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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses

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quadcopter reviewsBest Tennis Shoes for Nurses

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How to Choose the Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses

Nursing shifts are long. You need to be comfortable, which is why we had our experts research and review the best tennis shoes for nurses. We identified eleven different brands and styles, so you can navigate your shifts with style and ease. You might be wondering what it takes to make the list of the best shoe for nurses to wear, so we came up with six specifications to help you find the perfect pair. Here’s what to look for when shopping.

Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses

Size Range: Nurses (and their feet) come in all shapes and sizes. The best comfortable shoes for nurses are available in a wide range of sizes.. This spec shows you the range of size offered in your preferred style.

Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses

Sole Material: The best tennis shoes for nurses should have strong soles that are either flexible or shock-absorbing, to reduce stress on the lower body. The style of the sole varies, but this spec lets you know what your favorite style is made of.

How to Choose the Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses

Insole Material: The best shoes for nurses who are on their feet all day have insoles made of memory foam or gel, or designed with arch support. This spec shows the insole material of each of our chosen styles

Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses

Slip Resistant: Slip resistant shoes are some of the best shoes for walking all day at work. Spills and slippery floors can be dangerous, but slip resistant shoes protect from skidding and slipping.

Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses

Avail. Colors:It’s always nice to have options. Some of the kicks on our list of the best shoes for work come in multiple colors. This spec will let you know how many colors your favorite style is available in.

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Weight: Whether you prefer walking on air or having a substantial sole beneath your feet, we have you covered with this spec. Don’t know how heavy you want to go? Weigh your current favorite pair of shoes

Top 10 Products

What are the best shoes for nurses? After careful research, we picked the 10 best shoes for nurses to wear. All of them are excellent choices and there is something for everyone - the flat-footed nurse, the speedy nurse, and the nurse who likes a little individuality in his or her step. Now that you know what to look for let’s get to the reviews. If you’re in a hurry, take a look at the top pick and budget pick. Let’s get started!

Skechers Sport Elite Synergy

Top Pick
Our top pick is the Skechers Sport Elite Synergy. These brand-name shoes feature memory foam insoles, cooling side panels, a soft and padded lining, and shock absorbing outer soles. Comfort is key with this shoe, which is obvious based on the specifications it meets and goes beyond. But, wait: it gets better. Not only is this shoe the cream of the comfort crop, it is also available in sixteen different color combinations, allowing you to individualize your work shoes. The Sport Elite comes in a wide range of sizes, including wide width. The lace-up design allows you even further to tailor the fit to your needs, whether you like your sneakers tight or on the looser side. Created to be an athletic walking and training sneaker, the Sport Elite is a premier option for nurses who work long hours and are constantly going. Even better, the price point is very reasonable for an exceptional shoe.
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Grasshoppers Stretch Plus Sneaker

Budget Pick
Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, the Grasshopper Stretch Plus Lace-Up was designed with a comfortable cushion arch, making it among the best tennis shoes for flat feet. Even if your feet have perfect arches, the Stretch Plus arch support is beneficial. A little arch support goes a long way! The insole is made of memory foam and designed to provide the wearer with the utmost comfort and support. It is reinforced with a sock liner that helps achieve the perfect fit by allowing the inside of the shoes to mold to the shape of your feet. An anti-microbial and dry-wicking liner keeps your feet clean and dry. On the outside of the sneaker, a rounded heel decreases knee-strain, and the flexible sole is designed to follow the foot’s natural movement. Available in three colors and a range of sizes, including wide width, this sneaker on a budget is worth every penny and then some.
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OUOUVALLEY Fashion Sport Shoe

The Ououvalley Fashion Sport Shoe is great for nurses who keep a quick pace, thanks to its lightweight design. It features a rubber platform sole, measuring approximately .75 of an inch. The total height of the heel is 1.5 inches, giving you a comfortable pep to your step. Designed as a sports shoe for walking long distances, the platform heel works to take strain off the knees and helps you get where you’re going at a faster rate. This cotton-blend shoe is available in sizes 4.5-7 and features a skid-proof sole--which is always a plus in a clinical setting. The design and lightweight material provide lasting comfort throughout the day. Available in five fun color combinations, the Ououvalley Fashion Sport is an excellent choice for fashion-forward nurses looking to make a statement in comfort. It matches almost anything and adds flair to nursing scrubs, so your unique personality can shine, even while you’re at work. When you’re looking for the best shoes for walking and standing all day, these might be it!
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K-Swiss Tubes 100

K-Swiss is known for the tubes technology in the insoles of its sneakers, and the K-Swiss Tubes 100 do not disappoint! This sneaker features cushioning tubing in its insoles, resulting in ideal support to your feet, ankles, and knees and making it one of the best shoes for doctors and nurses working. The lightweight, fabric design adds to the ease with which you can walk or run for hours. Originally created as a brand specifically for functionable tennis shoes, K-Swiss specializes in sports footwear that can handle high-impact stress and remain comfortable. Designed for walking and running for long periods of time, this performance sneaker is ideal for nurses who work long hours and seek extra cushion under their feet. Manufactured in a range of sizes, the lace-up front allows you to tighten further or loosen the sneakers, so you achieve the perfect fit for you. Available in black, blue, pink, and more - the K-Swiss Tubes 100 provide the opportunity to choose a color that reflects your personal style.
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Nike Court Lite Tennis Shoe

Nike brings excellence to mind when it comes to the world of athletic shoes. Indeed, the Nike Court Lite Tennis Shoe made our list of the top-performing shoes for nurses. Made to provide breathability and comfort to the wearer, the Nike Court Lite is made from a combination of materials that promote durability, while providing maximum comfort. The rubber outer sole is designed with GDR to provide traction, allowing you to move quickly and safely. The best part? The inside features a full-length Phylon midsole for cushion and an added layer to the toe area for extra protection from abrasion, making this sneaker an ideal pick for nurses on the go. The Nike Court Lite comes in white, matte silver, and medium gray and features the trademark Nike swoosh symbol on the side. Simple and elegant, our Nike pick is a trusted brand that provides comfort, style, and reliability. You simply can’t go wrong with a great Nike sneaker.
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Reebok Z Belle Running Shoe

At an excellent price and manufactured in a variety of bright and fun colors, the Reebok Women’s Z Belle is a performance sneaker that brings comfort and durability to the table. Made from fabric and synthetic material, this shoe features a lightweight and breathable upper sole complete with nano stretch technology, which allows for a perfect fit. The nano stretch and the lace-up design ensure that your shoes will always fit your feet just right. An additional rear pull loop helps you get your shoes on quickly and comfortably. Designed with a rubber and textured outsole, the Reebok Z Belle was made with running in mind, which means you can rest assured that it is an excellent choice for any busy nurse in a fast-paced environment. A cushioned shock-absorbing midsole lessens the strain on your knees and helps you avoid the residual pain of being on your feet all day (or night). But wait! Even better, the cool color combinations let you showcase your personality, so you can be you, wherever you are.
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Skechers Sport Fashion Sneaker

A leading sneaker in affordability, style, and comfort, Skechers makes our top list three times, because of its premium design. The Skechers Sport Loving Life Memory Foam gives away a lot of its great features in its name. Made with a memory foam insole to provide the wearer with maximum comfort, this sneaker also features breathable mesh to keep you cool and comfortable, even under pressure. The lightweight design lets you stay quick on your feet throughout your shift, and a flex-groove outsole keeps you safe, while you’re keeping pace. Designed as a slip-on shoe with bungee laces and a coordinating midsole stripe, the Skechers Sport Loving Life is easy to get on and off, so when you’re in a rush, or you are ready to relax at the end of the day, you can easily slide in and out of your sneakers. Available in five different color combinations, this shoe is a great pick for any nurse who likes to stay cool, calm, and collected.
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NurseMates Angel Lites Shoes

Designed specifically for nurses and available in a range of sizes, including wide width, the Nurse Mates Angel Lites are among the best shoes for walking all day at work. These classic kicks are made with durability in mind, so when you make the affordable investment, you’re sure to have a shoe that will last. They feature a stain-resistant, easy-wipe finish to keep your feet looking new for every shift. The rubber outsoles are slip-resistant and designed with arch-support in mind. Even better, lightweight composite shanks provide additional arch support. Inside, a pillow-top liner provides cushioning to keep you comfortable for your entire shift. DRYZ wicks away moisture, so you stay dry and fresh. Made with athletic movement in mind, the NurseMates Angel Lites are the perfect pick for anyone looking for a classic, comfortable design. NurseMates knows how hard you work and created a supportive shoe to make your shifts just a little bit easier.
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Skechers for Work Albie

Designed specifically for walking, the Skechers Albie Relaxed-Fit is a classic, casual option that can handle the fast-paced nursing lifestyle. The relaxed fit ensures that, while you may not always be relaxed at work, your legs, knees, and feet will feel great. This classic Skechers sneaker comes with a memory foam insole and a slip-resistant rubber outsole, resulting in the ideal combination of comfort and safety. A padded leather collar and tongue provide additional relief for tired feet and keep pain at bay. Best of all, the Skechers Albie Relaxed Fit is available in a range of sizes, including both wide width and extra wide width. Nurses who need a little extra room on the sides of their shoes can find the ideal pair in one of the three colors offered by the Skechers Albie. Comfort and style combine to bring you the perfect fit and keep you headed in the right direction at work.
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Dansko Professional Clog

A classic choice for professionals who work on their feet all day, the Dansko Professional Clog is loved for its rocker-bottom design. Made with a reinforced toe box and a polyurethane outsole with a rocker bottom that provides shock absorption, this mule helps to propel the feet forward. In fact, the rocker bottom does a lot of your walking for you, alleviating pressure on your knees and ankles and helping you move quickly with ease. If you’re looking for comfort while standing or walking, the Dansko Clog delivers. It is designed with a platform measuring approximately .75 inches, for a total heel height of 2 inches, resulting in added mobility. A wide heel strike provides stability when walking. The inside of the clog and the uppers are padded to add cushion to your step, keep you comfortable, and prevent chafing. But that’s not all! These supremely comfortable clogs come in 64 colors and wipe clean, so you can choose a shade that speaks to who you are and keep it looking brand new for a long time to come.
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