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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine

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How to Choose the Best Vinyl Cutting Machine

Whether you’re looking for a way to make merch for your small business or want to up your craft game, vinyl cutting machines are the way to go. To help you find the best vinyl cutting machine to feed your creativity, we researched some of the top brands and newest products available. But before we get into our carefully crafted top 10 list, let’s look at the features you should know when shopping for a vinyl cutting machine of your own.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine

Cutting Area: This refers to the size of the material you’re able to use in the machine. Lengths vary greatly so, for our vinyl cutting machines reviews, you’ll find one number here. That’s the width of the cutting space.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine

Accessories: Most of our top picks come with the basic accessories you need to get started. Some even include some vinyl so you really do have everything you need! You will find some that only come with the cutter itself.

How to Choose the Best Vinyl Cutting Machine

Computer Compatible: All of our top picks are computer compatible, which is important because that’s how you’ll do most of your designing. One thing we have to mention, pay attention to compatibility. Some will only work with PCs. (Sorry, Macs.)

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine

Wireless: One of our top picks has wireless capabilities. The best thing about this is it lets you design anywhere you want. Use your smartphone or tablet anywhere, sync it to the cloud, then cut it out when you get home!

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine

Touchscreen: Touchscreen controls are nice because they’re an easy, convenient way to change settings and make adjustments. They’re becoming more common but not all our products have one. That said, a touchscreen isn’t going to affect how a machine cuts.

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Warranty: Warranties are important. Longer warranties are better than shorter ones. In our opinion, a long warranty means a company really stands behind their product. And that should give you confidence. Remember, it’s important to know what’s covered and what isn’t.

Top 10 Products

So, what is the best vinyl cutting machine? The answer is: it depends. Don’t worry! Our list includes a range of products. There’s something for everyone so let’s move right along and get to it. If you don’t have a lot of time, make sure you check out our top pick and budget pick. There are both great products that will give you some idea of what’s available out there. Ready? On to our vinyl cutting machine reviews!

Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine

Top Pick
This one from Silhouette is a great one for anyone just getting started. Why? Well, this is a bundle and it comes with a lot of stuff, including a cutting blade, vinyl trimmer, 12” x 12” mat, and even some templates. And get this: you even get some vinyl to start with in black, white, dark pink, and leaf green. They also give you a 1-month free membership to their download store. This is the newest model from the brand and it is loaded with awesome features. It plugs right into your computer using a simple USB cable. The software you need is included in the bundle and installation is easy. It works with paper, fabric, and cardstock, too, and accepts material up to 12 inches wide and 10 feet long.
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Cricut Mini Cutting Machine

Budget Pick
Cricut is well-known for their cutting machines so it’s no surprise to see them here as our best vinyl cutter for the money. First of all, you access their online Cricut Craft Room to design all your projects. There are so many things available to you there: 500 free digital images, 4 fonts, and 50 phrases. Oh, and get this: 150 existing layered images and projects. That’s not all. This vinyl cutter is the perfect size to sit out on your desktop without taking up too much valuable space. The cutting area is 8.5 inches wide and it can cut to 11.5 inches long. One last thing. This is great for vinyl, but you can use it with a variety of materials, giving you more bang for your buck.
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Brother CM350 ScanNCut

When we saw how innovative this vinyl cutter was, we knew we had to include it. This machine from Brother has the really cool feature of allowing you to scan and create your own files. That’s just one reason why it’s a best personal vinyl cutter. It’s great for businesses, too. Imagine being able to scan your own logo to use in your projects or promotional materials! That said, if you want a vinyl cutter that can stand alone without PC connectivity, this one has over 600 designs built right in. It’s a really versatile machine that can do almost any project you can come up with. One more thing: while it isn’t wireless right out of the box, there is an upgradeable feature that lets you use this one wirelessly.
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Roland Vinyl Cutter

Roland redesigned this vinyl cutter and claims that it’s their best desktop cutter ever. We have to say we agree, 100%. The blade holder and cutting carriage are wide enough to handle materials up to 27.5 inches wide, one of the largest we came across. And while it’s great at cutting vinyl, you can also use it with a range of other materials. In fact, it’s even strong enough to cut thicker like magnet substrates. You can even do half or perforated cutting and it can cut by line color. It’s fast, too, cutting at 20 inches per second. And get this: you can even do oversized projects thanks to the improved tiling function. What does all that mean for you? Well, if you’re looking for the best vinyl cutter for small business, you’ve found it.
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Cricut Explore Air Wireless

As we already mentioned, Cricut is a leader in the cutting machine industry and might well be the most known brand. Their Explore Air is also in the running for best vinyl cutter machine. This one supports all the latest tech. Design on the go with your mobile phone or tablet and then sync your designs to the cloud so your Explore Air can cut them when you get home. Or you can use the 50,000 images and fonts in the image library. Not only can you cut vinyl with it. It also tackles cardstock, iron-on, poster board, and even fabric. And it’s so easy to use! You don’t even have to worry about any settings, just turn the dial to the material you’re using and the machine takes care of the rest.
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Silhouette America Cutting Tool

This best cutting machine for vinyl is from Silhouette plugs right into your computer with a simple USB cable. It’s compact and lightweight (only 3.5 lbs!) so it won’t take up a lot of work on your desktop and it’s easy to put away if you ever need to. The software you need to use the Silhouette Design Studio is included with this cutter. One really great thing you can do with this software is use any font you already have on your computer. Some machines are quite limiting when it comes to fonts but that’s certainly not the case here! Not only can this cutter cut a range of materials from vinyl to fabric, it can also cut materials up to 10 inches long. The cutting is so precise, you’ll start trying to figure out a way to use scraps.
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USCutter Vinyl Cutter

If you’re looking for a machine that can handle larger projects, the USCutter Vinyl Cutter is the one. While all of the products on our list are great with detailed cutting, this one was designed to work with software specifically for making vinyl signs. What does that mean? You can cut large scale images. You also get a lot of control over text and how you can format it. Think car window decals, large store window advertisements, that kind of thing. It works with a variety of image files including PDFs and jpegs. And get this: if you have multiple jobs that require layering of a few colors, this cutter has a spooling function. It sorts the jobs by color so you don’t have to keep changing the rolls! The software can be used by multiple people so design collaboration is easy.
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Silhouette Curio Cutting Tool

Yes, Silhouette has made the list again because they’re cutter are seriously just that awesome. The Curio is great at cutting vinyl. In fact, one of the best things about it is you can use it to cut any font on your computer. But if you’re looking for something that can take your crafting to the next level, you have to check out all the other things it can do. It embosses, etches, sketches, stipples, and, of course, cuts. You can also cut thicker material, up to 2 mm. Want to hear something else that’s really cool? It has a dual carriage option that allows two tools to run at the same time. Connect your Curio to your PC with the included USB cable and use the included Silhouette Studio to design your project.
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USCutter MH Craft Vinyl Cutter

USCutter makes another appearance in our top 10 list with their impressive desktop cutter. It’s significantly wider than most of the other desktop options which makes it ideal for larger projects. It has a standardized blade holder so you can use any blade you want, which is nice because it doesn’t force you to use anything brand specific. No worries, it comes with 3 blades to get started right away. You also get a pen adapter so you can plot out designs instead of cutting them. Plus, the adjustable rollers let you use a variety of materials. Guess what else you get? Vinylmaster Cut software, a design program dedicated to designing vinyl signage. Fonts are all ready to go or you can do custom designs, like logos shapes, or even customized text.
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GRAPHTEC CE6000-40 Cutter

If you’re a little more skilled when it comes to digital designing, you should consider this vinyl cutter. Why? Because it’s compatible with Photoshop so you’ll have a lot of precise control over your designs. But don’t worry, this cutter comes equipped with Graphtec Studio, design software that’s made for you to create original designs. One really great feature about this vinyl cutter is that it’s fast. How fast? 24 inches a second. But that’s not all. It was made to be easy to use and is both precise and reliable. In fact, it’s able to make small, thin cuts without a problem. This version is designed to be used on a tabletop and is perfect for crafters to use or if you’re looking for something to make merch for a small business.
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