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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Tanzanite Engagement Rings

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quadcopter reviewsBest Tanzanite Engagement Rings

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How to Choose the Best Tanzanite Engagement Ring

Tanzanite is an incredibly beautiful and versatile stone. Are you attempting to pick out a tanzanite ring for a certain special occasion? Let us help you! Our tanzanite engagement ring buying guide was made with you in mind. We researched and reviewed a lot of rings to bring you our top ten rings. We’re sure that you and your future fiancé will love them. First, here are some things you should know before you start shopping.

Best Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Carats: Carats is a measure of the weight of the stone, and is usually used to determine quality. Because larger precious stones naturally weight more, the carat size will tell you how big the stone is as well.

Best Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Shape: There are quite a few different gemstone cuts. The most popular are round and oval, which explain themselves. The emerald cut is a tall rectangle and a princess cut is a square with many different facets.

How to Choose the Best Tanzanite Engagement Ring

Setting Metal: This is the metal that the rest of the ring is made of. White, yellow, and rose gold are favorites, as well as Sterling Silver. Some rings are brass with gold or silver plating as well.

Best Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Stone Type: Is the stone naturally-made, or synthetically created in a laboratory? Genuine stones are naturally occurring stones, and often more expensive. Simulated gems are man-made by synthetic processes and often look very similar without the hefty price tag.

Best Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Size Range: What size ring do you wear? Most rings can be resized within a size or a half-size, but any more than that and you risk the durability of the jewelry. Choose the perfect size for best results!

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Warranty: For rings, this usually means that they will replace or repair your ring if the gem falls out of the setting. But it must occur within the warranty period and during normal wear and tear.

Top 10 Products

So now that you know what you’re looking for, we can get to the tanzanite ring reviews! No matter the occasion, these rings are sure to dazzle you! Take a look at our top pick and budget pick first – they really shine on our list! But the rest of these rings are just as stunning, so choose the one that you love the best. Tanzanite is an incredibly beautiful stone, and we’re sure you’ll agree!

Gem Stone King Tanzanite Ring

Top Pick
Our top pick is the king among white gold tanzanite rings – and it’s from Gem Stone King, as well! This elegant ring features a blue tanzanite emerald-cut stone set in white gold. Along the band to either side of the stone are ten smaller stones that give this piece an exceptionally versatile look. It’s a genuine precious stone that will glitter beautifully on the finger of your fiancé-to-be. What’s even better is the lifetime warranty! It comes in gift packaging already. You can choose even this, from regular foam insert packaging to a leather insert Cherrywood box. Each order from this seller is completely insured, so you won’t have to stress about the ring being lost. It also passes extensive quality checkpoints before it’s shipped to you, so you’re getting the most beautiful ring possible! This ring is so versatile that it’s great for all occasions, and will match just about any outfit – a must for an engagement ring!
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Oxford Diamond Tanzanite Ring

Budget Pick
Our budget pick for tanzanite rings is this Oxford Diamond Tanzanite ring. Don’t let the fact that this is a simulated gem get you – it’s still just as sparkling and gorgeous as ever. Each stone is a durable, high-quality cubic zirconia cut set into .925 sterling silver. It’s nickel free and hypoallergenic, so you won’t turn her finger green with this ring! There are small gems surrounding the main gem in the center, and out to either side – this is called the Halo style because the smaller gems completely surround the center stone. In this case, the center stone is round and weighs about 1.25 carats. The band is 2mm wide, and both the band and the ring itself are very durable. What we love most about this ring is the price. It’s extremely affordable and still looks just as gorgeous as a natural stone would. The setting and stones are about 8mm wide on the band.
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Mauli Jewels Tanzanite Ring

This Mauli Jewels ring is a perfect example of Tanzania jewelry. There are two genuine tanzanite stones together as the centerpiece of this ring. It’s a perfect representation of your relationship with that special someone! The company boasts that the precious stone is conflict-free, meaning that it was mined peacefully from its country of origin, without infringing on any existing political issues. It even comes with an authenticity certificate so you know that the stones are natural! The clarity of this stone is pretty amazing, and it sparkles and shines beautifully. The round cut is simple and shows off the elegance of the stones. It may be a simple design, but it’s very stylish. The stones are set in stunning yellow gold that showcases them perfectly. The ring comes in beautiful gift packaging, so it’s ready to give to that special someone already! We love the double stones in this ring; it gives it quite a unique, elegant look.
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BONLAVIE Tanzanite Engagement Ring

If you thought two stones was a good idea, meet the BONLAVIE Tanzanite ring set. There are three stones in the ring, and each of them is princess cut perfectly to give it the best shine and shape possible. The simulated stones won’t be a bother if they get lost or damaged from use. It’s a full tanzanite wedding ring set, with a wedding ring and an engagement ring included. It’s hypoallergenic, so the sterling silver will not discolor your skin if you are usually sensitive to metals. If you are not completely satisfied, there is a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee that you can get your money right back – but we do not think you are going to need it! We are sure that you and your love will find this ring absolutely amazing. This tanzanite wedding set will serve you well for years to come – and she will always want to keep it on her
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Gem Stone King Criss Cross Ring

This oval tanzanite ring is sure to please you and your love both! It’s a genuine stone cut with the utmost precision and set into solid .924 sterling silver. The combined weight of all the stones in this ring is about 2.09 carats, which is amazing. The center stone is 8mm high, while the smaller stones are almost a quarter of the size. They really offset the oval tanzanite nicely. It’s a modern design that still retains some very classic qualities – perfect for the one that has stolen your heart. It’s versatile enough to match any outfit you choose to pair it with, as well as being a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection – or your love’s. Each of Gem Stone King’s products passes through pretty rigorous and thorough quality control, so you can be sure that the precious stone you’re getting is the best it can be. It comes packed in its own box!
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Silvershake Tanzanite Engagement Ring

This Silvershake ring is just gorgeous! The center stone is a beautifully simulated tanzanite gem. On each side of the round center stone are three smaller white topaz. They are cut round to match the center stone, and they are arranged in such an elegant way! The total weight of these seven gems is around 0.8 carats, which isn’t bad considering the size of the ring – it’s much smaller than most of the others we’ve seen on this list. But being smaller doesn’t mean that it’s a lesser quality – in fact, this understated piece is the perfect engagement ring for a girl who likes things delicate and out of the way. It’s set in beautiful sterling silver that won’t turn her finger. It’s one of the more beautifully-designed tanzanite engagement rings on our list, and it’s such an affordable price as well! We love the addition of the simulated topaz on either side of the center.
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Gems and Jewels Tanzanite Ring

As far as tanzanite wedding rings go, this Gems and Jewels piece pretty much steals the show! This is a gorgeously-designed princess cut tanzanite. The stone is simulated and heat-treated to make sure that it shines, but that’s hardly a bad thing – it’s simply gorgeous! This 1.5 carat stone is, as stated, princess cut, but it’s the first princess cut we found in our research that came in the halo style. So there are white cubic zirconia stones around the gem and embedded down the band as well. This ring is simply beautiful, with a classic sort of feel. We are sure that your fiancé-to-be will absolutely adore this ring and how unique and traditional it is at the same time. And all the stones are set in beautiful 14k White Gold. It doesn’t get much better than this! It only takes a couple of days to get to you, so you can get your answer sooner!
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Gem Stone King Tanzanite Solitaire Ring

Gem Stone King is back on our list with one of the most beautiful gold tanzanite rings that we found. It’s a genuine tanzanite stone in a solitaire style – meaning that the center gem is the only one on the ring. It’s a simple but elegant style that your loved one is sure to appreciate. It’s set in beautiful yellow gold, which really works with the blue-violet color of the tanzanite. Since it is 14k gold, the band is super durable and great for everyday wear. It will look good with any outfit! It comes in a beautiful box to present it in, though once you put it on you’ll never want to put it back. It’s the perfect ring for just about any occasion that would call for a ring as a gift. And because it’s a Gem Stone King ring, it’s got a lifetime warranty – if it isn’t set properly, you can get a replacement.
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BONLAVIE Emerald Cut Tanzanite Ring

This ring is huge and beautiful. The emerald-cut tanzanite that is the center of this ring makes up the majority of the 3 carats, while the smaller cubic zirconia stones weave down the sides of the band and sparkle serenely. This ring is plated in rhodium, so it will sparkle and shine for a long time while maintaining its color (and not leaving any on your finger). It comes with a year-long warranty that is a really good deal, as well as a jewelry bag and a ring box to present it in. It can double as a birthstone ring and an engagement ring. And it’s completely free of nickel! We love the design of this ring, which is pretty unique on our list. It’s pleasing to the eye and perfectly catches the light to give you the perfect amount of beauty to go with anything you choose to wear. You aren’t ever going to want to take it off!
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Oxford Diamond Co Halo Tanzanite Ring

This round tanzanite ring is a gorgeous example of the halo ring design. The 10 mm center stone is surrounded by smaller cubic zirconia stones. And even more, there are three lines of smaller white stones running down the thick band on either side of the halo. The effect is a sublimely sparkling ring that is sure to make whoever you choose to gift it to happy. All of these stones are set in sterling silver that won’t turn her fingers or oxidize. You’ll have a beautiful ring for years to come with this option! We love how many stones are in this ring, and because they are heat-treated to preserve the color and shine, they sparkle extremely beautifully. This ring design is classic and beautiful, and it will go with just about any outfit that you decide to put together. It’s versatile and beautiful, with a price point that you can’t argue with! It’s the perfect fit.
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