-slip grip.
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Fantastic Zone Tactical Gloves

Some of the best cut resistant tactical gloves we found are the Fantastic Zone Tactical Gloves. They’re made of high-quality materials like treated leathers and nylon for a fit that’s snug enough to avoid any bulky material getting in the way while still being flexible and comfortable. They have a lean cut that allows for greater dexterity without any bulk. An adjustable Velcro closure at the wrist helps make the fit more customizable, too. There’s more, the back of the hand protection unique, too. Why do we say that? Not only do these gloves have pre-curved hard knuckle protection, there are also comfortable pieces of molded foam along the back of the hand. There are a lot of options with these gloves. In fact, they’re also our pick for best fingerless military tactical gloves.
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Ironclad Tactical Pro Glove

A good choice for the best tactical gloves for police is this pair from Ironclad. For one thing, they’re extremely comfortable. Because they were ergonomically designed, the fit is just right. The synthetic rubber palm and flexible shell provide durable protection and still let you move comfortably. Another reason these gloves provide such a good fit is because Ironclad uses a 16-pint measuring system. In other words, they really take the time to get it right so you get a perfectly snug fit that’s comfortable and bulk-free. And get this: the back of the thumb has a terry cloth texture so you can use it to quickly and effectively wipe away sweat. When the job is done, you can toss these gloves in the washing machine. The won’t dry out or lose their shape when washed.
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Free Soldier Tactical Gloves

If you’ve been waiting for the best tactical gloves for cold weather, check out this pair from Free Soldier. These gloves are comfortable to wear and provide superior protection from both the weather and cuts and abrasions. The padding on the back protects your knuckles with a PC guard while also providing small, waterproof venting holes to allow air to flow. Another great feature is that the thumb is covered with absorbent material so you can effectively wipe away sweat while you’re in the field. Because this glove has an ergonomic design, it fits the hand perfectly without restricting movement. These best tactical winter gloves also have no odor so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them too often. They’re available in 3 different colors, too: army green, black, and sand.
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KevenAnna Tactical Gloves

KevenAnna Tactical Gloves round out our list and they are one of the most versatile gloves we came across. The fit is great, it’s stretchy and breathable without having any extra bulk. The palms are reinforced to protect against abrasions and provide wear resistance. To make sure you get the perfect fit, there are actually 2 adjustable Velcro straps, one at the wrist and one on the back of the hand. The back of the hand has hard knuckle protection as well as foam protection against abrasions and cuts. Everything is lean, ergonomic, and designed to provide you a great grip and uninhibited movement, no matter what you’re using these gloves for. They’re perfect for riding a motorcycle, playing paintball, wear for batting practice, and of course military and tactical training as well as shooting.
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