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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best UDI Quadcopter Drones

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quadcopter reviewsBest UDI Quadcopter Drones

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How to Pick Your Drone

UDI quadcopter drones are wildly popular for one simple reason: They offer high quality flying at an affordable price. So if you love technology and gadgets (like us), a UDI drone is the perfect way to take off to the skies and have a ton of fun! Now: Drones can vary widely in their functions, so it is important to know what specs and features to look for when you are buying your drone. Here’s what you need to know to have a successful lift-off every time.

Best UDI Quadcopter Drones

Camera: Does your drone come with a camera? And if so, what kind of camera is it? Quadcopter cameras allow for a lot of fun entertainment, like making awesome aerial videos to share with your friends and family.

Best UDI Quadcopter Drones

Controller Type: How do you want to control your drone? There are different remote control options for drones. For example, some drones come with separate remote controls while others are controlled via an app on your smartphone.

How to Pick Your Drone

Flight Time: This is a very important feature. To get the most out of your drone, make sure the battery can keep up with your piloting plans. To make things easy for you, we have included the flight time for each drone below. Tip: Buy extra batteries.

Best UDI Quadcopter Drones

Return Home: Some drones have a special feature called “Return Home,” which sends the drone back to you boomerang style with the click of a button. This is really useful for convenience but also when you get turned around.

Best UDI Quadcopter Drones

Size: Some drones are big, and others are small, and their flight behavior will differ depending on this factor. Choosing the right size drone comes down to personal preference since all sizes are fun.

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Weight: Any drone expert will tell you that weight of the craft is essential information for any pilot. Weight effects speed, flight time, take off and landing, and the dexterity of your quadcopters. Again, personal preference.

Top 10 Products

Ok, your time is valuable so let’s get right to the best UDI quadcopters! Check out the Top Pick and Budget pick first, both are smart choices. All other runner ups are highly recommended, too. Enjoy!


Top Pick
The UDI 818a remote control drone is an excellent choice for both beginners and veteran users because it is easy to use and still offers advanced flying performance when you need it. The 818a also offers some exciting new features, like VR headset compatibility and control via the motion sensor in your smartphone. Both of these specs really make this quad stand out and also very future-proof. We also liked that the drone was fast and agile but easy to fly. You will never have to worry about losing control of this drone, as it has great automatic stability functions so it will be safe even when doing sharp turns and 360˚ flips! After your flight has come to an end, you can use your smartphone to save your experience as a video and watch it again in 720p HD quality. If you are looking for the very best UDI quadcopter, this is it!
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UDI RC Freedom U32

Budget Pick
The UDI Freedom U32 drone may be small but don’t underestimate its power. This little guy can fly for up to twice as long as many of its big brothers, and its size also makes it much easier to do stunts like flips and twists. If you are excited to give it a shot but worried about a lack of experience, the UDI U32 will ease your mind. Its elastic and very robust frame is constructed with daredevils in mind so it will bounce back even if you do not land perfectly. The UDI Freedom U32 is also equipped with powerful LED body lights, so don’t hesitate to take it out for a few red-eye flights! All in all, this is a fun and powerful little drone that comes at a fantastic price.
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UDI 818A HD+

The UDI 818A HD+ (not to be confused with the U818A or HD) features some very attractive specs, like a two-megapixel camera for stellar photos, and a return home feature that ensures your drone will always find its way back to you. Its six-axis gyro stability allows it to fly in even windy conditions and makes it perfect for the stunt lovers out there who need maximum control over their quadcopter. The 818A HD+ is also a great choice for drone addicts because it comes with a bonus power bank and extra battery, which offers you much longer flight times right out of the box.
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The UDI 818A HD is a great starter drone for anyone who wants to take high-quality photos and video from above, have fun flying, and save money at the same time. Its excellent camera takes full 720p HD video, and crystal-clear stills and its versatility due to the latest stability technology means you will never miss a shot. If you are a new pilot, you can turn on headless mode, which makes it much easier to learn all the flight functions and control your drone. The UDI RC U818A drone is set at a very reasonable price and comes standard with features of typically more expensive products. In short, it is a great buy, though we would recommend DBPOWER UDI U818A even more.
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UDI RC Eagle

The UDI RC Eagle does not just have a cool name but is quite an impressive drone to behold. Its sleek body and jet-black sheen are eye-catching while at the same time commanding respect. This drone has a lot more going for it than just looks, however. The UDI RC Eagle has a powerful camera built directly into its hull and is both Wi-Fi and VR compatible. Yup, you heard that right! We are talking about first person, I am a superhero, virtual reality flying here! All the premium features you want are on offer here, including the helpful “Return Home” function. UDI has made the package even more attractive by throwing in a bonus battery to double your flight time. The new Eagle drone is the right choice for pilots looking for a mix of capability and style. This one feels just right!
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The UDI RC U27 is another little guy that packs a powerful punch, perfect for zipping around the skies, flipping, and racing at high speeds. With up to ten minutes of flight time, you will still be going strong when all the bigger models have run out of juice, and UDI’s proven six-axis gyro technology makes doing tricks and stable flying easier than ever. The RC U27’s super-cool design is reminiscent of a mighty black and red scarab and really unique. The mini drone is small enough to take off from the palm of your hand and as it cuts through the sky it illuminates everything in its path with brilliant LED lights. During the day and especially at night, this drone is super fun.
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The DBPOWER UDI U842 is one of the most amazing pieces of drone technology on the market. Its awe-inspiring design features two front LED headlights that pierce like hawk eyes, plus a glistening orange and black body. Add the fair price, and you know you are in drone heaven! This UDI Quadcopter performs masterfully and comes equipped with superior features like Wi-Fi connectivity, headless mode, and gravity induction that links to the motion sensor on your phone. The UDI U842 can even transmit live video feeds online! Just activate FPV Real Time Transmission mode, and you will be ready to show the world that you own the skies. This is a seriously awesome quadcopter!
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Simply put, the UDI RC U839 drone is an airborne tank. Its impact-resistant ABS plastic is made to withstand just about anything, and that is good considering the ideas you will get when you press the button to go into high-speed mode. We crashed this puppy a couple of times (no, not on purpose) and it held up perfectly. This little trickster is built for 360˚ barrel rolls in every direction and fast flying. Yet, it is so small that you can do some impressive tricks and agile turns when you want to. The UDI RC U839 drone also makes a great gift and is perfect for experienced pilots and beginners alike. It’s small, it’s fast, it’s fun – what are you waiting for?
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UDI U45 Raven

The Raven is an amazing new UDI quadcopter and is highly recommended for beginners who want a great starter drone that will maintain its value even as they become more experienced. The U45 Raven has some excellent features for first timers, such as one-click takeoff and landing buttons that make some of the more tricky moments very easy. If you are feeling like convenience once you are in the sky, you can activate the “Altitude Hold” function, which keeps the drone hovering in place while you plan your next move. This feature is extremely helpful, in particular for beginners. When you reach veteran status, you will appreciate the finer aspects of this RC quadcopter, like its HD camera and headless mode, which makes it easier to do tricks and fly with precision.
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UDI U841 Drone

Forget everything you have seen so far, because this drone is about to break all the rules. The UDI U841 is different from all the other UDI drones out there for one big reason: It rules the sky, the road, and the walls! This drone is a shapeshifter, morphing from aircraft to roadster to wall-crawler with just a few modifications. Did we have too much coffee, you ask? Nope, this is a real life transformer! Nothing is more fun than driving your drone at high speeds down a busy sidewalk and then watching the faces of passers-by as it suddenly lifts off into the air. The best thing is that this is also one of the only mini drones with an HD camera built-in, so you will be able to capture all the action in glorious high definition! Even if you already own a drone, you owe it to yourself to give the U841 a spin – it is just fun!
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