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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Triathlon Watches

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quadcopter reviewsBest Triathlon Watches

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How to Choose a Triathlon Watch

Are you ready to take your competition to the next level? A triathlon watch is the best training partner you could ask for! We’ll take you through your paces in our triathlon watch buying guide. Below is a list of all of the things you’ll want to run through while shopping. Afterward, we’ve brought you our recommendations for the best and brightest triathlon watches for sale. Let’s look at what you need to know before we jump into the reviews!

Best Triathlon Watches

GPS: The addition of GPS to your triathlon watch gives you instant feedback. It tracks how far you’ve gone and how fast it’s taken you to get where you are, so you can adjust your pace at a glance.

Best Triathlon Watches

Heart Monitor: Keeping track of your heart rate is one of the most important aspects of cardio. To make sure your workout isn’t intense enough to be dangerous for you, you have to keep track of how fast your heart is beating.

How to Choose a Triathlon Watch

Color: Black is the standard color, though many watches now come in stylish colors. Choose a color that you will feel comfortable wearing through months of training. In the right color, your device can make you want to train more often!

Best Triathlon Watches

Water Resistant: You want your watch to hold up to sweat or rain. Most will even hold up to swimming conditions and can double as a water trainer. Make sure you know how your watch will hold up to moisture.

Best Triathlon Watches

Display Size: While you’re running, swimming, or biking, you need a display big enough to read at a glance. A bigger face also makes it easier to keep an eye on the GPS and heart rate readings at the same time.

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Battery Life: How often do you have to charge your device? Most triathlon watches have different projected battery lives depending on what mode they are in or how you use them. Traditional watches have batteries that last for years at a time!

Top 10 Products

Now we can bring you our best triathlon watch reviews. We looked at a large variety of watches to bring you the devices on our list. Are you on a tight schedule? Take a look at our top pick and budget pick before you run off. They’ll be able to keep up with you! Make sure to check out the other options we recommend as well. You might just find your new training partner on our list! Bring it on!

Garmin Vivoactive Smart Watch

Top Pick
Our top pick is simply the best Garmin triathlon watch! Garmin makes more than a few amazing watches, it’s true, but this one takes the cake! The GPS feature in this piece is perfected to bring you the best stats and information. You can even read the face of this device in full sunlight! The huge display is full-color high definition to make it so much easier to see at a glance. This smartwatch pairs with your smartphone and brings you call and text message notifications while you’re training. A really cool feature of this watch? The heart rate monitor uses your unique statistics to project how many calories you’ve burned on your running, biking, or swimming session. And don’t worry about getting this watch wet! This piece could even be used as a diving companion with its high water rating. Take your training to the next level with the sports apps and tracking this device provides!
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Lintelek Fitness Tracker Watch

Budget Pick
This Lintelek Fitness Trainer is a powerful device at a fraction of the cost! You can still pair this watch with your smartphone, and it has all of the features of the more expensive devices, including GPS and a heart monitor. It comes in three stylish colors to take your training to the next level. For further customization, the watch display is uniquely based on your settings. This device also comes equipped with a sleep monitoring app that tracks how well you sleep at night, and a vibrating alarm to silently get you out of bed. There are even camera controls for your smartphone! All of this makes this the number one cheap triathlon watch. An hour on the charger gets you a full week of operation. The coolest feature? If it catches you sitting for a long amount of time, the band will vibrate to alert you to get up and move around. We think that’s pretty amazing.
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Timex Ironman Watch

This watch is a more traditional triathlon training watches. Specifically branded for the Ironman competition, this piece gives you the basics: everything you need to compete effectively without any of the frills. Timex is a notable watch company and has been for a long time. This classic piece is no exception. But this device is not entirely without features. You can set up to five individual alarms and have each of them send you a different type of alert. The memory on this watch will hold up to 100 laps for an infinite amount of time. The large face on this device makes it really easy to see, and an added light option makes it visible even in the dark. The light turns on with the press of any button on the watch! There’s a 24-hour timer you can set to countdown. This makes the perfect swimming companion as well. Classic, straightforward training is easy with this traditional-style watch.
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TomTom Multi-Sport Watch

What better company to make a GPS watch than the GPS people? TomTom has made an amazing training device with their Multi-Sport Watch. It has all the features you want: a large display, heart monitor, and a high water rating. It’s got a one-button navigation system, making it extremely easy to use. There are three training modes programmed into the device, and it compiles all of your stats on the screen so you can see them all at a glance. One of the really cool features of this watch is the TomTom Graphical Training Partner, which helps you set time and distance goals and strive to achieve them. It even has an altimeter to track your elevation for all of your biking training! And for that purpose, there’s even a neat handlebar mounting system. The super slim design won’t get in your way when the device is on your wrist. We definitely think this is the best triathlon GPS watch.
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Garmin Forerunner 735XT

Garmin truly makes amazing gear! Their Forerunner 735XT watch not only comes in three cool color options, it’s got so many handy, unique features! First off, you can definitely take this watch to the next level. This is compatible with a chest strap accessory to get all of your detailed running statistics and really do the best training you can do! Even by itself, there are so many features packed into this device. There are many apps available through their specific store, but there are a lot of free watch faces available as well! With the color options, you can have so much customization with this device! A cool new feature that Garmin offers is their Connect program, which includes unique 12-week training sessions for whatever sport you are training. This watch automatically uploads your data to your Connect account to stay on top of your program. This might be the best triathlon watch with heart rate monitor onboard!
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Polar V800 Sports Watch

No matter what sport you’re training for, you can track it on this watch! The Polar V800 has several custom and pre-programmed profiles available for whatever you’re using it for. This includes swimming metrics. This amazing heart monitor can get your heart rate underwater, making it the perfect swim-training watch. With its amazing battery life and tracking capabilities, you can get 24/7 feedback on your life, including how many steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve gone, and even how many calories you’ve burned. There’s a phone app that this device can link to where your data is compiled, saved, and handy charts are generated. There are so many accessories to integrate as well! This is the perfect personal trainer, at your fingertips at all times. You get alerts when you’ve been inactive, which is always a neat feature, as well as notifications straight from your linked smartphone. We think this is the best triathlon watch for sale.
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Timex T5E901 Classic Watch

This Timex piece is an even simpler version of a training watch. With a 30-lap memory and event reminders, this watch does everything you need without all the bells and whistles. But that isn’t to say that it doesn’t have its fair share of features! Three separate alarms and a 24-hour countdown timer will make this watch your constant companion while you’re training. Especially swim-training! This device is water-resistant up to 330 feet, so you’ll definitely be able to do a few laps around the pool without worrying about it. Another neat feature of this watch is the ability to set it to three different time settings if you’re a constant traveler. You can make the device even simpler by turning off the features you don’t want to use! It doesn’t get more effective or minimalistic than this. This icon piece will bring out your best while cutting out the distractions. Go back to basics with this watch!
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Suunto Spartan Trainer

First off, the Suunto Spartan Training watch is huge. You won’t be able to miss the stats on this device! There are five unique color options, which include black, blue, silver, gold, and mint green. There’s something for everybody with this level of customization. The GPS tracker, of course, keeps tabs on your speed, pace, and distance. This is truly a watch made for both adventures and competition. There are clear graphs for the information it gathers on your heart rate and all of the GPS functions. One really amazing feature is the number of modes on this watch. There are special presets for up to 80 specific sports and conditions! That’s a pretty amazing memory. You can set goals and strive to meet them with this watch. We could safely call it the best watch for triathlon training.
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Spedal Golife Watch

To put it simply, this watch blew us away! So many features, a long battery life, and a surprisingly affordable price? You’re probably thinking this is the best triathlon watch on the market. And you just might be right! On the off-season, this watch will last you up to 21 days with the GPS feature turned off. It charges at a lightning-fast pace and syncs well with all of your wireless devices. The stainless steel casing means the watch won’t rust, even when you put it through its paces in the pool. It also gives you all the important alerts from your smartphone to keep you in-the-know while you’re training. But that’s not all this watch offers! It has a built-in speaker and microphone for use with the Google Intelligent Assistant. There is so much this device can do! You won’t believe the affordable price. The company also has a no-questions-asked policy on returns if you want to upgrade!
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Epson Multisport Watch

The Epson Pro Multisport is incredibly easy to use, good at multitasking and has an amazing battery life even when the GPS is turned on. Want to see what the best triathlon watch looks like? Check out this device. It has a training app that sends data to your linked smartphone and generates graphs based on your performance. But it’s not just the pros that use this watch; it’s got just enough utility that everyone can use it! The display is simple to read. This watch will definitely give you a leg up on the competition. With GPS on, this device can stay powered for an incredible 20 hours, making sure that you can finish your run or hike without running out of juice. Charge it before your competition to keep track of your stats! And it’s perfect as a swimming companion, as it can track your stats even underwater. You can’t go wrong with this amazing, simple-to-use triathlon watch.
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