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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Trampoline Brands

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quadcopter reviewsBest Trampoline Brands

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How to Choose the Best Trampoline

Whether you’re looking for a new piece of workout equipment or a fun way to keep your kids active, a trampoline is a great way to go. It’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to best trampoline brands. We did our research and put together the best trampoline reviews to help you out. But, before we hop in, let’s take a closer look at the features to keep in mind.

Best Trampoline Brands

Frame Material - Frame material is important because it effects that stability of the trampoline. Think about it. Trampolines are for jumping on. That’s a lot of force placed on the frame so the stronger, the better.

Best Trampoline Brands

Safety Enclosures - If your trampoline is high off the ground, you definitely need one of these. Jumping can be unpredictable and an enclosure helps to prevent falls. The best enclosures will be attached to the trampoline at the bottom, too, so no one can roll out under them.

How to Choose the Best Trampoline

Usage - Not all trampolines can be used outdoors while others aren’t right to use outdoors. Remember, outdoor trampolines usually wear and age faster than ones kept in the house. Frequent exposure to long periods of UV light can cause significant damage.

Best Trampoline Brands

Warranty - The longer the warranty, the better, although most of the trampolines we reviewed offer 1 year. Knowing what your warranty does and doesn’t cover can prevent problems down the line so make sure you know the details.

Best Trampoline Brands

Dimensions - Most trampolines are circular, though they also come in rectangular shapes. The size of the jumping surface you need depends on who will be jumping. Unless otherwise indicated, only one jumper should use the trampoline at a time.

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Weight Limit - This is something to pay special attention to, especially if you have kids. Obviously, trampolines meant for toddlers will have a low weight limit. That said, you can find some that are made for children that can accommodate an adult.

Top 10 Products

It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid or just a kid at heart, you will have fun on a trampoline. Whether you’re looking for a backyard activity or a different way to exercise, you can’t beat a trampoline. Now that you know some of the features of the best rated trampolines, let’s jump right into our reviews. If you’re in a hurry, the best place to start is with our best pick and top-rated trampolines. Okay, let’s get hopping!

Portable & Foldable Trampoline

Top Pick
For kids who are a little older or who have outgrown their toddler trampoline, this Portable & Foldable Trampoline is our top pick for its great step up. For safety, this trampoline uses bungee cords instead of springs. What’s more, the bungees are covered in a padding and a cushioned mat. It gets better: there’s a handlebar that extends from the front of the trampoline so your child gets extra help balancing if needed. This is a great way to get your kids to exercise without even realizing they’re doing it. They’ll just think you’re the cool parent who bought them a trampoline. This is a great choice for travelling - it easily folds up and comes with a storage bag so you can keep everything in one place.
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Stamina Folding Trampoline

Budget Pick
If you’re short on space at home or in the office, the Stamina Folding Trampoline is a great way to go. Here’s the coolest part about this one: it folds up. That’s right, when you’re done using it, it’s easy to fold and store which is one reason it’s the best indoor trampoline. The jumping surface is 3 feet wide, the perfect size to add some excitement to your exercise routine. There’s safety padding around the rim so you don’t have to worry about the springs when you’re focused on your routine. Of course, if you have little ones, they’re probably going to want to jump on it, too. Although it’s not very high off the ground, there’s no safety enclosure. Make sure that anyone who uses it exercises caution. One last thing: this trampoline is meant to be used indoors.
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Little Tikes Trampoline

Are you looking for the best trampoline for toddlers? Well, you’ve found it. The Little Tikes Trampoline was designed for indoor use to help your little one burn off all that pent-up energy. Imagine this: it’s a rainy day and your three-year-old is bored and bouncing off the walls. When you have one of these, he or she can jump all over it instead of the couch. The jumping surface is the perfect size and the balance bar helps even younger kids maintain their balance. The handle folds down for easy storage. You won’t have to leave it sitting out in your living room after the kids have gone to bed. Another great thing? It’s spring less! No need to worry about little tiny fingers getting pinched.
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North Gear Trampoline Set

This trampoline set from North Gear is great because the whole family can enjoy it. Why? Well, safety, for starters. The safety enclosure is a whopping 64” tall and is reliable and sturdy. It’s high enough to keep you and your kids from falling off and it won’t let anyone roll through the bottom, either. The steel construction provides strength and rust protection so this trampoline should last a long time. Also included? A trampoline ladder for easy access and a cover to protect it from inclement weather. The 96” diameter is makes it the best backyard trampoline, though there’s no reason you couldn’t use it indoors if you have enough space. Bottom line: this trampoline is a great choice for the whole family.
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Pure Fun Super Jumper

This trampoline might just be the best trampoline for kids. It has a slightly larger jumping surface than the smaller toddler ones, but there’s still a safety bar that younger kids can use if they need to. It can hold up to 100 lbs so this is one your kids will be able to grow with. Check this out: there are 40 galvanized steel springs around this trampoline. That’s a lot of springs for this size. This can only mean one thing: superior bouncing. To make sure your kids fingers stay safe, the springs are covered with a cushion. This best kids trampoline is recommended for ages 3 and up so it’s definitely one that you child will be able to use for a while.
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Kangaroo's Indoor Trampoline

This trampoline from Kangaroo is called the Indoor Trampoline, but guess what? You can actually use it outdoors, too, as long as your kids have adult supervision. It’s a fit for kids as young as 3, although the manufacturer suggests that it’s best for ages 5 and up. Here’s the deal: the weight limit is 150 lbs. Even your big kids can use this one. There is a balance bar but it’s padding is better for older kids. Bottom line? We agree with the manufacturer: this is a great trampoline for kids 5 and up. It’s also a great pick if you’re on a budget. Another great thing is there are no metal springs. This means no little fingers getting pinched and no persistent squeaky spring sounds while your kids use this to play indoors.
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Merax Kid's Trampoline

This trampoline is a bright, cheerful light blue color with silver toned metal legs that give it a fun, fresh look. And check this out: the bright blue material is actually functional. It covers the UV resistant pad. Having UV protection is a nice feature to have on a trampoline. You can leave this trampoline outdoors for a long time without worrying about sun damage. Keep in mind, though, that it will last longer if you only use it inside. This is marketed as a kid’s trampoline but adults can use it, too, as long as they meet the weight restriction. In order to transform this into an adult trampoline, simply take off the stabilizer bar. In a way, it’s two trampolines in one!
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Skywalker Trampoline

For something a little bigger that everyone can enjoy, the Skywalker Trampoline is a really great choice. Why? Well, for starters, it has some impressive safety features. The full enclosure is made of tightly woven and there are no gaps underneath. You won’t have to worry about anyone getting under the enclosure. All of the support poles are padded to help avoid any injury, too. But wait - there’s more. You also get a lower enclosure to stop things from getting under the trampoline. No more worrying about your ball rolling under when other people are jumping. Rather than springs, this trampoline uses elastic stretch bands which makes is a bit safer. Plus, there are screen printed pictures on the jumping surface of a zebra, elephant, and monkey!
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Stamina Intone Plus Rebounder

If you’re looking for the best trampoline for adults, the Stamina Intone Plus Rebounder was made for a low impact, high intensity workout. What makes this more than just another trampoline? The smart electronic fitness monitor that tracks your jumps per minute, the length of your workout, total jumps, and estimates how many calories you burned. It’s surprisingly compact and portable. And check this out: it folds up for easy storage. The steel frame is solid and sturdy while the heavy-duty polypropylene surface will be able to tolerate jump after jump. Resistance tubes hook onto the trampoline so you can work your upper body, too. Don’t want to use them? No worries, they’re easily removed.
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Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline

Skywalker is one of the best trampoline brands and this best rectangle trampoline demonstrates why. The enclosure net is exceptionally effective. It encircles the whole edge without leaving any gaps at the bottom. The netting is made to stand up to the constant UV exposure. This is ideal for an outdoor trampoline that spends a lot of time in the sun. The spring pads are filled with 1 inch thick padding for an extra effective layer of protection. Overall, this is an exceptionally well-built frame and is the best outdoor trampoline. It’s made with galvanized steel for rust-resistance and stability. It also has T-sockets for stabilization and to provide some extra support. There are 76 springs which makes this trampoline bounce so nice, even gymnasts will love it. Because this is a rectangular trampoline, spring placement is important to make sure that the bounce is the same across the whole jumping area. Skywalker nailed it.
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