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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Wind Chimes

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How to Pick the Best Wind Chime

Without wind chimes, the wind blows through and there’s no music to be heard. With wind chimes, you’ll feel the song of the wild come through your patio. Which one do you prefer? Well if you’re here, we assume you’re a wind chimer. In your search for the best wind chimes, there are a few things you should consider first. From the sound it makes to the way it looks, we’ve found some basic characteristics you need to look through before making your purchase. Here are a few things we’ve found that will help you pick out the best wind chimes for you!

Best Wind Chimes

Chime Material: Some like the beach, some like the mountains. Picking a wind chime material is entirely up to your preference. Whether you’re looking for something to match your outdoor decor or something to match your personality the material really does matter.

Best Wind Chimes

Sound: The last thing you want is a noise complaint. Finding a wind chime that doesn’t annoy the life out of you is just as important, if not more important than the chime’s material. Better yet, if you can find a wind chime that plays a specific song, you’ll have an audience outside your porch every night!

How to Pick the Best Wind Chime

Length: Finding a wind chime that reaches all the way to the floor might be a challenge, but the length of your wind chime can change the way it sounds, too. Look for a wind chime that will fit into your space perfectly to avoid the clanging against walls, tables, and chairs.

Best Wind Chimes

Base Material: Knowing what holds your chime together is key. Wind chimes are meant for the outdoors, but if your base doesn’t hold up in the weather, neither will your music. Find a sturdy base material to keep your chime together for years to come!

Best Wind Chimes

Outdoor Safe: If your wind chime plans to find a home outside of the house, you’ll need to ensure its outdoor safe. A sharp wind chime that breaks could cause injury to you, your home, plants, and animals. Be sure to double check that your new chime is safe for everyone!

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Guarantee: We all love a good guarantee. If your wind chime chips upon arrival or doesn’t make a sound when the wind blows through, you’ll want to get a new one. Find out if a guarantee covers these things before having it sent to your house!

Top 10 Products

When you’re ready to make the wind your musical instrument, we’ve taken the time to find the top rated wind chimes swinging around out there. From the best sounds to the best looking chime, we’ve found them all and they’re ready for you! Start with our top and budget picks and then move on through our list to find your perfect music.

Woodstock Wind Chimes

Top Pick
Our Top Pick goes to Woodstock Wind Chimes! This chime is tuned to Johann Pachelbel’s, Canon. The large chime and smaller chime within the wind chime itself provide a fuller sound much needed for this masterpiece of a song. Designed by a Grammy-award winning musician and instrument designer, this wind chime brings music to your ears. The very first Woodstock Wind Chime was made out of an aluminum chair found in a landfill and has since been perfected to make the wind chime you see above! The wind chime itself is made out of aluminum and wood, making it safe for the outdoors. You’ll find it’s the perfect gift or the perfect fit for your garden or patio. With 32 inches of music making material, you’ll be entertained for years to come! This wind chime also has a lifetime guarantee for tuning in case it ever gets off key. Whether you decide to put your Woodstock Wind Chimes outdoors or indoors, you won’t be disappointed in the quality and sound!
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Bellaa Capiz Wind Chime

Budget Pick
If brightly colored seashells are for you, then you’ll love the Bellaa Capiz Wind Chime. The seashells and wood are fair trade products. As these materials are the same as you would find in nature, using this wind chime outdoors is safe! The wind chime itself is handmade by local villagers in Indonesia making this a true gift from the heart as you give back to those who truly need it with your purchase. Although they may look fragile, the shells used for your chime are actually quite sturdy. The only thing you have to worry about is the color fading in the sun, which makes these chimes an excellent addition to an indoor patio or shaded garden! The sounds you can expect to hear are melodic tones that are quiet and not as loud as wood or aluminum chimes. Those looking for a little added noise outside will be happy they chose the Bellaa Capiz Wind Chime as it gives you light noise and a beautiful decoration!
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Brooklyn Basix Freedom Chimes

Eco-friendly and durable, the Brooklyn Basix Freedom Chimes give you the relaxation you need after a long day at work or in the garden. Made from bamboo and aluminum, your wind chime is made with highly recyclable, renewable, and sustainable materials making it one of the most eco-friendly wind chimes on the market. For the best experience, place your wind chime outside or near a breezy part of your home to hear the best quality sounds. Because the Brooklyn Basix Freedom Chimes are made with such high quality materials and produce a great sound, they’re considered one of the best quality wind chimes for both your entertainment and the environment. You’ll find a 100% guarantee and 1 year warranty to backup the quality and sound of your chime, too. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed hippie or a corporate office worker, you’ll have nothing to feel bad about with the Brooklyn Basic Freedom Chimes to calm you down!
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Pixpri Wind Chimes

This beautiful all metal wind chime is perfect for you if you love the look of elegance. The aluminum chimes are coated in a black powder finish to give it the perfect look for any home or patio. Because of the powder coating on the tubes, you’ll find that your new wind chime is weather resistant. The chimes themselves give off the sounds of instruments like the lute or lyre that you won’t find anywhere else, but also give you a richer, fuller, and longer sound than other wood or shell chimes. Each Pixpri wind chime comes fully assembled with an “S” hook to make installation easy and quick. Place the hook over your roof overhang, tree, or patio to hang it up. Watch it catch the wind and listen to the harmonious melody flow through your backyard or home. It’s as simple as that! If you’re looking for a sturdy, metallic wind chime that lasts through rain, wind, and sun, the Pixpri Wind Chimes are just for you!
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UpBlend Outdoors Chimes

Known as the wind chimes for those who like their neighbor, the UpBlend Outdoors Chimes are also known as some of best rated wind chimes online! Sustainable and recyclable bamboo and aluminum give this set of chimes a unique look and sound, but also give your neighbors peace of mind. If you’re a music guru, you’ll soon realize that the sound these chimes emit is from the G-major Pentatonic scale. Many have found the sound and appearance of this chime to be of such high quality that they use it to commemorate or celebrate a lost loved one as it brings back such fond memories. Each UpBlend Outdoors Chime purchase comes with details on how to care for your chimes, a list of frequently asked questions, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether you’re remembering a loved one or adding a beautiful piece to your backyard, the UpBlend Outdoors Chime is sure to impress your visitors and keep your neighbors at bay!
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Yunlights Solar Wind Chimes

Have you ever seen a wind chime with hummingbirds? Well, now you have! The Yunlights Solar Wind Chimes are a unique set of chimes that make no noise, but give an entirely new look to the chime family! This wind chime may not provide any noise for those looking to buy a traditional wind chime, but they give you a light show instead! With USB cable and solar charging, showing off your light-up hummingbirds is as easy as plugging it in or leaving it outside! Once the day comes to an end, the wind chime will turn on the lights inside your hummingbirds. The LED lights inside each bird change back and forth between 7 colors, giving you an exciting night time show that’s gentle on the eyes of you and your neighbors. If you’re someone who likes to live on the wild side and try new things, the Yunlights Solar Wind Chimes are the perfect nontraditional wind chime that will give your neighbors and visitors something to talk about!
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Blessedland Bird Wind Chimes

One of the largest sized wind chimes is also one of the best sounding wind chimes on our list! The Blessedland Bird Wind Chimes are perfect for the bird lover in your life, but the sounds of nature it plays will make you want it, too! Made with aluminum tubes coated in copper, this wind chime is durable enough to give you years of entertainment no matter if it’s inside or outside. As one of the longest wind chimes out there, you’ll experience quieter sounds as some tubes clank together only slightly as their length varies. For the bird lovers out there, you’ll find birds strung amongst the chimes themselves and on the very top of the base. You’ll also find bells added to the chimes for extra sounds and noises you wouldn’t normally hear in standard wind chimes. If you’re not 100% satisfied with either the look or the sound, you’ll receive your money back or replacement chimes without any problem. Many have come to love their Blessedland Bird Wind Chimes as it has some of the best wind chimes reviews online!
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Cozzine Garden Wind Chimes

If you’re unsure about purchasing a wind chime, the Cozzine Garden Wind Chimes is the perfect chime set. You’ll find a two year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee with every wind chime purchase. But we doubt you’ll need it! These wind chimes are waterproof, making them the perfect chimes for outdoor use. And it gets even better. The suspension cords used to string up your chimes are wind and water resistant, too, giving you long lasting and hard to break chimes! The Cozzine Garden Wind Chimes are also easy to install as a hanging ring is sent off with every purchase. You’ll find the sounds of this wind chime to be pleasing for outdoor and professional settings like businesses and stores. The super thick aluminum walls of the chimes also provide a longer lasting and fuller sound each time the wind blows through. If you’re a business owner or someone looking to add a few extra sounds to their quiet yard, the Cozzine Garden Wind Chimes are a perfect addition to any space!
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Sorbus Wind Chime

If you’re looking for a lightweight and aluminum wind chime that reminds you of your grandparents’ patio, you’ve found the one wind chime for you! The Sorbus Wind Chime is one we’ve all seen before: aluminum tubes floating down from a wooden base that makes sweet, melodic sounds. Durable and weatherproof are just a few of the benefits of this particular wind chime, but the true beauty comes from the design as the chimes descend down in a pattern that mesmerizes the eyes. Even though this chime may seem simple, the simplicity brings both harmony and beauty together all in one place! You can expect to hear relaxing bell sounds as your chimes gently brush into each other every time the wind blows by. Finding the perfect wind chime can be difficult, but the Sorbus Wind Chime makes it easy with its sound and beauty. If you learn one thing from this wind chime it’s that simple is good, too!
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occer Wind Chimes

The occer Wind Chimes give a new spin on the traditional wind chime. Inside this wind chime, you’ll find 18 different sized aluminum tubes that make up the wind catcher. Descending tallest to shortest, you’ll witness an array of chimes that takes you back to much simpler days. You’ll get to hear the chimes produce the sounds of the popular song Amazing Grace. Talk about music to your ears! Perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, the occer Wind Chimes bring both song and nature together in a way that many other wind chimes do not. The chimes themselves will be easy to hang up as every wind chime purchase comes with 3 hooks made just for hanging it up in your roof, tree, or garden. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or a simple statement piece to add to your outdoor space, the occer Wind Chimes will bring you joy and happiness for years to come!
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