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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

The 10 Best Tent Brands

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quadcopter reviewsThe 10 Best Tent Brands

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How to Pick Your Tent

Looking for some of the best tent brands? We’ve researched and reviewed some of the best tent brands on the web, bringing you our top ten picks. We’ve also chosen our favorite tent that each brand makes. So if you want the best tent for you, here are some things you should look for when shopping.

Best Tent Brands

Capacity: This will let you know the very top number of people that can sleep in the tent. Things might be a little tight, but everyone will fit in comfortably.

The 10 Best Tent Brands

Weight: How much does it weigh? This is important for hikers that plan to carry their new tent on their backs. Weight will always be measured in pounds.

How to Pick Your Tent

Material: Most tents are made from a polyester outside. Some are coated too. We’ll let you know what sort of material your new tent is made from.

The 10 Best Tent Brands

Seasons: this refers to what kind of weather a tent is made for. Most tents are 3-season tents and aren’t okay for winter, but there will be some 4s, too.

Best Tent Brands

Size: How big is the tent when it is set up? This will let you know if the tent is long enough for how tall you are, and whether it’s big enough for your stuff.

Product Intro Icon

Warranty: This refers to the manufacturer's limited warranty that comes with the tent. It protects against defects in the make and materials.

Top 10 Products

Excited to check out our top ten tent brands? Us too! The first in our list will be our number one, pick of the litter, Top Pick. The second will be an inexpensive-but-still-awesome tent known as our Budget Pick. Now, onto those tent brand reviews!

Coleman Sundome Tent

Top Pick
Looking for the perfect tent for the whole family? Coleman is our favorite brand for just about anything you need in the great outdoors. They’ve been in business for more than 100 years, and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere anytime soon. Our favorite tent by Coleman is the Coleman Sundome Tent. It’s the perfect tent to comfortably fit the whole family. This polyester tent is heavy duty; it has a very spacious interior with a 59-inch center height. The tent is 94 inches by 82 inches by 50 inches, giving you and your family plenty of room. The fiberglass poles are durable and strong, keeping the tent upright without bending. But that’s not the best part! We love this ten for how airy it is! The ceiling vent and the two windows make a wonderful cross breeze, keeping the inside of the tent from getting too stuffy. We love this tent, and the Coleman tent reviews agree; if you want family fun in the outdoors, you’ll have to check out Coleman!
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Techcell Camping Tent

Budget Pick
Although probably better known for their hammocks and hiking backpacks, Techcell is an outdoor company that has some fantastic, budget-friendly products. The Techcell Camping Tent is our Budget Pick for this very reason. This tent is cheap, reliable, and user-friendly. It comes in three, bright colors, each of them built for two people to sleep comfortably. The outside of the tent is waterproof, windproof and warm. The sturdy, fiberglass rods keep the tent up and ready. It even has some hooks on the inside to hang lights, laundry or other things. The Techcell Camping Tent is lightweight at 4.4 pounds and folds down to a tiny 23 by 2 by 5 inches, which makes it excellent for hiking. It also features a nifty carry bag, which keeps everything contained together.
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ALPS Mountaineering Lynx

Thinking you’d like to camp solo? ALPS has a wide selection of tents for just about everyone. They have been around since 1993, and they make all sorts of awesome camping furniture and other outdoor goodies, most of which have a lifetime warranty on them. They make a one-person tent called the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx which we absolutely adore! This single-door tent has tons of ventilation through its half-mesh walls. It weighs less than four pounds for easy carrying and backpacking. The whole tent is sealed tight against rain with its polyester outer shell, factory-sealed seams, and 75D 185T poly taffeta floor with a 2000mm coating. And the tent even features a neat little vestibule for storing all your stuff outside of your sleeping area.
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Wenzel Alpine Tent

Wenzel is a 120-year-old company with a hankering for the outdoors. They build quality hiking packs, rainwear, sun canopies, and even unique camping tents. They love the outdoors almost as much as we do! One of these unique tents in the Wenzel Alpine Tent. It’s a three-person tent held up by three poles. It has a shock-corded fiberglass frame which makes it easy to put together. The two mesh windows make keeping cool and airy a breeze. The polyester shell is coated in Weather Armor, a polyurethane coating that protects the whole tent from getting any water on the inside. Although it is several pounds heavier than some of the other tents on this list, it is incredibly light for a three-person tent. All the seams on this bad boy are double stitched to make them more durable even after long use. No wonder the company covers this tent under a ten-year warranty!
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Pacific Breeze Easy Up

Pacific Breeze is a company devoted to making your beach trip much more fun. They are exclusively sold through Amazon, and they can make all your beach dreams a reality. They sell everything from beach shelters to coolers to loungers. But we really love their beach tents! The Pacific Breeze Easy Up is the easiest tent to put up. It’s lightweight and folds small, leaving you will more room for other fun beach toys and snacks in your car. It features some amazing sun-blocking technology to help keep you from getting sunburn. Pacific Breeze gives you a one-year warranty to help you enjoy your new beach tent with some peace of mind. We think the Pacific Breeze Easy Up is a get addition to any beach, camping, or even concert outing; it’s much smaller, easier, and more comfortable than a beach umbrella.
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Weanas Pro Backpacking Tent

Weanas is a high-quality, US-based company that is dedicated to everything outdoors. They sell everything from walking sticks to protective gear and even inflatable camping pillows! But it’s their Weanas Pro Backpacking Tent that really caught our eye. In spite of the fact that it comfortably sleeps four people, the Weanas Pro Backpacking Tent only weighs about six pounds. Its two-door design with a window and skylight makes it airy and well-ventilated. The waterproof, polyester fabric keeps out the wet with an index of over 4000mm. It is made windproof with a strong aluminum frame. We love it not only for its spacious design but also for its sweet UV protection, keeping you protected from the sunlight while you’re camped out.
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Eureka! Apex Tent

Eureka! is a company that loves camping! They offer just about everything you need to have an awesome weekend no matter what weather you’re camping in. They offer all sorts of neat camping equipment to get you out into the wilderness. The Eureka! Apex Tent is the tent for two that’s perfect for backpacking. It’s lightweight, durable, and folds down small. This two-person tent has two full vestibules on each side of the tent for stashing both of your gear away. The mesh is breathable yet hard for anyone outside to see you on the inside. The fly and bathtub are both double coated against water to keep the wet out. This three-season tent is also wind resistant; the fly has external guy points to keep everything in place.
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Wakeman Outdoors Happy Camper

Happy Camper is a brand owned by Wakeman Outdoors. They make very inexpensive outdoors equipment for the traveler on a budget. But just because they are low cost doesn’t mean they are low quality! We love the Wakeman Outdoors Happy Camper for its simplicity and durability. The metal-tipped fiberglass poles keep your tent upright and ready for a long night under the stars. This ten is a two-person tent complete with two solidly made doors. They zip closed tight to keep you secure and keep the warmth in. The roof is vented with a small rain fly to protect you from water. Open, the tent is a massive 75 by 58 by 42 inches but folds down to a tiny 23 by 4 by 4 inches. While it isn’t the fanciest tent on this list, it’s a great buy for anyone who is looking into camping on the cheap!
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Alvantor Camping Tent

Alvantor is the king of tents! They make quality play tents, beach tents, camping tents, and everything in between. We love the Alvantor Camping Tent for its extremely lightweight design; it weighs only about two-and-a-half pounds! Broken down and rolled up, this tent is a measly 18 inches by 4 inches by 4 inches, but it’s a massive 79 by 48 by 40 when it’s open. It comfortably fits two people and is designed to be carried around on your back; it’s one of the best hiking tents. This water-resistant tent is two-season, ready for any of your summer and spring trips into the mountains, onto the beach, or anywhere in between. It has two mesh sunroofs and mesh D-doors to keep the air flowing even on the hottest days. It comes with a light rain fly to help keep out the rain, too! The walls are polyester and the bathtub-style floor is 100% polyethylene.
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Yodo Lightweight Tent

Yodo is a wizard at making sweet camping gear, like coolers, backpacks, and (of course) tents! It’s one of our favorite outdoor brands, and the Yodo Lightweight Tent is one of our favorite camping tents. The outside is a durable polyester with a PU coating for better waterproofing and less wear and tear. The tent opens up to a comfy 83 by 55 by 43 inches while it folds down to a tiny 5.5 by 2 by 23 inches. It comes with a nifty storage bag to keep everything together too! The door has a zippered mesh window and a large mesh side wall for breathability and a sweet view while still keeping bugs and pests out. It weighs a mere 3.3 pounds for easy carrying. Looks like Yodo has done it again!
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