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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Turkey Decoys

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How to Choose the Best Turkey Decoy

If you want to step up your turkey hunting game you’ll need some of the best turkey decoys. The best decoys come in lots of different shapes and sizes. We know the world of turkey decoys can be confusing, especially if this is one of your first times buying decoys. Be sure to take a look at our information boxes to check which decoy is right for you. These can help you find a decoy that is perfect for you.

Best Turkey Decoys

Type: The type of decoy you need depends on what you have in your collection already and how you want to hunt. Some decoys are great for drawing in large crowds of turkeys, while others can draw in a few aggressive ones. Choose your decoy based on what you have already.

Best Turkey Decoys

Feather Cuts: Feather cuts can help to make turkey decoys look more realistic. These cuts can move in the wind to make your decoy look more realistic to passing turkeys, these will certainly do the trick. Realistic paint can also provide a similar effect.

How to Choose the Best Turkey Decoy

Collapsible: A collapsible decoy can fit nicely into your bag or vest for quick and simple transport. This can help you get to your hunting spot easily but can sometimes make these decoys less realistic than others.

Best Turkey Decoys

Pieces: You don’t want to be weighed down by a million pieces when you’re out on the hunt. Choosing a decoy with fewer pieces makes it easier to carry through the woods. However, choosing a decoy with more pieces may be more realistic.

Best Turkey Decoys

Size: This is a personal preference based on how many decoys you already carry, and how much room you have to take out new ones. If this is your first decoy, a larger one may help to draw in more turkeys. This is completely based on how much you want to carry and what kind of turkey you are hunting.

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Weight: This is another personal preference based on how much you want to carry. Another factor to consider is that lightweight decoys may fall over in the field if not secured properly. Consider all the factors when looking at your decoys weight.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for in a great turkey decoy, let’s get started picking out an amazing decoy to take on all your hunts. Start with our top and budget picks, they’re the belles of the ball as far as turkeys are concerned. We’ve scoured the world of turkey decoys to bring you eight other awesome picks. If you’re trying to build up your collection, you may even want a few of the decoys on this list.

Primos Gobstopper Decoy

Top Pick
If you’re looking for the best turkey decoys for the money, why not get a set that comes with both a jake and a hen? These decoys include high-definition paint that gives Noah super realistic look. They even come with a lightweight collapsible body that allows you to easily carry them from hunt to hunt. They also come with a mesh carrying bag that helps you take your turkeys wherever you need to go. They also come with two decoy states that allow you to securely plants in the ground. These decoys offer incredible realism and a very affordable price. These decoys are a great value and will work for most hunters. The soft-sided design is lightweight and packable. These decoys are specifically designed to allow hunters to fold and carry within a turkey vest. These decoys are a great choice for anyone on a budget or for anyone who is just getting started with turkey hunting. They are custom designed with lifelike color and detail.
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Montana Decoy Miss Purr-fect

Budget Pick
This turkey decoy is perfect for anyone who insists on realistic turkey decoys. It has feather Cuts throughout the entire body of fabric that looks incredibly realistic. Even the slightest of breezes will make the bird appear to move slightly. This decoy comes with two leg pole options that are both clearly marked on the fabric. This allows the hunter to place the bird and a few different poses. This is perfect for experimenting with different poses and finding what works best. This decoy also comes with multiple wires in the neck which allows that hunter to place the head in a number of different positions. This makes for a truly customizable decoy that is sure to engage your target. This decoy even condenses down into an easy fold. This makes it easy to transport your decoy wherever you may go. The decoy fits in a small backpack and is perfect for carrying all day long.
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AvianX Breeder Decoy

This decoy is perfect for people searching for a great breeder hen decoy. It is positioned in a receptive posture with a one-piece folding stake. This stake gives movement without spinning. You can be sure that your decoy will say exactly where you placed it. The secret is made of Dora Rucker to prevent creasing or denting during transport. This makes for the most perfectly shaped decoy every time. This decoy is also easily collapsible to allow you to transport it easily wherever you may need to be. It has a true-to-life paint scheme the match the naturally reflective feathers of a real hen. All of these features are packed into a decoy that is small and compact. This makes it easy to transport and take deep into the forest. The smaller size also makes it less aggressive to real hens. This decoy comes with three unique postures that give a hunter flexibility to choose the proper posture for any situation.
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Flambeau Flex Decoys

This feather flex decoy allows you to position the hen in 3 different positions. This offers incredible flexibility and reduces the number of decoys you have to carry. This decoy can be positioned in standing, breeding, or feeding positions. It has a unique and patented grommet system that allows for easy positioning. This system also makes it incredibly secure to position your decoy. It has realistic feather patterns that make it looks like a real hen. It is also painted in true to life color. The decoy also features wind activated movement which makes it look even more realistic in the field. It is made of soft and light polyethylene foam. This decoy is the perfect choice for anyone looking for something realistic but easy to carry and light. This is a great choice for a good flexible hen decoy that works to pull toms in. This is a great decoy for any hunter.
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Primos She-Mobile Decoy

The decoy is perfect for anyone looking for something that can be easily rolled up and carried in your vest. This decoy is simple and effective. It comes with a ground breaker decoy stake. You can use the stake to make your hen appear contented. You can also place the decoy directly on the ground to assume the submissive hand position. This makes this decoy a perfect companion any Jake decoy as you may already have. It is lightweight at only 1.6 lb. This decoy is a great value for the money. It's the perfect thing to start off someone's turkey hunting career or to add to a growing collection. This decoy is a good option for anyone looking for something that's budget-friendly but effective. This is perfect for any beginner or anyone who just wants to give turkey hunting a try. A great budget pick, you’re sure not to regret picking up this decoy.
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MOJO Outdoors Decoy

If you're after a bit more of a thrill in your turkey hunting check out this decoy by MOJO. This is a must-have among hardcore turkey decoys. This decoy provides an all-new take on turkey hunting, allowing you to hide completely behind your decoy. This gives a completely new experience the turkey hunting. This gives you the ultimate bow shot experience as mature gobblers often charge this turkey decoy. The design makes it easy to use. It has a built-in handle and a ground stake. This decoy is incredibly versatile, with a removable tail and a detachable hub. This allows you to create a totally customizable turkey hunting experience. This decoy even allows you to actually crawl close to the turkeys. It has flared wings that provide more area to cover the hunter’s body and is equipped with hunter orange strips for safety. To ensure your safety you should only use this before I in private or incredibly controlled hunting spaces.
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Flextone Thunder Hen Decoy

This is a great option for anyone searching for a good contented hen decoy. This position relaxes incoming turkeys and makes them feel at ease in the situation. This makes it easy to get a great shot. The hen’s compact design makes it easy to take with you anywhere. This decoy is incredibly lightweight, making it very easy to transport. It is not quite small enough to fit in a vest, but it is a very compact decoy. They provide amazing detail, so you’re sure to draw in lots of turkeys with this incredible decoy. The feeding position helps to draw in lots of other turkeys. This decoy can also be combined with a few others to make a realistic turkey scene. With a budget price, grabbing a few of these awesome decoys will be a no brainer. This is a great pick for anyone who needs a basic hen decoy.
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Primos Jake Turkey Decoy

If you’re on the hunt for jake turkey decoys, this is a great option. It is designed specifically for fanning in gobblers. This decoy allows the hunter to get up close and personal with turkeys. This can either be used as a free standing jake decoy or can be added to the rest of your spread. This decoy comes with a gun mount and a camera mount so you can be up close with the action. The stake it is built into is made specifically for fanning and allows you to easily get up close and personal with the biggest toms. This is a great quality fanning decoy that can be customized and used to pull in some great toms. This is a great pick for anyone who is looking for an amazing jake decoy that really allows you to get up close and personal with the excitement of the hunt.
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If you’re on the lookout for avery turkey decoys, this is a great choice. This dual-identity turkey decoy irritates nearby gobblers. It has both a passive and aggressive side to draw in nearby toms. The 3D head has two looks that help to draw in the most turkeys. The passive side has a blue and grey color and the aggressive side has a red colored look. This decoy is made with a flexible EVA construction that makes it easy to carry. Included in this package is a motion stake, a carry bag, and a fabric fan. The decoy is lightweight and portable, so you can take it from hunt to hunt. This is the perfect decoy for people who want something versatile and easy to use from hunt to hunt. This decoy is a great choice for people who are just starting off a decoy collection and don’t already have a jake decoy.
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Cherokee Billy Bad Decoy

This is a great choice for anyone looking for a great blow up turkey decoy. Blow up decoys are a great option for anyone looking for something compact and easy to carry. This decoy is photo printed for a realistic finish. This makes it a great choice for anybody who needs something that is still realistic and can draw in lots of turkeys. This decoy even spins and struts in the breeze, making it look incredibly realistic to passing turkeys. It includes a decoy stake that can be used to mount this decoy wherever you may be. This is a perfect starter decoy for anyone who needs something inexpensive and easy to carry on a hunt. This is a great blow-up decoy and can be the perfect choice for anyone who needs a good jake decoy to get started on their decoy collection. This blow-up decoy is a great choice for beginners and advanced hunters alike.
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