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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

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How to Choose a Wetsuit

Choosing the best wetsuits can be overwhelming if you’re new to buying them. There are so many different styles, lengths, materials, and sizes – not to mention specialty suits for activities like diving, triathlons, and more! Finding the right suit doesn’t have to be a pain, though! We reviewed several wetsuits that the whole family will enjoy wearing in the water! Before we get into the reviews, here are a few things we think you should consider when looking for wetsuits.

Best Wetsuits

Gender: Wetsuits come in men’s, women’s, and unisex versions to ensure a proper fit. Men’s and unisex sizing is similar, but if you are a woman ordering a unisex suit, you may need to size down to get the right fit.

Best Wetsuits

Color: Most wetsuits come in black, but there are plenty of color options out there to choose from. If everyone in your family owns a wetsuit, buying them in different colors may make it easier to figure out whose is whose!

How to Choose a Wetsuit

Pants Length: Wetsuits have either long or short pants. Which one you choose depends on how you use it. If the water is cold, a long pant is ideal for warmth. For warm water, a short pant is great to stay cool.

Best Wetsuits

Age: Suits also come in either child or adult styles. Child suits typically zip in the front and are thinner for small children to move around in. Adult styles are usually thicker and built for more grown-up wear and tear.

Best Wetsuits

Zipper Location: The zipper’s location really depends on your personal preference. Most child wetsuits zip up in the front so your child can remove their own suit. Most adult suits zip up in the back, with a leash to help reach better.

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Material: Neoprene is the standard material for most wetsuits because it’s thick, insulating, and protects the skin from irritants. Some suits also use nylon or lycra in the arms or sides for added mobility or to keep the skin cool.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what you’ll need, let’s take a look at our wetsuit buying guide! We found 10 wetsuits that work for the whole family, from toddlers to adults. Whether you need a casual suit for swimming or a high-performance suit for your next Ironman competition, there is a suit for you! If you’re in a hurry, start by checking out our Top Pick and Budget Pick. When you have time, come back and check out the rest!

O’Neill Reactor Wetsuit

Top Pick
Our top pick for the best quality wetsuits is our favorite for a few key reasons. First, the sizing is easy to customize! You can order from an XS-XXXL, which means you can easily find a suit that fits snug to your body without being too tight. We also like that most sizes come in 3 lengths: short, regular, and tall. The neck hole is adjustable to keep it from choking you or being too loose and letting water in. Next, we like that the neoprene lining keeps you nice and warm, even in chilly morning water! It’s designed for warm water, so even as the temperatures rise, you won’t get too hot either! Finally, we really like that this full-length suit comes with a little extra padding in the knees. This makes it much easier to get on your board without banging up your knees too much! Overall, this is a great suit for amateur and seasoned surfers alike!
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NeoSport Sports Skins

Budget Pick
If you’re looking to save a little money, definitely consider these sports skins from NeoSport. It’s a full-length suit made of Lycra, which can act as a base layer under a neoprene suit, or you can wear it alone while snorkeling or swimming. The range of sizes is pretty good for unisex suits – it goes from X-Small to XXX-Large. We also like that the suits come with foot stirrups, which help keep the suit in place. This isn’t going to be as thickly padded as a wetsuit, but it’s perfect for warm water or activities like snorkeling, diving, and swimming. It provides protection from UV rays and will keep your skin safe from irritants like jellyfish, sand, and much more. You can also get them with 5 different accent colors so you know whose suit is whose, or to stand out in the crowd! For the price, this is a great protective skin or base layer for your wetsuit!
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Cressi Kids Wetsuit

For over 70 years, Cressi has been trusted as one of the best wetsuit brands for the whole family. Their kid’s swimsuits are made of thick neoprene to keep your kids warm in chilly water. There is also lycra on the sides and sleeves for better mobility and comfort while moving around. Cressi’s suits provide up to SPF 50 protection from UV rays. The suit is also great for protecting your child from jellyfish and getting irritated from the sand. Your child can jump, dive, play, and swim all day without worry! Cressi provides an easy to follow chart to find the right size for your child. The reviews suggest the suits run a little big – so size down if your child prefers a snug fit, or if they run small for their age. They range in size from S-XXL, which fit kids from ages 1 to 10! You really can’t go wrong with this suit for your little swimmers!
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Phantom Aquatics Wetsuit

If you would rather wear a short wetsuit than a full-length one, we recommend checking out the Phantom Aquatics “Shorty” Wetsuit. It comes in sizes S-XXXL, so you can find one that fits exactly how you want it to – even women could probably wear these if they size down. It’s made with 2.5mm neoprene, so it’ll keep your body warm and cozy while surfing in cold water. We also like that this suit comes with a “high friction” seat area. It keeps you steady while sitting on a surfboard, which is great for surfing in choppy waters! The zipper on the back is easy to open and close, thanks to a long leash attached to it. We also like that the neck opening is adjustable, thanks to a Velcro tab. Now you can adjust the neck to fit comfortably – no more choking or loose necks! We think this makes a great wetsuit for surfing, snorkeling, or your next triathlon!
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Hyperflex Wetsuit

Looking for a great beginner suit? Hyperflex is one of the top wetsuit brands for beginner surfers! Their suits are high quality, made to last, and best of all – you can get one at a great price! The 3mm neoprene will protect you from sand, jellyfish, and anything you bang into while learning to surf. It’s also thick enough to keep you warm and comfortable in any water temperature. We like that the back zipper is a YKK #10 zipper – they are a cinch to open and close, and they rarely get stuck. The zipper is also hidden, which helps reduce drag and accidentally unzipping it while swimming! It comes in black with 6 options for accent colors, so you can set yourself apart from the others – or find your suit in a pile! These suits are great for other water sports – triathlons, scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming. At such a great price, this suit is great to start with!
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Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit

Are you an avid Ironman or triathlon competitor? Synergy is one of the wetsuit brands that creates Ironman approved wetsuits for women who want to compete – and win! It uses different thicknesses of neoprene: 5mm on the torso for added warmth and buoyancy, 3mm on lower legs and back for speed, and 2mm on the arms and shoulders for peak mobility. The thicker neoprene creates a more buoyant suit, which is perfect for racing in cold waters! To help you swim even faster, the suit has heat taped joints to reduce drag, and it makes the suit look like it’s one continuous piece of neoprene. The zipper is also hidden, which reduces drag and improves speed time. Our favorite feature? The suit is super stretchy – which means you can transition much more quickly than a traditional wetsuit, shaving precious seconds off the clock! For a competition suit, this is an excellent investment that will put you ahead of the pack!
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Lemorecn Shorty Wetsuit

This is a really good short wetsuit at a reasonable price! It uses 3mm neoprene, which is plenty to keep your body warm while still being able to move around easily. We also like the flat seams on both the outside and inside of the suit, making it comfortable and reduce drag – a great feature if you want to use this during a triathlon. It’s a breeze to get on and off, thanks to a #10 YKK zipper and extra-long leash, making it perfect for jumping in and out of the water quickly! The design is simple and classic, and it comes with four accent colors to choose from to customize your suit. The sizing is the only issue, with many of the wetsuit reviews saying it runs a bit on the large side. For such a cheap price, we think this is a great suit for all outdoor water sports: surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, diving, canoeing, paddle boarding, and more!
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NatyFly Kids Wetsuit

If your child has grown out of their Cressi suit, or you’re looking for a full-length suit, NatyFly makes a great one! It looks just like an adult wetsuit and makes a great transition piece for growing kids. Made with 2mm neoprene, this suit will keep your child warm and cozy. It also provides up to SPF 50 sun protection to keep them safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays! This suit does zip up in the back, so you may need to help younger kids into their suits. To get them off, the suit comes with a YKK zipper that will open easily, and a long leash kids can easily reach to unzip. The suit also goes on and comes off easily for those emergency trips to the bathroom, or to get in and out of the car quickly – a saving grace for any parent! It’s also a great value, especially if your child grows out of things quickly!
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PI-PE Pure Spring Wetsuit

When looking for a short wetsuit at a good price, we came across this one from PI-PE. It’s a 3mm neoprene suit and will keep you plenty warm enough while surfing, kayaking, or paddle boarding. It’s cut specifically for men, with broader shoulders and narrow hips and legs, and most men will find this suit fits like a glove. It uses flat lock stitching, which reduces friction along seams, making it super comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The suit itself is very lightweight and flexible, allowing for the freedom to move with ease. On the back, the zipper is hidden to prevent accidental unzipping and reduce drag, and it has a shorter leash that you can easily grab without getting in the way. This one is perfect for all kinds of water activities like swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking! At this price, you could even grab a couple suits to rotate!
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Aunua Snorkeling Wetsuit

The last wetsuit we’re going to look at today comes from one of the best wetsuit brands for diving – Aunua. This snorkeling wetsuit is great for not just snorkeling – it would be a great suit for surfing, swimming, and just about any other activity! The suit uses 3mm neoprene on the torso for optimal warmth but uses 2mm neoprene on the arms for better flexibility and mobility. This is plenty thick enough to protect against UV rays, jellyfish, and other common irritants. To keep you comfortable over long periods of time, it uses flat seams to reduce rubbing and irritation. We also like the easy to reach, dependable zipper for easy removal when you need it. This is a great suit, and at such a cheap price, an easy one to pick up before surfing season begins!
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