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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Tennis Balls

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How to Choose the Best Tennis Ball

Are you looking for the best tennis balls for your next match, practice, or just to throw around with the family dog? You’re in luck – we found some of the best tennis ball for sale that work for all of your needs! We have what you need for any type of playing surface, style of play, or budget! Before we get into the reviews, we’re going to look at a few key features to know about first. Let’s get started!

Best Tennis Balls

Pressureless: Pressureless tennis balls are less bouncy but are made to last a long time. They are generally only used for practice or feeding into tennis ball machines. Pressurized tennis balls are bouncier and used for tournament or professional level matches

Best Tennis Balls

Color: Most tennis balls come in either green or yellow, which is more traditional and much easier to see on both clay and grass tennis courts. However, you can definitely find tennis balls in other fun colors to switch things up!

How to Choose the Best Tennis Ball

Pieces: Take note of how many pieces come in each kit, especially if you are on a budget. Higher quality balls tend to come in pressurized tins with 3 balls each, and practice balls come in a bag with several balls!

Best Tennis Balls

Type: Championship tennis balls are more bouncy, but they wear out quickly and need to be replaced often. Practice balls are less bouncy, but they’re built to last much longer. Toy tennis balls are mainly for playing with kids and dogs!

Best Tennis Balls

Regulation Size: Most championship and practice tennis balls come in regulation size, but we noted if any of the ones we reviewed are not. Tennis balls that are not regulation size are typically toys, meant for children or playing fetch with dogs.

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Court Type: Some tennis balls are designed for specific playing surfaces, like hard or soft courts. Many championship balls are made for one or the other for maximum performance. However, most practice tennis balls are okay to use on any playing surface.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what you’ll need, let’s get into the tennis ball reviews! Whether you’re looking for the best practice tennis balls or the best tennis balls for dogs, we found a bunch of options that will keep everyone happy! If you don’t have time to read about all 10 options, that’s fine! Just take a look at our Top Pick and Budget Pick, and then come back later when you have more time! Okay – on to the reviews!

Tourna Tennis Balls

Top Pick
Let’s start with our top pick, a set of pressureless practice tennis balls from Tourna. This set comes with 18 tennis balls that are perfect for practice, tennis lessons, or tossing around with your dog. These regulation-size balls are pressureless, which means they won’t lose their bounce over time. Tourna created these balls to have the same level of bounce as a championship style tennis ball. This is great because it means you’ll be practicing with a ball that’s very similar to the ones you’ll be using in tournaments or matches! The balls are also great to use in a tennis ball machine because they can handle the extra pressure and speed from the machine. We also like that this comes with so many balls. You can spend less time tracking down your ball, and spend more time working on your serve! The reusable mesh sack is a plus, too –toss them into the sack and into your duffel bag!
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Penn Championship Tennis Ball

Budget Pick
Next up is our pick for the best cheap tennis balls. This is an inexpensive set of 3 championship tennis balls from Penn, a trusted brand in tennis gear for over 100 years. If you want to practice with a set of balls that will be just like your tournament balls, definitely grab a can of these pressurized balls to add to your practice regimen. They will have the same bounce and quality felt you would find at a professional match. These are also regulation size and made especially for hard courts, so you can feel good knowing these will have the right weight, balance, and overall feel to improve your game. We also like that this pink set was created to help support breast cancer causes – proceeds from the sale go to the American Cancer Society to further research into a cure. You can strengthen your backhand while doing something good for others – what’s not to love about that?
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Wilson Extra Duty Tennis Ball

Another brand we often think of surrounding tennis is Wilson. They are the official tennis ball brand for the NCAA, US Open, Australian Open, and Grand Slam Championships! This set of Extra Duty tennis balls is made to last through long practices, matches, and recreational play. You can use these on any type of court, making them the best tennis balls for practice just about anywhere! This set of 3 balls comes in a convenient tin, so you can easily grab a can and throw it in your duffel bag before practice. We like that the outer covering of these balls is made of heavy duty Dura-Weave blend, which is a blend of nylon and wool. This means each ball is durable and won’t pill or wear down as quickly as other championship level tennis balls. These are tournament-style tennis balls made so you can get used to a pressurized ball long before you hit the court for a match!
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KEVENZ Practice Balls

Another favorite of ours for the best pressureless tennis balls is this set of 12 heavy duty practice balls from KEVENZ. This set is made to last through several hours of practice and rough game play. The 100% rubber ball is pressureless, allowing you to use these for hours without losing any bounce. The non-woven polyester felt covering is also incredibly durable. It won’t pill or break down, even after a long, aggressive match! We think this is a great set of practice balls for tennis lessons, recreational matches, and fine-tuning your skills on the court. Since these are so heavy-duty, we even think they make a great tennis ball to throw around with your dog! They can stand up to a lot of wear and tear, including strong jaws and tossing in the water, dirt, and grass! We also appreciate that KEVENZ uses as little packaging as possible, as a way to do their part to protect the environment!
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Gamma Pressureless Tennis Balls

When looking for the best tennis balls for clay courts, we found a lot of options that work, but this set from Gamma is one of our favorites! These pressureless balls are perfect on any playing surface, including clay, and will last through tons of practice time! The set comes with 18 balls and a mesh carrying bag, which means you can spend more time playing and less time collecting balls for more rounds! We also like having a mesh bag when playing on a clay court because the excess dust on the balls can be shaken off easily before storing them in your bag or car. These balls are created to last a long time and have a consistent bounce from the first time you use them to the last time! We think these are a great set to pick up if you are teaching tennis lessons, or get them as a gift for the players in your family!
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Dunlop Sports Tennis Balls

These pressurized tennis balls from Dunlop Sports are some of the best tennis balls for hard courts that we found out there! This set of 3 tennis balls approved by both the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and International Tennis Federation (ITF) for tournaments and professional matches. The championship style balls have plenty of bounce, and they’re covered in a heavy duty Durafelt covering. This covering is made to last, so you can use these tennis balls for long matches or practices without the felt wearing off or getting too fuzzy. We like that these green tennis balls are very brightly colored, so they are easier to see on the court. This is great, especially if you play a lot in bright sunlight or in shaded areas! We also hear that these tennis balls are great for recreational play, throwing around with the family dog, or even rolling on tense muscles for a deep-tissue massage! They are quite versatile indeed!
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Rhode Island Jumbo Tennis Ball

No tennis ball buying guide would be complete without checking out some fun toy options for your pets and family to enjoy! This 8-inch toy tennis ball from Rhode Island Novelties looks just like your favorite tennis ball – just way bigger! They come in 4 bright colors – red, blue, green, or yellow – so you can add a little color to your playtime! It is an inflatable ball, like a basketball or football, so you will also need a sports air pump to get started! These toy tennis balls are fun for small children to work on their catching and tossing skills, or they can kick it around the yard for hours of fun! Dogs enjoy chasing these around the yard too – just make sure they don’t bite down too hard or the ball may pop. For your next family get together, grab a few of these to toss out in the yard for kids, dogs, and grown ups to enjoy!
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Sky Bounce Practice Balls

Okay, back to the regular-sized tennis balls! This set of practice balls from Sky Bounce is another favorite of ours for the best tennis balls for dogs. They come in a set of 12, so you can bring them all out for playtime, or use them one at a time until they’re all worn out! They have a lot of bounce, which will provide lots of challenging fun for your dog as they chase them around! We think these are not only great for throwing – they also work well in a tennis ball machine or hand-held flinging toy too! Of course, if you want to use these for playing tennis, they also make great practice balls! They have plenty of bounce, just like a championship ball, so you can get used to the feel of a tournament ball without paying for one! Also, these are durable enough to last through hours of rigorous practice or recreational play without wearing down!
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Wilson Pressureless Tennis Balls

If you’re looking for practice tennis balls that can take a beating, consider picking up this set from Wilson! These pressureless tennis balls are made of high-quality, durable rubber that won’t lose its bounce – even after hours of practice and rough playing time. We also think these are some of the best tennis balls for using in a machine. The hard rubber inside and tough felt outer covering are made to withstand the pressure, friction, and overall abuse of being put through a tennis ball machine. They also make a great toy for dogs, especially ones with strong jaws and a love of chewing! We also like that this set of 18 tennis balls comes with a reusable mesh bag, so you can round up your practice balls and toss them in your bag or car without them getting loose! These would make a great gift for a beginner tennis player, or grab a bag for your own practice session!
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Penn Practice Tennis Balls

The last set of tennis balls we reviewed come from Penn, the same company that makes our Budget Pick tennis balls! These pressurized tennis balls are actually the same professional-level tennis balls the pros use, but at a much lower price! How do they do that? Penn puts their professional and championship balls through rigorous inspections. The balls that don’t pass inspection due to minor cosmetic issues are packaged as practice balls. This means you get a high-quality practice ball for a reasonable price! These tennis balls have plenty of bounce with a slightly slower playing speed, which is perfect for teaching students new skills. If you have a new tennis player in the family, these would make a great gift combined with a new racket and equipment bag! Or if you want a high-quality tennis ball for your own practice sessions, you can easily buy several sets of these to get you through hours of practice and playing time!
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