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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Water Coolers for Homes and Offices

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quadcopter reviewsBest Water Coolers for Homes and Offices

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How to Choose the Best Water Cooler

Do you own a business that could benefit from having a water cooler in the office, lobby, or waiting room? We’ve compiled a list of the best rated water coolers to help you choose the perfect one for you. Don’t ever be caught without cold drinking water or hot water for beverages ever again! First, let’s take a look at some of the things you should know before you go shopping for a water cooler.

Best Water Coolers for Homes and Offices

Water Temperature: What temperature does the cooler provide? Most provide at least cold water, and most of the coolers on this list will also give you hot water. As an added bonus, some will dispense room-temperature water.

Best Water Coolers for Homes and Offices

Child Safe: Some water coolers that have hot water faucets come with a child safety lock, so that the hot water portion can’t be turned on by accidents. This prevents the often boiling-hot water from harming your child.

How to Choose the Best Water Cooler

Loading: This refers to whether the water cooler loads from the top of the machine or the bottom. This is where you will put the tank. Bottom-load is easier, but it’s often easier to see the water level otherwise.

Best Water Coolers for Homes and Offices

Capacity: What size tank can the water cooler take? Most on this list will only be able to use water tanks that are between 3 and 5 gallons in size because of the way that they are made.

Best Water Coolers for Homes and Offices

Size: The dimensions of the water cooler are presented here. Choose one that isn’t too big for the place where you’re planning on putting it, but a good size to heat and cool larger amounts of water.

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Warranty: If your water cooler arrives with broken parts, missing parts, or not functioning, this warranty will protect you. Most companies will replace defective units or give you a full refund if they arrive damaged. Stay protected!

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s get started. We’ve presented you the best bottleless cooler reviews, as well as reviews for coolers that use bottles or tanks. Take a look at our top pick and budget pick first to get an idea of what’s available before perusing the rest of the list. Make sure that you get the perfect cooler for your space, whether that’s personal or professional!

Whirlpool Water Cooler

Top Pick
Our pick for one of the top water coolers is this one from Whirlpool. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it is: Whirlpool is a trusted brand for refrigerators, as well as washers and dryers. Their water cooler is right at the top of that list as well. You can use up to five-gallon plastic bottles with this cooler, which has both hot and cold dispensers. It’s bottom-loading so you don’t have to load those heavy bottles to the top of the machine. When it needs to be replaced, there are LED indicators to tell you on the front of the machine. The LED panel will also tell you when it’s self-cleaning and alerts you to the hot and cold water temperatures being at the perfect temperature for you to enjoy. Did we say self-cleaning? That’s right, this best water cooler dispenser for home breaks down bacteria and viruses within the water you’re using, so it’s always clean!
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Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler

Budget Pick
Nutrichef provides our pick for the best cheap water cooler on our list. It includes both hot and cold water, so you can have perfectly chilled beverages or hot chocolate at the ideal temperature. It can output cold water that is between 40 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit, while the hot water option runs about 170 to 175 degrees. It’s a top-loading, countertop cooler. It uses water jugs between 3 and 5 gallons. It’s super quiet! What we love most about this water cooler is the fact that it’s compact and fits right on your countertop – The size of the jug is pretty much the space that this cooler is going to take up. And what’s even better, it has a child lock on the hot water spout. You no longer have to worry about curious little ones accidentally burning themselves. Alternatively, there is a switch to turn the hot water completely off if that isn’t a feature you need.
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Avalon Water Cooler

This water cooler from Avalon is the best water cooler dispenser or at least one of them! There are three different water temperature settings, which is a huge development and advantage over the two-temperature models. This cooler offers refreshing cold water, room temperature water for use with pets, and steaming hot water as well. We love the design – it will fit great into your existing environment, without being too loud or taking up too much space. The cabinet and face of the cooler are made of stainless steel, so it also looks classy. Load it from the bottom with a 3 to 5-gallon water bottle and you are good to go! The hot water spout is locked so children can’t turn it on accidentally. Perhaps the coolest feature this water cooler has is the nightlight that illuminates the pouring spouts at night. It is perfect if you need refreshment in the middle of the night!
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Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler

This commercial-style water cooler from Whirlpool is a great addition to any office, waiting room, or lobby. The front of the unit is curved, so it’s a clean and classy look that just about any commercial space will appreciate. It’s also made completely of stainless steel, so that definitely helps towards that in. The cooling system doesn’t use a compressor exclusively – instead, the cold water option is heated by a large slab of ice that the machine keeps frozen. This leads to colder water and more refreshment potential! At the same time, in a separate chamber is hot water that is perfectly warm at all times. It loads in the bottom cabinet, with a water pump and siphon that works to get you even the water at the bottom of the bottle. Even the best bottleless water cooler can’t compare to this one! It has a solid steel frame, as well as rolled steel sides and durable faucets!
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Hamilton Beach Water Cooler

Hamilton Beach is great at making small kitchen appliances, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to water coolers! This one provides three water temperatures, including piping hot, crispy cold, and perfect room temperature in the middle. It loads to the bottom, so you won’t have to lift huge gallons of water over your head. It’s definitely more convenient this way. Speaking of convenience: the indicator light on the front of the unit flashes when the bottle needs to be replaced, so you don’t have to worry about running out without knowing about it. The drip tray that protects you from spills from the faucets is removable, so it’s super easy to wash when it needs it. The hot water spout has a child safety lock that won’t activate if it’s pressed on accident, which makes this a great cooler for your home or a pediatrician’s office. You can turn each temperature off separately as well.
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Giantex Primo Water Cooler

Are you looking for something a bit more traditional in the design department? Then this water cooler by Giantex is perfect for you! It’s got a smooth white finish instead of black or stainless steel, so it definitely stands out on this list. It has the standard safety lock, so you can use it around your children without worry. The seat for the water jug is a seal that keeps dust mites and allergens out of your tank – leading to cleaner water more consistently. You can also take this part off and clean it regularly. Though this is a top-loading machine, there is a storage cabinet underneath where you can keep plastic cups and other accessories to help maximize your water drinking experience. This water cooler for home use can also be used in libraries and offices and is strong enough to hold the water bottle in the top of the unit without cracking or damaging the case.
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Farberware Freestanding Water Cooler

Farberware is another well-known name in kitchen appliances and will provide you with excellent quality in this Freestanding Water Cooler. It uses a 3 or 5-gallon water tank to give you cold water at 59 degrees Fahrenheit and hot water at 194 degrees Fahrenheit. While it produces hot water at a much faster rate, it still knocks cold water availability out of the park. It isn’t loud and is engineered to provide you with the best possible energy efficiency while still giving you great results. You can easily make a variety of both hot and cold beverages with this amazing cooler. The cabinet itself is lightweight while remaining sturdy enough to load on top. The bottom contains a storage cabinet where you can keep cups and other accessories for your home water cooler. Farberwear means quality while remaining inexpensive and great for use just about anywhere! We love the smooth design of this cooler and the energy-efficient, low-noise operation!
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Lago Top Load Water Cooler

This Lago Top Loader commercial water cooler has a beautiful modern design, with mostly-black case facings and cool blue LED panels. There is a single faucet instead of three like some of the other models on this list, and it dispenses hot water, cold water, and room-temperature as well. There is a child safety lock on this faucet so your children don’t accidentally dispense hot water and get hurt. It loads from the top, and this is useful so you know when to replace the water jug. It can use any jug between 3 to 5 gallons. The LED indicators, besides just looking great and integrating well into the overall look of the unit, tell you what it’s doing. It’ll show you if it’s cooling water or heating it, and whether it’s on or off so you never have to guess! It’s an affordable alternative to leasing a high-end professional cooler, and we love that.
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Brio Essential Water Cooler

This freestanding office water cooler by Brio is an excellent alternative to a heavy-duty appliance. You can keep it in your home, waiting room, library, or another public place without having to go through a company, which is going to save you money in the long run. We love that the single faucet gives you all three temperatures of water, so you always have exactly the water that you need! It’s got a child lock for safety. One of the best features of this unit is the 100% stainless steel reservoirs. The hot and cold tanks are separate, and this helps to preserve water purity and also helps the cooler function longer. It uses a minimum amount of electricity to run, which is always a plus! We know that this classy design will fit perfectly into your home or office décor – and it’s easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about extra work.
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Honeywell Freestanding Water Cooler

This freestanding water dispenser from Honeywell is sure to meet all of your water cooling needs – as well as heating, and room temperature water! It’s a commercial grade cooler that has a heating capacity of 4 liters per hour – that’s pretty amazing! And it gets it to about 179 degrees Fahrenheit. It will also get water down to below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, up to 2 liters an hour. It’s perfect for providing you with whatever temperature you need, all day long! It features push-in faucets with child safety locks to prevent any accidents. The drip tray is removable and can be adjusted to three different positions to accommodate different cup or bottle sizes. There are side handles in case you want to move it and powerful energy saving capabilities that will make your wallet a little heavier. We love the quality and materials used in this particular water cooler. You know if it’s from Honeywell, it’s going to be awesome!
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