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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Tire Inflators with Gauge

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quadcopter reviewsBest Tire Inflators with Gauge

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How to Choose a Tire Inflator with Gauge

Whether you want to keep one around for emergencies or add one to your home air compressor, the best tire inflators with gauge make your life easier! You can easily fill up your car or truck tires on the side of the road, or inflate bike tires, basketballs, and your child’s inner tube in record time! Before you start shopping, here are a few things you should consider first, so you can pick the inflator that’s right for your needs.

Best Tire Inflators with Gauge

Hose Length: The hose length is important if you plan to use your tire inflator with a stationary compressor, or use it in awkward spaces. A longer hose is convenient, but not necessary if the hose from your compressor is already long.

Best Tire Inflators with Gauge

Digital Display: Some tire inflators we reviewed have digital gauge displays, which is convenient if you need to use your inflator in the dark. Some inflators don’t have digital displays, which means they may not need batteries or electricity to read them.

How to Choose a Tire Inflator with Gauge

Pressure: Depending on what you plan to use your tire inflator for, pay attention to the maximum psi (pounds per square inch). If you plan to use it to inflate bike tires or large inflatables, a higher psi might be better.

Best Tire Inflators with Gauge

Power: Especially if you plan to keep a tire inflator around for emergencies, pay close attention to how it’s powered so you know it’ll work in a pinch! Some use batteries, some use electricity, and some manual models work without power.

Best Tire Inflators with Gauge

Pieces: Many of the tire inflators we reviewed come with extra pieces that allow you to use your inflator for different purposes. They may come with their own compressor, extra batteries, or different adapters for inflatable balls, inner tubes, and more!

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Warranty: Any time you invest in a quality piece of automotive equipment, a warranty is a good sign the company stands by their product. If you have a problem within the warranty time, the company will repair or replace your inflator.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know the kind of inflator you need, let’s find you the best tire inflator with gauge for you! We found 10 great inflators that fit any budget and can be used for a variety of purposes around the house and garage. If you’re short on time, we totally understand! We started our tire inflator buying guide with our Top Pick and Budget Pick, so start there! You can always come back later to read about the rest!

Astro 3018 Tire Gauge & Inflator

Top Pick
Our top choice for the best car tire inflator comes to us from Astro! This tire inflator and gauge is durable, easy to use, and works well with any air compressor you already have at home. The 21-inch hose is covered in braided stainless steel, keeping it strong and prevents warping from too much pressure. We also like that the main part of the gauge is covered in rubber for added protection. This makes it more comfortable to hold onto it for long periods of time, and it prevents you from dropping it if your hands are wet or greasy. The gauge on this is incredibly accurate, reading your tire inflation with only a 0.1 psi range of error! We also like that the LCD digital screen is bright and easy to read in any lighting conditions. It also allows you to read in psi, KG, or bars, which is great if you’re using it for a variety of purposes!
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FORTEM Tire Inflator

Budget Pick
If you’re looking for the best portable tire inflator that won’t break your budget, consider grabbing this all-in-one tire inflator from Fortem! This compact kit comes with everything you need to inflate car tires, bicycle tires, sports balls, and more. The compressor is compact for easy storage and plugs into your car’s 12V power outlet to quickly get it up and running. It also comes with 3 extra nozzle attachments that work for inflating sports balls, air mattresses, and more small objects. We also like that this inflator comes with an LCD flashlight, so you can inflate your car tire in an emergency – even in the dark! The LCD gauge screen is also bright and easy to read, and allows you to inflate your tires accurately every time. We think this is a great tire inflator to keep in your car trunk for emergencies, or store it in your garage for regular maintenance or using on inflatable toys at home!
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Vondior Digital Tire Inflator

This tire inflator and gauge from Vondior is another professional quality tool you should keep in your automotive tool kit on the job or in your home garage! This gauge accurately reads up to 200 psi, with the option to switch over to KPAs, Bars, or kg/cm², depending on your needs. It’s accurate within 1%, so you can feel confident that you’re getting an accurate reading and fill each time. The LCD screen is bright and easy to read, even in dark conditions, which is great in emergencies. We also like that you can add air, check pressure, and deflate tires – all with one device! It comes with 4 different hose nozzles for a variety of tires and jobs, which is a nice bonus! The stainless steel and brass inflator is durable and extra thick for tough jobs, yet with the right attachments, it will also handle small jobs like bike tires, sports balls, and inflatable pool toys with ease.
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Capital Pneumatics Tire Inflator

If you are looking for the best tire inflator that doesn’t require electricity or batteries to work, definitely consider picking up one of these inflators from Capital Pneumatics! This gauge reads up to 180 psi and 12 bars, giving you a quick and accurate reading without worrying about running out of battery power. It comes with an air chuck and relief valve, so you can fill your tires or deflate them if they’ve become overinflated. The quick-connect plug is great for getting your tires inflated in a hurry, which is great for emergencies. We also like that this valve works just as well for car tires as it does for bicycle tires, inflatables, sports equipment, and more with the right nozzle attachments. We think this is a great tire gauge to keep in your car in case of emergencies, or toss it into your biking kit to check and fill up your tires while you’re out on a long ride!
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Torqify AT875 Tire Inflator

Next up is a tire inflator and gauge that can withstand a serious amount of wear and tear! This inflator from Torqify is made almost entirely of stainless steel, zinc alloy, and brass, so you feel confident this tool is built to take a beating and will continue to work well. The digital gauge even comes surrounded with a shock guard surround to protect it if you accidentally drop it. We like that this tire gauge is highly accurate, and you can read it in a variety of modes (psi, bar, kpa, and kg/cm²) for easy readouts in a hurry. The nozzle has a quick-connect style tip, and it locks in place so you aren’t stuck holding it while you wait for your tire to inflate or deflate. The LCD screen is bright blue and easy to read in any conditions, including at night. If you need a durable inflator that can handle hard use, this is a great option!
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GOOLOO Tire Inflator

When looking for a tire inflator you could keep in your trunk for emergencies, this durable tire inflator from GOOLOO really impressed us! The 12V plug in your car’s dashboard powers this compressor and gauge, and it can provide up to 150 psi of inflating power. The hose is 25 inches long, so you can easily reach each tire without straining yourself. The gauge on this is also great because you can set it to the psi level you want, and it will start/stop inflating on its own. That way, you can set it up and focus on something else if you need to while it works! We also really like that this tire inflator has a large flashlight bulb on the end, so you can use it as a compressor or flashlight – or both! It also comes with 3 adapters so you can inflate toys and sports equipment, with all of it housed within the machine for easy access!
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PowRyte Pistol Grip Tire Inflator

Another great powerless option in our tire inflator reviews is this durable option from PowRyte. Instead of powering it with batteries or electricity, this gauge uses a dial to measure the psi or bars of pressure. We like this for people who want to use it for bicycle tires if you don’t want to rely on batteries, or in situations where a power source isn’t easy to find. The tire inflator chuck locks securely into place, so you can use this with one hand, freeing you up to work the compressor or balance yourself in rough terrain. The inflator body is also made to last, even in damp conditions. The aluminum alloy is strong and rust-resistant, so you can store this in your garage, trunk, or biking kit for years to come. It’s also inexpensive, so buy a few and keep them around the places you use them most – or grab a few to give away to friends and family!
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Potek Portable Tire Inflator

In addition to inflators and gauges, we wanted to find the best 120V tire inflator that you can use to inflate your tires quickly from home or on the road. This compressor and inflator from Potek is a versatile and fully portable kit you can toss into your trunk, leave in your garage, or take with you on your next camping trip. It works in both 12V and 120V modes, with both a 12V car plug and normal 120V wall plug housed in the compressor. The gauge on the top is a traditional dial format and is easy to see while inflating or deflating your tires. It’s also a hands-free tire inflator, with a locking tip that keeps the hose securely hooked to your tire while it’s in use. We also like that it comes with adapters for sports balls, inflatable toys, and more – perfect for inflating air mattresses, inner tubes, and everything you need for your next camping trip!
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Slime Direct Drive Tire Inflator

Our final review is another great option for a 120V tire inflator from Slime. This tire inflator plugs into any 120V outlet, and provides enough power to inflate a standard car tire in just 4 minutes! The dial gauge reads in psi and bars, so you can get the accuracy you need when filling your car, truck, motorcycle, or RV tires. We also like that the hose is 29.5 inches long, so you can easily reach your tires without having to lug the compressor to each tire. The other thing we thought was cool about this tire inflator is that it comes with a wall hanging storage case, so you can attach it to your garage wall to save space! You can fill items from there, or detach it and take it to where you need it! It also comes with a 12-piece accessories kit, including valve caps, tread depth gauge, and more to keep your tires in working order!
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AstroAI Digital Tire Inflator

Another great option for a tire inflator with gauge is this professional-grade tool from AstroAI! This inflator is built to work in professional garages, and it’s great to keep at home too! It can read up to 250 psi, and it also has settings to read in KPAs, Bars, and kg/cm² for even more versatility. We like that you can use the pressure gauge when it’s hooked to a compressor or not, so you can unhook it from the compressor and take it where you need to check tire pressure. To save battery life, it has an automatic shut-off timer that turns the device off after 20 seconds when not in use. It also allows you to choose whether or not to use the backlighting on the LCD screen, which also helps increase battery life. If you need a heavy-duty tire inflator for your car, truck, RV, or motorcycle, this inflator will ensure your tires are inflated fully and accurately!
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