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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Temporal Thermometers

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How to Choose a Good Thermometer

For many kids and adults, a fever can be the first sign of a cold or other illness coming on. Plus, it can be a great way to tell if a little one is faking sick to get out of school! Temporal thermometers are an awesome innovation--remember the good old days of having to hold a thermometer under your arm or tongue for a few minutes? Now you can get a reading in a couple of seconds! So we researched and reviewed a number of new and bestselling temporal thermometers to put together our forehead thermometer review. Before jumping down to the reviews, check out the list of features below to keep track of when looking at temporal thermometers!

Best Temporal Thermometers

Type: Infrared thermometers are convenient, fast, and accurate, so that’s why we focused on infrared temporal thermometers in our research!

Best Temporal Thermometers

Touchless: Good news: you don’t have to worry about cleaning these thermometers between uses! You don’t have to contact the skin to get a reading.

How to Choose a Good Thermometer

Units: All of the thermometers in our reviews can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit units with a little button-pushing.

Best Temporal Thermometers

Size: Want something pocket- or purse-sized? We list the size of each thermometer so you can avoid one that’s too big or too small.

Best Temporal Thermometers

Weight: If you’re going to be using a thermometer a lot, sometimes lighter is better. Most of these thermometers are very lightweight!

Product Intro Icon

Warranty: How long a manufacturer will “back up” their product can be an important indicator of quality, so we always include it.

Top 10 Products

Now that you’ve got a handle on what to look for, it’s time to check out our adult and baby thermometer reviews! We have eight runner-ups below, but first up are our top pick and budget pick for the best temporal thermometers. Don’t get hot under the collar--check out these first two if you’re in a rush!

Withings Smart Thermometer

Top Pick
Looking for the king of temporal thermometers? This smart thermometer jumped to the top of our list for the best temporal thermometer around. Besides being a touchless infrared forehead thermometer that works quickly and is hygienic, the main draw of this thermometer is the app syncing capability. You can sync with the Thermo app, which interprets the temperature data based on things like age and fever history. You can add notes, photos, and reminders, too, and set up to eight user profiles to separate readings between family members. When you take a temperature, it shows up illuminated in LED form on the thermometer with an indicator light that tells you whether the temperature is average, elevated, or high. It bases this on the age of the person, since base temperatures can vary with age. Cool, right? It’s a great way to track the health of different family members with total digital convenience! Obviously, we had to include it in our temporal thermometer review set!
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iProvèn Ear Thermometer

Budget Pick
Our pick for the best thermometer that’s also easy on your wallet is the iProven ear and forehead thermometer! This thermometer can take quick one-second readings from the ear or three-second readings from the forehead, both without touching the skin. It beeps when it’s finished taking a reading, and also alerts you to a high temperature--the green backlit screen will flash red. The thermometer can be switched between reading in Celsius and Fahrenheit depending on your needs, too. Need to keep an eye on a fever? This thermometer stores the last 20 readings so you can access them and take a look. We wish it came with a silent mode, but other than that it’s a great full-featured temporal thermometer! Bonus: the thermometer comes with two AAA batteries already installed, so you can start using it right away. Quick readings are crucial when dealing with sick, squirmy little ones, and this thermometer fits the bill!
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Innovo Forehead Thermometer

The Innovo forehead thermometer can also be used to take temperature from the ear for children over one year old. Although it has just two buttons, you can do quite a bit with them! Touch one or the other to switch between forehead readings and ear readings. You can also review the last 20 readings the thermometer has taken and display temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The no-touch design lets you take temperatures without making skin contact, so you don’t have to worry about spreading whatever gross bug someone has around! Two AAA batteries are included so you can get started right away. The thermometer also has a built-in fever alarm that flashes and beeps when it detects a high temperature. The backlit display is easy to read, too, even if you’re trying to take a reading in the dark.
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GG Forehead Thermometer

The Generation Guard forehead thermometer is a great option for families and just about anyone who occasionally needs a temperature reading taken! And besides measuring body temperature with a touchless forehead scan, you can also switch to different modes for measuring object temperature or room temperature. Two AAA batteries are included, and the large backlit LCD display is easy to see in the dark. The thermometer beeps to alert you when it’s finished taking a temperature, but you can also set it to silent mode. Need to check in on a little one during naptime? Now you can do it without waking them! You can go back and look at the last 20 readings taken if you want to track a fever or see if the furnace is working. It also comes with a soft matching carrying case for storage.
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EZ Temp Thermometer

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. This temporal thermometer keeps it simple with two-button operation and two AAA batteries. However, you can access some great settings with those two buttons! Take temperatures using the touchless forehead setting or touchless ear setting. The ear setting should be used for children over one year old. The thermometer keeps a record of the last 20 readings so you can check in on the progress of a fever easily. A built-in fever alarm alerts you when the thermometer reads a high temperature. Our only issue: it makes an alert beep to let you know when it has completed a reading, and this beep can’t be muted. Since it’s a “talkative” thermometer, it’s not the best for sneaking around at night checking on sick kids. If you have a family full of sound sleepers, though, the beeps might not be a problem.
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iLifePlus Forehead Thermometer

The iLifePlus infrared forehead thermometer lets you take the surface temperatures of objects as well as body temperatures. Choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and whether you want a reading alert sound or not. The backlit display is easy to see, day or night, and touchless reading technology means you don’t have to disturb a sick child to take their temperature. Plus, you won’t end up spreading germs around. We especially like that you can turn the alert sound off, which is great for checking in on sick adults and little ones during the night! When the thermometer is in Surface Mode, you can take the temperature of anything from a milk bottle to the ambient room temperature. We do wish this thermometer could store readings like many of the others on our list, but otherwise it’s a great pick! A temporal thermometer is a great tool when dealing with squirmy little ones thanks to its quick readings!
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Preve Infrared Thermometer

The two-year warranty on this thermometer was one of the first things that caught our attention! This touchless infrared thermometer comes with a storage box and two AA batteries to get you started, too. Are you traumatized by beeping thermometers? Hate risking waking up the baby? This thermometer can be set to beep when it’s finished taking a reading, or you can turn the sound off for taking temperatures during naptime. The backlit screen goes from green for normal temperatures to orange or red for low to high fevers. Besides body temperatures, you can also set the thermometer for taking room temperature and surface temperature. The thermometer can store and recall the last 32 recorded temperatures, too. Track a fever through the night or take the ambient temperature to see if your significant other is turning down the heat when you’re not looking! We loved the mute feature for not disturbing people while you sneakily take their temperature.
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Remedies Temporal Thermometer

The Remedies Temporal Thermometer includes settings for reading body temperatures, surface temperatures, and room temperatures. That makes it a great all-purpose thermometer! It comes with two AA batteries included to get you started and can store up to 32 recorded temperatures. The storage feature can be super helpful if you’re tracking the progress of a fever you’re worried about. The display screen turns green when it reads a normal temperature, orange when it reads a low fever temperature, and red when it reads a high fever temperature. If you’re getting up in the night to check on a fever, you can rely on the display color rather than spend precious energy reading the number. You can also set the thermometer to say its readings out loud in English. Don’t want to wake the baby? Turn the feature back off! Overall, this is a great all-purpose thermometer with a good number of useful features.
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QQCute Simplife Dual

This easy-to-use two-button thermometer can be used to take temperature from the forehead or from the ear, which is recommended for children over one year old. The thermometer stores away up to 20 readings that you can bring up with the press of a button, so it’s great for tracking fevers... or your own paranoia! When the thermometer reads a high temperature, it alerts you with a fever alarm. The backlight turns red and the thermometer beeps ten times to let you know about the possible fever. It runs on two AAA batteries and shuts off automatically after it’s done being used. The body of the thermometer is rounded and ergonomic for easy handling. You can choose to see readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit, too, so you don’t have to try to convert between them in your head! This is a great thermometer to have in the house both for children and adults.
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KYG Baby Thermometer

The KYG Baby Thermometer is a touchless infrared thermometer powered by two AAA batteries. Use the forehead thermometer for people of all ages or the ear thermometer option for babies. Need to know if a fever is rising? You can store up to 20 readings to look back on later. Take readings in Celsius or in Fahrenheit, or switch between them if you want to have a bit of fun with it! This thermometer also has a “fever alarm.” The thermometer beeps and the LCD screen blinks red when it reads a temperature above 37.5°C/99.5°F. If you’re too tired after a night up with a cold to read the screen, you can check on your fever with your eyes closed! The thermometer is designed ergonomically to be easy to hold, and the touch-less design makes it hygienic for handling sick kids and adults!
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