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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Truck Bed Covers

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How to Choose the Best Truck Bed Cover

So you’re looking to buy a cover for the bed of your truck. Look no further, we’ve got you covered! We’ve done all of our research to bring you this great truck bed cover buying guide. We’ve brought you our favorites! They are the top rated truck bed covers you can buy right now! Let’s take a look at the features you should look for when shopping, and then we’ll jump right into the reviews!

Best Truck Bed Covers

Size: Not all truck beds are created equal. You’re going to need to know the dimensions of your bed before you try and buy a cover for it. This way, it looks great and fits the right way!

Best Truck Bed Covers

Roll-up: Some soft truck bed covers are made to roll up. For some, this means literally rolling up, but some top-quality covers retract to give you a smooth and easy way to get to the stuff in your bed.

How to Choose the Best Truck Bed Cover

Material: Covers are made from a variety of weatherproof materials. This includes vinyl or leather most of the time. Some hard truck bed covers are made of plastic or even metal. Shop for both look and utility.

Best Truck Bed Covers

Make Specific: Some covers are only for specific truck makes. For example, Chevy truck bed covers aren’t going to fit on a Toyota truck. Make sure you look at what type of truck the cover fits before you buy.

Best Truck Bed Covers

Color: Most truck bed covers are going to be dark, neutral colors to blend with a greater variety of truck colors. If you get them custom-fitted, sometimes you can get them made to match the color of your truck.

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Warranty: This may be the most important aspect of buying a truck bed cover. Most warranties won’t cover weather damage, but they will replace or refund your purchase if there’s a defect somewhere in production.

Top 10 Products

So now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s check out the top ten truck bed cover reviews. We are sure that you’ll find the perfect cover for you! In a hurry? Check out our top pick and budget pick first. They’ll show you what’s out there. The rest of the products on our list are pretty awesome as well, so make sure to read through to the end. Let’s get to it!

BAK Truck Bed Cover

Top Pick
The BAK Revolver X2 is the star of our roll up truck bed cover reviews. It’s a hard vinyl cover that rolls up easily and rests right behind your window so you can load your gear without it getting in the way. The stiff, weather-resistant vinyl is layered over aluminum slats, so you know that your bed and all of the things in it are protected. Like all GMC truck bed covers, this model fits both the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra. There are rubber seals along the length of the bed and chains to allow for quick release. When you’re on the road, you won’t hear this device at all – it doesn’t rattle with wind or roughness. BAK truck bed covers have a good name, and this one is no different at all. Give your truck the very best protection you can get. With easy installation and even easier operation, live hassle-free with the best!
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Tyger Auto Truck Bed Cover

Budget Pick
This cover from Tyger is an amazing value. Like other RAM truck bed covers, you have to know the size of your bed, as there are different versions. But this thing is a beast! It’s made of high-quality vinyl on a hard aluminum frame. Instead of rolling, it folds back in thirds to allow you access to the beds. It becomes about a third of its size when it is folded up. If you need to tie it up in this position, it comes with straps to secure it for travel. This is typical of folding truck bed covers. What isn’t typical is the quality of this one. There is a clamping weather seal that keeps rain and snow out. So well, in fact, that it won’t even leak where the cover meets the tailgate. It’s entirely watertight. It’s easy to install and fits with your bed liner.
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MaxMate Tonneau Cover

The MaxMate Tonneau Cover fits perfectly on a Dodge Ram. It’s one of the hard folding truck bed covers, so it is made of vinyl stretched over an aluminum frame. There are stainless steel clamps included making the installation process easier. And speaking of the installation process, you won’t have to drill any holes to get this cover to fit. The cover is a single piece so it folds up flawlessly to give you access to the bed. Like most Dodge truck bed covers, this cover will not fit a truck with a RAM box. It will fit over bed liners with a little more work. The ten-year warranty covers all mechanical and manufacturing defects, so if something doesn’t work, you’re taken care of. It even comes with a free LED light to attach to the wall of your bed to illuminate your workspace. The price and design of this truck cover make it one of our favorites.
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Truxedo TruXport Truck Cover

Our retractable truck bed cover reviews wouldn’t be complete without this rolling Truxedo product. This product is so incredibly affordable and simple! We know you’re going to love it. It installs in 20 minutes and requires no drilling or cutting to install. It is attached to the frame with industrial strength Velcro so it won’t come off unless you want it to. And you can open the cover by yourself, due to the latches at the tailgate. It doesn’t get much simpler than this. Truxedo boasts that installing this equipment can increase your gas mileage up to 10%, so in the long run, this cover is going to more than pay for itself! And more than that? It just looks good on the bed of the truck. And it rolls up conveniently to give you access to your entire truck bed.
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Gator Truck Bed Cover

Everyone who owns a truck is familiar with Gator truck bed covers. They are the top of the line for these products, where quality and price blend together. This particular cover is a soft tri-folding design. It folds in three sections to keep it out of your way. It is made of a durable vinyl that won’t tear easily. We really like the idea of lockable truck bed covers, and this one does just that. It unlocks from underneath, so with the help of a locking tailgate, all of the stuff you keep in the bed of your truck will be secure. The weather sealing is superb and will keep out all of the elements. This cover is made to fit Ford F150 models made between 2015 and 2018. Do you want to know the best part? It installs without tools in about ten minutes. You won’t spend hours sprucing up your truck with this cover.
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Tonno Pro Truck Bed Cover

With the number of applications for this cover, you are sure to have the best fit for your GMC or Chevy truck. This is a tri-folding cover meant to fit truck beds that are about 6 feet, 6 inches across. This standard black cover will look amazing on any truck. The weather sealing is rubber and is meant to keep out all moisture, outside of the standard condensation. You can take this cover on and off in about five minutes, which we think is amazing. If you find yourself needing to travel with the cover off and don’t want to remove it, you can fold it up to a third of its size and lock it into place with convenient buckles included on the cover. And it comes with so many extras! This includes a tailgate sealer and a bed light. It looks to be roughly the same size as a Toyota truck bed cover.
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Lund Tonneau Cover

The Lund roll-up cover is made of a unique material: twill, a fabric specifically woven not to collect dust and dirt while you’re on the road. It’s plenty sturdy enough to hold up to the leather and vinyl models that other trucks use. Retractable truck bed covers like this one can be rolled up along their rails to give you full use of your bed without having to remove the cover. It increases fuel economy and helps to keep the stuff in your bed away from prying eyes. When you need to clean it, it washes off with water instead of any type of chemical agent. It’s tensioned to keep the cover tight while you’re driving. The wind won’t catch it! This is such a unique cover, meant to fit Ford F150s made from 2004 through 2018. And it will install quickly enough to fit into your busy lifestyle. The Lifetime warranty is also a nice feature.
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UnderCover Truck Bed Cover

This UnderCover Truck bed cover has a unique design for our list. Like the rest of the hardtop truck bed covers we looked at, it has a tri-folding design. But this bed cover sits down in the bed instead of hanging out on top of it, making it look completely different. It’s made for the GM/Chevy Sierra/Silverado model trucks. It is secured in the bed by built-in prop rods to help secure the cover. The cover can be removed in just a few seconds with a few quick adjustments, so if you need it off it is super easy to do. And to reinstall it is simple as well, as it does not require drilling holes in your truck. The material Is actually fiberglass, which a lot of UnderCover truck bed covers are made out of. It’s totally special to this company! With a three year warranty, you can’t really go wrong with this cover.
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TAC Truck Bed Cover

This is another one of our favorite Ford truck bed covers. It fits low to the bed to give it a discreet appearance. It installs easily and has rubber seals to keep all of the moisture out. Unlike metal truck bed covers, this one is silent while you’re driving – you won’t hear it rattling around with the road or the wind. That’s definitely a good thing! This TAC cover can be removed in seconds or folded up under the window to give you access to the rest of your bed. It’s so easy to use that it can be installed and uninstalled with just one person. The use of a cover like this one boosts your fuel mileage by 10% at least, because your truck becomes more aerodynamic. This cover will definitely be worth the investment. We loved that this product was a soft cover with a discreet design instead of standing on top of the bed like most of the others.
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Bestop Truck Bed Cover

This truck bed cover is huge! It’s made to fit an 8-foot bed and folds up very small to give you the most access to your truck bed. It’s extremely easy to attach and detach and to fold up when you need to do that. The corners are reinforced to make them strong and durable. This cover will last forever! It’s made to fit Chevy and GMC extended bed trucks. Even your biggest trucks need a cover! It’s secured to the truck with integrated buckled straps and heavy-duty clamps to ensure you have the best attachment and seal you can get. We loved the material’s leather grain texture! It really added some sophistication to this cover. Keep everything out of sight while still looking amazing with this piece of equipment. It even works well with bed liners! That’s pretty amazing! And we’re always a fan of the lifetime warranty, just in case. It can’t hurt to be protected!
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