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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Women’s Hiking Sandals

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quadcopter reviewsBest Women’s Hiking Sandals

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How to Choose Women’s Hiking Sandals

Choosing the best women’s hiking sandals can be the difference between a fun day of hiking and a blister-covered mess! To keep your feet comfortable and happy, we found 10 of the best hiking sandals for women, so you can find a style and fit that works perfectly! Whether you want a waterproof pair, or prefer a minimalist design, we have a sandal for you! Before you start shopping, here are a few features you should be familiar with first!

Best Women’s Hiking Sandals

Sole Material: Most hiking sandals are typically made of either rubber or synthetic soles or some combination of the two. Both materials are incredibly sturdy and long lasting, so it’s up to personal preference which one you choose for your hiking shoes.

Best Women’s Hiking Sandals

Color Options: Whether you want a traditional black sandal, or you want to mix it up with a punchy pink, we found a variety of colors! If you want to buy multiples of the same shoes in different colors, go for it!

How to Choose Women’s Hiking Sandals

Size Range: Finding hiking shoes that fit can be a struggle, especially if you have incredibly small or large feet! We let you know the range of sizes, and if they come in half sizes, so you can find the right fit!

Best Women’s Hiking Sandals

Heel Height: The heel height can vary quite a bit, so we let you know the heel height for each shoe. Higher heels create a stronger heel support, but lower heels better for “barefoot-style” hikers who want a more natural feeling step.

Best Women’s Hiking Sandals

Upper Material: The upper materials you choose depend on where you plan to wear your new hiking shoes! We found breathable mesh or textile uppers to wick away sweat and neoprene or leather uppers that are waterproof and dry in a jiffy!

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Machine Washable: Knowing the best way to clean your sandals will help them stay looking nice and last longer. Some shoes we reviewed are machine washable, while others need to be hand washed and hung up to dry to keep them nice.

Top 10 Products

Have a better idea of what you’re looking for? Great! Let’s get into the hiking sandal reviews! We reviewed a bunch of different styles to find you the 10 top hiking sandals you can wear on your next hike, day at the beach, or vacation! If you don’t have a lot of time to look through all 10 of them now, that’s fine! Just check out the Top Pick and Budget Pick first, and then come back later for more!

KEEN Women’s Rose Sandal

Top Pick
Our pick for the best hiking sandals for sale is from KEEN, a popular brand for outdoor hiking and water shoes. These sandals come in 14 beautiful color options, including grey, blue, purple, pink, and green, so you can find a pair to match your hiking gear, or grab a fun color to wear with a pretty sundress! Don’t be fooled by the beautiful design – these are some seriously high-performance hiking shoes! The thick rubber soles have antimicrobial lining to keep them dry and odor free, and the 1.25-inch heel gives you plenty of support for long walks. The leather and textile uppers look great and perform well on land or in water. The ankle strap is adjustable, giving you a proper fit every time you put them on. Another great thing about these shoes? They’re machine-washable! Just toss them in with the rest of your clothes and air dry after to freshen them up for your next big adventure!
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Northside Burke II Sport Sandal

Budget Pick
If you want the best cheap hiking sandals to take with you on your next vacation, grab a pair of these athletic sandals from Northside! You don’t need to break your budget to get a solid pair of sandals that can handle tough terrain and long treks. These slip-on sandals cover most of your foot, protecting you from rocks and sunburned feet while you spend the day exploring new cities or hitting the trails. You can adjust the bungee lacing on the front to give you the right fit. The thick soles have a 1.25” heel to give you plenty of support. The neoprene uppers look like leather, and they dry super quickly if you get them wet. We also like that these come in 13 different color options to fit your style. Since these are inexpensive, you could totally buy a few pairs to change things up or grab a different pair to match each of your vacation outfits!
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Skechers Reggae Sandal

Are you already a fan of Skechers running and walking shoes? Then grab a pair of these sandals to add to your footwear collection! These sandals have a minimalist design, which we think look great with any outfit and pack easily into your luggage or backpack. They also come in 9 color options to match whatever look you’re rocking. The synthetic sole offers the same great heel and arch support you get with Skechers running shoes, keeping your feet healthy and happy all day long. There is also plenty of traction to keep you steady while you climb over rocks, run on the beach, or swim around in the ocean! You can adjust the cloth straps on the front and back of the ankle, as well as around the toes, for a custom fit. We think these are a great pair of sandals to wear while on vacation, trekking across the beach, or dancing around at your favorite music festival!
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Teva Original Universal Sandal

Another favorite brand among our outdoorsy friends is Teva, and these women’s hiking sandals are classic shoes that stand up well to any environment. We like the minimalistic design, with a flat sole and polyester strapping that allows your feet to breathe on hot days. They come in 10 different colors, with either plain or patterned straps, to match your personal style! These will look just as stylish a hiking trail as they will at a music festival! The synthetic soles are lightweight and flexible to give you freedom to bend your feet around rocks, hills, and rough terrain. The straps are easy to adjust for a perfect fit, thanks to Velcro around the ankles and toes. The heel is just under an inch high, which is perfect for people who want a flatter sandal. If you are a fan of barefoot running, these are a great option to give your feet protection while keeping them in their natural position.
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ATIKA Maya Trail Sport Sandals

Want to take your sandals through some seriously wet terrain? Grab a pair of these water-friendly shoes from ATIKA! These inexpensive sandals come in 5 colors, so you can buy one pair or a few! They have minimal strapping that dries easily and allows plenty of ventilation to keep your feet dry and comfortable if you get sweaty. We like that you can adjust the sizing at the ankle and around the toes to give them a snug fit, which will help you keep them on tight while swimming or walking through moving water. The soles of these sandals are synthetic, making them lightweight and incredibly durable. We also like that these soles have plenty of support through the heel and arch, and have lots of traction to keep you steady on slick, wet surfaces or underwater. These are great sandals to take on your next vacation to wade through rivers, swim in lakes, or dive right into the ocean!
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CLARKS Tuvia Maddee Sandal

If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of sandals to wear while exploring a new city on vacation, grab a pair of these! The rubber sole provides plenty of traction and support for long walks on any surface. They are also easy to adjust to fit perfectly, with a Velcro ankle strap and bungee lacing on the front. This is great because you can adjust throughout the day, preventing swelling and blisters. We like that the tops of the shoe cover most of your foot, including the toes. This means you can walk around outside on a sunny day without worrying about sunburns on your feet! Another thing we really like is that the sizes range from 5-12 with half sizes, so you can easily find the right fit – even if you have large feet! We think these are great, durable sandals to toss in your luggage for your next summer trip abroad or walks in the park at home!
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Khombu River Sandals

Next up is a pair of basic sandals you can wear on the beach or your next boating trip. These are made to go in the water, so they’re perfect for wading around in a lake or river or taking with you to the beach. The rubber soles are thick and have plenty of traction for uneven ground or gravel. You can adjust these on the front and back of the ankle, along with a separate strap on the toes. These are great because you can get the right fit and get them on or off quickly. The look of these is simple and classic, matching well with your casual outfits or swimwear! To clean these, you just have to wipe them down with a damp cloth and air dry to keep them looking and feeling fresh! We think these are great sandals to pick up if you like to go from sand to water without taking off your shoes!
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Clorts Hiking Amphibious Sandal

To add some color to your beach attire, pick up a pair of these trail sandals from Clorts! They come in 3 different colors combos: blue; pink and grey; or pink and tan. All of them are stylish and will look great with a casual vacation outfit or your favorite bathing suit! The closed-toe style is great for hitting the hiking trail or walking around town, keeping your toes protected from the dirt and sun. The sole is made of rubber, with a synthetic midsole that provides extra cushion for a comfortable, bouncy step. They also have plenty of traction for wet or slick surfaces like a boat deck or sidewalk! We like that you can customize the fit around the ankle on both the front and back, giving you the chance to adjust them as the day wears on. We think these are great sandals to wear on your next vacation, and they’re great for both land and water!
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DREAM PAIRS Outdoor Sandals

Looking for a solid pair of backpacking sandals that will keep your feet in great shape all day? This pair from Dream Pairs is great for your next hike or camping trip! They cover the foot and look a lot like hiking shoes. This is great because the toes and tops of the feet are mostly covered, protecting you from dirt, gravel, and the sun. Though they are covered, the shoes have plenty of ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry too! We also like that you can adjust these at the ankle and by the bungee laces in the front. You can get the right fit, and adjust them as your feet swell throughout the day. The 1-inch heel is great for hiking, and it provides plenty of support to handle rough terrain with ease. We also like that they’re lightweight, so you can toss them into your backpack to change into if you get tired of boots!
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Xero Shoes Z-Trail Sandals

Last up in our hiking sandal buying guide are these minimalist sandals from Xero Shoes! If you prefer barefoot running or hiking, these are a great pair to pick up for a little added protection on the bottoms of your feet. The rubber sole is only 10mm thick, so you have the flexibility and natural stance you get from barefoot running shoes or being completely barefoot. There is absolutely no arch or heel support, so your feet will land naturally with each step. The non-marking sole also has plenty of grip to help you traverse we rocks and terrain confidently. The straps are also minimal in design and easy to adjust from the front and back of the ankle. Our favorite feature with these lightweight shoes is that you can roll them up! This is great because you can pack them in your luggage or hiking sack without taking up precious space! What a great gift idea for barefoot hikers!
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