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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Cars

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quadcopter reviewsBest Vacuum Cleaners for Cars

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How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Cars

If you find yourself going to the car wash to vacuum your car out every week, you might want to invest in a vacuum cleaner specifically for your car. The nifty devices are made specifically for cleaning the crumbs off of your floorboards – and most are even cordless! We’ve put together a car vacuum buying guide just for you! Check out these things you should keep an eye on when shopping for a vacuum cleaner for your car!

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Cars

HEPA Filter: This is a type of air filter and also a standard for them. Any filter meeting these requirements stop larger particles from passing through due to the way they are constructed. Devices using this filter are effective cleaners.

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Cars

Motor: In watts, this measure how powerful your device is. A vacuum with a higher wattage motor is going to have more suction, and it will clean your car so much better. You want the largest wattage for your vacuum.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Cars

Power: This refers to how the device receives power. Some will use battery power, while some car vacuums use the cigarette lighter to power the device via car adapter. You should purchase a device that fits into your lifestyle!

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Cars

Carrying Bag: Carrying bags make it easier to keep your device and all of its accessories in the same place. They’re easier to move, and they can also help organize your trunk and keep your device separate from your other cargo.

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Cars

Weight: Weight is important for your car vacuum. You’re going to want one that is lightweight and portable. It’ll be easier to store and use if it weighs less. Cordless vacuums will generally be lighter than corded vacuums.

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Warranty: You’re going to want at least a basic warranty to ensure that nothing is wrong with your device. If there is an issue, most companies will refund or replace it for you within the warranty time frame.

Top 10 Products

So now you know what to look for. Let’s get to the reviews! We researched a selection of devices to bring you the best car vacuum reviews. If you are running short on time, check out our top pick and budget pick first! They will give you a pretty good idea of what is available. If those don’t suck you in, keep browsing our list. You are sure to find the vacuum that is perfect for you!


Top Pick
Black and Decker is a relatively inexpensive line of household products. They are known for their power, and this extends even to their Hand Vacuum. This is the only cordless device on our list, and for good reason: this is the best cordless vacuum for car use. It doubles for use in your home – in fact, because it has a rechargeable battery, it is portable enough to use just about anywhere! You can take this handheld apart every time you finish using it and clean the container, the filter, and the nozzle to get the best results every time. The bagless dirt bowl is clear, so you can clearly see when it needs to be emptied. The suction on this machine will have your car looking brand new again in no time! You can trust the Black and Decker name to bring you a well-made product that will do its job well! That’s why it’s the best!
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Budget Pick
If you’re looking to buy an effective cleaning tool on a budget, the LOLLDEAL car vacuum is for you. This device is portable and uses the cigarette lighter outlets in your car to work. But the cord is an amazing 15 feet long, so there’s no part of your car interior you won’t be able to reach! It comes with a carrying bag to keep all of your parts and accessories in for easy storage. This is the best cheap car vacuum on our list! The HEPA filter can be removed and cleaned to get the most power out of this cleaner at all times. You can use this hand vac to clean up small particles as well as large; it’s powerful enough to pick up even the tiniest pieces. If you get an adaptor, you can even use it in your home! This tiny device comes with a brush attachment to scrub out those tougher messes.
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Hikeren Car Vacuum

Hikeren’s cleaner works well in both wet and dry conditions! The stainless steel HEPA filter allows even wet messes to be sucked up and cleaned effectively. It makes it so easy to clean, it’s a breeze! It is another vacuum that plugs into a cigarette lighter port to work, but the cord is 16.4 feet long, so don’t feel overburdened by how cordless it is! It comes with a carrying bag to keep everything together, as well as a precision head that channels the suction into a smaller surface area. We really liked this vacuum – its lightweight and effective with a good amount of power from the 106-watt motor. But the best part? There’s an LED light built into the front of the cleaner for use in those dark corners of your car. It’s one of the best car vacuum cleaners! On top of all of this, the design is sleek and modern with a visible dirt container.
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HOTOR Car Vacuum

The HOTOR car vacuum had to make it onto our list of the best vacuums for cars. Powerful suction combined with easy use and a car adaptor makes this one of the most useful devices for keeping your car clean. The stainless steel HEPA filter increases the lifespan of the machine and gives you more suction and a better clean. The curved head focuses more of that suction in a smaller space, making the device even more effective for vacuuming your seats and floorboards. It’ll pick up pet hair and crumbs, and even the debris deep in your seats. You can count on this device for a perfect clean every time! Just rinse out the filter and the dirt container to keep it in perfect working condition! This device comes with a variety of attachments for getting into tight spaces and even includes an LED light on the front. You can’t go wrong with this vacuum cleaner!
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Vacplus Handheld Vacuum

This is another good entry to our list of best car vacuums. It comes in white and has a visible dirt container so you can watch the suction work. And it’s powerful suction! With its 106-watt motor, you’re getting some of the most powerful suction in a hand vac. The filter is a HEPA stainless steel piece that is easy to clean and makes cleaning easy at the same time! You can use this vacuum for both wet and dry situations; it cleans both without breaking a sweat! The 16-foot power cable ensures that you never have to tangle with a cord that is too short. Like most others, this car vacuum cleaner plugs right into your car’s cigarette lighter so you can get your cleaning done quickly and efficiently! It comes with 3 attachments for various cleaning jobs. It even comes with a neat leather case to keep everything in. We think you’ll love this car vacuum cleaner!
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ThisWorx Car Vacuum

The ThisWorx Vacuum is pretty amazing, we think. It has the long cord and car adaptor like the other vacuums on this list, but there are a couple of unique features that make this the best vacuum cleaner for car use. The strength of the suction on this machine is great! Get a perfect clean every time. The filter is easy to remove and clean so the suction stays strong and maintains its power. What we liked most about this model was the way that the dirt container has a lid that closes when the vacuum cleaner is not in use. That way all of your dirt stays where it belongs – right where you put it! It comes with an additional HEPA filter when the original one wears out. You’re going to need it because you are going to love using this car vacuum cleaner! It even comes with a small brush to help clean it out.
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RYTEK Car Vacuum

The RYTEK Car Vacuum is powerful! Not only does it look sleek, it’s 120-watt motor makes it a beast for cleaning up your floorboards and even your seats. Say goodbye to having to go over places multiple times! This machine will get all your dirt the first time. It’s extremely lightweight for the power, and easy to store. Not to mention it looks really sleek! It’s black with gold accents, perfectly classy for any car. The attachments that come with this cleaner make it the best vacuum for car interiors on our list. It has a brush attachment, a rubber tube for corners, and a long head for getting deep into crevices. You’ll love the different functions of this vacuum. And if you don’t, they’ll refund you completely with no questions asked. You have nothing to lose!
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Costech Car Vacuum

You’ll never have to worry about leaving anything behind with the amazing suction of the Costech Car Vacuum. The high performance of this vacuum will make you want to run out and get an adaptor for use in your home! This vacuum perfectly removes crumbs, cigarette ashes, pet hair, and liquid spills as well. The power cord is 15 feet long and plugs right into your car’s power adaptor. A carrying case keeps all the pieces together, including the two additional filters that come with this device. You can clean them out and use them, but you’re going to want extras! The controls are right under your thumb when you are holding the device, intuitive and easy. This is one of the most powerful, best handheld vacuums for car use. When the dirt container is full, you only have to snap it off and empty it and you’re back to perfect working order. We love this cleaner!
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Aidina Car Vacuum

The Aidina Car Vacuum is another powerful machine for your car! The power cord is a full 14 feet long so you can even reach the trunk. This vacuum will clean up wet and dry spills with ease, making it one of the best car carpet cleaners! When the dirt container is full, you only have to release the catch to empty it and clean the filter. Aidina recommends cleaning the filter after each use. It’s best for your car if you only run this machine for 15 minutes at a time, which is perfect for cleaning small areas of your car. It comes with a flat attachment to get between the seats and into those hard-to-reach places and a hose that will be gentle on your leather interior. The sleek design makes this desirable no matter if you’re driving a sports car or a minivan. And the price is so affordable you’ll want one for every car!
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FORTEM Car Vacuum Cleaner

FORTEM’s car vacuum is a gorgeous silver-grey color with lime green accents. It doesn’t get much classier than this! The filter is made of stainless steel, making it more effective at filtering out even the smallest particles from your car. But don’t worry about picking everything up – this vacuum has got you covered. The 12- watt motor is perfect for getting rid of all of your crumbs, pet hair, and other debris from kids and family use. It comes with all the standard attachments, including a cleaning brush for especially tough messes or spills. Keep all your pieces together with the carrying bag, and if there’s ever any trouble with your product, this company backs it with a lifetime warranty! That’s some stress-free cleaning! This device is definitely one of the best car vacuums for sale right now. It doesn’t get much better than this. Get the perfect clean with this stylish device at a low price.
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