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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Volume Pedals

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How to Choose the Best Volume Pedal

You want your music to sound great, right? No matter what kind of instrument you play you want to make sure that the music is going to sound great whenever you break out that instrument. With any of these volume pedals, you’re going to have no problem with that and more. You’ll have awesome sound and high quality tools that will help your fans experience your music in an entirely different way. All you have to do is figure out the best pedal and what you’re really looking for, including the type of music you play.

Best Volume Pedals

Instrument: What type of instrument does the pedal actually work for? You want a pedal that’s going to work for what you have, after all, which means you need to look at this section to make sure. Some pedals are interchangeable but not all of them are.

Best Volume Pedals

Power: Is it battery powered, passive powered or something else? This will help you figure out if the pedal will work for the place you want to use it and how you’re planning on using it. You’ll be able to plan for that next gig that you’re going to be playing.

How to Choose the Best Volume Pedal

Material: What is the piece actually made with? Metal is going to be a bit heavier but it’s also going to be more durable and longer lasting. Plastic may be less expensive and it’s going to be lighter weight when you need to transport it anywhere.

Best Volume Pedals

Jacks: How many jacks are included? This will affect how you can use the pedal and just what and how it can be connected to. The more jacks the more potential connections but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better in any way.

Best Volume Pedals

Size: How large is the pedal? This will be mostly about personal preference but also about convenience. Do you need a larger or smaller pedal specifically so that you can get the right sound and you can easily use it while you’re playing?

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Weight: How much does the pedal weigh? This will affect how easy it is for you to transport it wherever you want to go. You don’t want something super lightweight because chances are it’s not high quality and it’s not going to last, but nothing too heavy either.

Top 10 Products

Make sure you look at several different options when it comes to choosing a good volume pedal. You don’t want to sacrifice anything, after all, and it can be a little difficult to find something that works for absolutely all of your needs. Just make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into and how it’s going to fit in with your playing style overall.

Ernie Ball Jr. Volume Pedal

Top Pick
The junior size of this best mini volume pedal makes it a better fit for most pedal boards, but don’t let the size fool you. This pedal is still able to do a whole lot and it gives you plenty of options as the best volume pedal for worship. You get mono volume control as well as a taper switch that offers 2 completely different swell rates. Designed for passive signal in, it has connectors for in and out as well as a tuner and provides an easy to use system for most beginner and advanced users. Even better is the quality you’re going to get. The pedal features a pivot shaft with a centerless ground that’s made with stainless steel and nylon bushings to get you just the right feel under your foot without breaking down and without wearing out or making noise when you definitely don’t want it to. You’ll get what you need for your guitar or keyboard with this one.
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Yamaha FC7 Volume Pedal

Budget Pick
Our budget pick, best active volume pedal, is still a great choice for you because it’s going to get you the features you want, from a brand that you definitely know in the music world. It has a volume controller to make sure you get the sound you want and the controller even adjusts volume for your instrument. It’s heavy duty and can be used to accent different areas of your performance. Made with plastic to cut down a little on the cost, this system has a 5 foot cable as well as standard input and output jacks.The plastic build features rough dots over the surface to provide a better grip during your performance and when you’re not using it the cord can be wrapped easily to fit inside the pedal for easier storage. That way you don’t have to worry about losing anything for the next event.
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Moog EP-3 Expression Pedal

This pedal features perfect balance and weight for a universal design as our best volume pedal for bass. You’ll be able to use it with keyboards or synthesizers to get just the sound you’re looking for. It has a newly designed cam system that improves performance and durability and has a polarity switch to make it compatible with products that aren’t made by the same company. You’ll also get a scalable output knob to set your musical range and there’s an output jack on the front panel to use the cable that works best for you and your needs. You’ll get a 6 ½’ cord to go with the pedal itself but you can use any cord that you might like to get the right distance. Even better, it’s designed to make sure you don’t have to worry about it when you head out on tour the next time. It’s durable and built to last, even under more intense use and abuse.
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Fender FVP-1 Volume Pedal

Made with a heavy duty, all metal design, this volume pedal is made by a company that’s definitely known in the industry. It offers a passive style of power and connects easily to your guitar so you can get the sound you’re looking for when you head onstage. It’s made so the potentiometer lasts for a long time without noise or any need for concern about quality. It has a tone circuit to retain tone no matter what the setting and it has a tuner out jack that lets you easily tune when you head onstage. You’ll get a smooth and predictable movement to the pedal that makes it easy to start using right away. Not only that, but you’ll have something super-efficient and convenient to take along with you that looks great and helps you sound even better. Plus it’s lightweight and easy to carry along.
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Boss FV-500H Volume Pedal

This pedal is definitely going to give you a whole lot of features and power. It’s a mono, high-impedance pedal that is made with a heavy duty aluminum to make it strong and durable. You get smooth movement each time you press down, which provides for continuous and dependable action. Not only that but it has a rubber coating for the pedal that helps you move comfortably and makes sure that you don’t slip as you play. This passive pedal has input and output jacks and an expression pedal function that you’re definitely going to enjoy the next time you head out on stage. Get some great sculpted sounds and use the tuner to make sure that you’re getting just the right level of balance for everything. What’s really great is the volume pedal action and expression pedal action can be done at the same time.
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Signstek Guitar Volume Pedal

This sleek looking pedal is actually inexpensive and offers amplitude adjustment through the knob to make sure you have accurate volume control. All of that makes it the best cheap volume pedal. You also get stereo or 2 instrument control options and you’ll have great quality while you use it. Designed as a passive pedal, it offers 2 input and 2 output connectors and has an independent minimum volume knob. All you’re going to need is your own synthesizer, DJ equipment, guitar or just about anything else you might want to play and you can hook it up and get started. Lightweight, this volume pedal is designed to make sure you get just the right amount of sound and makes sure that you’re going to have a great time and that your next show or event is going to be even better than ever. Made out of plastic, it’s still durable enough that it’s going to last and you can feel comfortable using it for an extended period, for personal use or for your next gig.
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Valeton EP-2 Volume Pedal

This pedal definitely looks unique, but it’s also a great option if you’re going to be playing just about anything. It’s made with a lightweight plastic that makes it easy to carry but still keeps it just as durable as you want it to be. Not only that but it gives you the option to use it as a passive volume pedal or an expression pedal, so you get a whole lot of versatility without having to worry about carrying around different tools and systems. It automatically detects and even catches the output source and has an input mono audio jack as well. It’s extremely flexible to responses and still keeps everything precise. The bright orange casing is sleek and fun, while the small size makes it easy to store when not in use. You won’t need a battery or a power adapter to get it up and going and you’ll get a smooth taper process. Just add it to your lineup and you’ll have a great sound. It’s the best small volume pedal around.
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Donner Wah Cry Volume Pedal

This 2-in-1 pedal gives you volume control as well as the WAH features you need. What’s really great, however, is that it’s a small pedal that will stay out of your way when you don’t need it but be right where you want it when you do. All you have to do is adjust the control range and put in the right batteries and you’ll be ready to go in no time. This active volume system will get you the best volume pedal no tone loss and the original Crybaby response that you’re looking for in your system. It’s a true bypass system and features a stiff press so you can make sure you won’t hit it accidentally, but when you do hit it you’re going to have exactly the sound you’re looking for. Your guitar is definitely going to be at its best with help from this system.
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This inexpensive pedal gives you volume control for 1 stereo or 2 musical instruments and has a dedicated modulation function that lets you directly connect to your keyboard’s system. It has VCA control to provide you with the reliability that you’re looking for and a super smooth audio performance. There’s even an adjustable minimum volume and you can use standard batteries to get the sound and effect that you’re looking for so you’ll never be without this pedal. It has a rough coated surface to make sure you don’t have to worry about slips and offers plenty of routing options and a simple setup. You just have to figure out where you’re going to put it into your lineup and you’ll be ready in no time at all. Plug in your input and output, set it to the right mode and that’s all it’s going to take for the best guitar volume pedal.
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Lehle Mono Volume Pedal

This volume pedal features volume control as well as connectors for everything else you will need. The active aspect of this pedal means you’re going to need batteries to go along with it but you’re definitely going to have a great aspect of smooth swells across the entire range that this pedal can go. After all, if you’re paying for the best you want to make sure you’re actually getting the best. That’s where this pedal is definitely going to shine for you. This pedal is made in Germany and is designed to make sure that nothing is going to wear out and that it’s not going to fail. It actually uses magnetic force and makes sure that you’re ready to go no matter what you’re looking to connect or do with it, which may just make it the best volume pedal for swells.
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