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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Wood Pellets

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How to Choose the Best Wood Pellets

Not everyone wants a wood stove in their home, but for those who do, it’s always a good idea to have pellets in the house so you’re ready. The best wood pellets for sale aren’t always easy to find, however. That’s why we’ve created this wood pellet buying guide so you can see what all is out there and what factors you want to consider when choosing yours.

Best Wood Pellets

Wood: What type of wood are the pellets made out of? While this may not be important to the overall quality of the wood or the way it burns in your stove (it might) it could be a personal preference based on the scent.

Best Wood Pellets

Package Size: How much are you getting for that price? You want to know the overall weight of the bag that you’re purchasing so you can tell if it’s a good value or if it’s going to last you a set amount of time.

How to Choose the Best Wood Pellets

100% Natural: Are the pellets themselves completely natural? Is it made with only wood or is there something else mixed in there? This will change the way that they burn and how they work for your stove or the rest of your household.

Best Wood Pellets

Made in USA: This is generally going to be a personal preference but it’s something that might be very important to you. Are the pellets themselves made in the USA or are they made somewhere else? Where does the wood come from?

Best Wood Pellets

Environmentally Friendly: If left outside would these pellets be okay for the environment or do they need to be disposed of in a different way? You’ll likely want something environmentally friendly but it’s not a necessity. It’s just something to consider.

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No Oils Added: Is anything added to the wood that makes it look nice longer or makes it smell better? Once again, this is going to be a personal preference and it’s up to you whether you want oils added in or you don’t.

Top 10 Products

With so many different types of wood pellets out there you’re definitely going to want to see the options and figure out which one works best for your house and your stove. The different types of wood and different products you’re looking at can be difficult to understand when you’re overwhelmed, which is why we’ve compiled these wood pellet reviews. You can just take a look and see what’s best.

CookinPellets Smoking Pellets

Top Pick
This packet of wood pellets is made entirely of the top 4 hardwoods, so you get quality at all times and is one of the best rated wood pellets. Even better there’s absolutely no oak or alder used as a filler product. You also don’t have to worry about the manufacturer’s warranty on your wood grill or anything else you use it in because it’s completely safe for any purposes. You get entirely hickory, cherry, hard maple and apple in the pack and only heart woods rather than bark. That means you get less heat, but less ash as well, because you’re not using filler products. You’re going to get better cooking for short purposes as well as better smoking capabilities. You’ll get a whole lot of ability out of this 40 pound bag. All you need to do is figure out just where you want to use up your wood chips, like your stove, your grill or heating. They’re great for anything you need.
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Traeger Hickory Hardwood Pellets

Budget Pick
This 100% all-natural, hardwood pellet bag is great for just about anything, including grilling or smoking and features as the best of the cheap wood pellets. The 20 pound bag is entirely made with hickory (though there are several other types of wood to choose from if you prefer). In fact, you can choose from 10 different types of wood but you won’t have to worry about quality because it’s made with no binding agents and no fillers. The pellets are great for a number of different features and are sustainably sourced and manufactured in the United States. Ideal for a range of different meat products and even vegetables, these chips will give you blue smoke for consistency as well as excellent flavor. Only the best part of the wood is used so you can trust that you’ll get great results every time.
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Louisiana Grills Apple Pellets

This 40 pound bag is made with raw, North American New England Apple to create high quality pellets that can give you a super smoky and sweet flavor. In fact, it’s made with a 60/40 blend of maple and apple to get just the right scent as well as the perfect flavor. You’ll also find 3 other options for wood types if you decide to go with this company as they do offer different flavor blends as well. The wood chips inside are 100% natural hardwood and burn hot and clean. You won’t have any artificial flavor, chemicals, glues or even spray scents added into the wood, so it’s safer to use around your family and your little ones. It also is super easy to use and easy to absolutely fall in love with these best wood pellets for pellet stove, once you get a chance to try out the flavor.
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Smokehouse Wood Pellets

These apple pellets are sold in smaller bags so if you’re looking to just make a small batch of something you won’t need to overload yourself with a lot of excess. These pellets are 100% natural hardwood with absolutely no waxes, binders, oils, additives or other ingredients. They’re going to give you a strong flavor, just like you’re looking for and they do it entirely naturally, which will make you feel better about serving your food to the family. Plus you’ll be able to try out all kinds of new things. Also available in other wood varieties, such as alder, cherry, hickory and mesquite, these pellets can work great with any of your favorite meat products, including pork and ribs, though they also work great for things like cheese and vegetables and are some of our best wood pellets.
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Camp Chef Hardwood Pellets

With this bag, you’re getting 100% all-natural hickory pellets (though applewood pellets are available too). They have low moisture content because of no added oils or flavors and there are no fillers, which means you’re getting only the wood that you’re paying for. Made entirely in the United States, these pellets are great for just about any pellet style grill you could want and will make sure your food smells and tastes really great. This 20 pound bag is best for things like pork, chicken, and beef but it’s still great for seafood, veggies and even baked goods. What’s even better is you can take them anywhere you want and they will burn efficiently and consistently every single time.
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A-MAZE-N BBQ Pellets

This is a small box of pellets, but it’s great for those camping trips or just small family barbeques in the backyard. You’ll get a 2 pound box of oak pellets (though you can choose between 13 other flavors too if you prefer) and you’ll get nothing but what you want in these best wood pellets for smoking. It’s made from 100% flavor wood with absolutely no fillers, binders or oils added in. That means you’re getting what you pay for and you can trust that it’s going to taste great when you get out there to your grill or smoker. Even better, with oak pellets, you’re going to get the best of the best when it comes to smoking. These pellets are great for anything from red meat and pork to fish and game meats. Even better, they work great on your barbecue to create meat that tastes like it’s been smoked without ever having to go through all that trouble. Just about anything you like can be put on a grill or in a smoker with these pellets.
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RecTec Grills Pellets

This bag of pellets is sold in 40 pound bags and you can buy them in quantities if you need more. It’s actually a blend of woods, with oak and hickory mixed together to give you an even smokier but sweet flavor to all of your grilled or smoked products. They work in all types of pellet grills and have a consistent level of quality because they’re made with 100% natural hardwood. The pellets are dense, even more so than the hardwood that was used to create them, and that means you can get a whole lot in a small package. You’ll be able to get just the right quality of burn on everything that you make and you’ll have no problem with ash either because these provide a low quantity of ash while they burn. That makes it safer and more comfortable for you to be around and better for your food as well as some of our wood pellet grill pellets.
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BBQrs Delight Wood Smoking Pellets

This is a great choice for anyone who is looking to try out different options because it actually gives you a range of different options. You get 6 pounds of pellets, but in 1 pound increments with different flavors. There’s apple, hickory, mesquite, cherry, pecan and Jack Daniels. You’ll actually be able to try out a variety of pellets and see what you like best and just how to smoke or grill different things around your home. They’re made in the USA and will give you some great flavors to anything that you want to cook. Each of the pellets is made 100% with the wood that’s advertised aside from the Jack Daniels which is made with oak wood and charcoal from the Jack Daniels Distillery. That means you’re getting exactly what you pay for and no fillers or additives.
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Pacific Pellet Mesquite Bag

This 20 pound bag gives you 100% mesquite and alder pellets and absolutely no oil additives or fillers. This bag is designed to give you some great flavor and really make your neighbors jealous when you start up your grill or smoker. Everyone will be able to smell the great flavors of these pellets. They provide a smoky flavor that’s not too heavy, but still perfect for red meats and even vegetables. What you’re going to smell is a smoky, sweet campfire, and what you’re going to taste is even better. You can use these in just about anything you want from a smoker to any style of grill and get the flavor you’re looking for. You’ll even find that you can get some authentic style Texas mesquite flavor when you’re smoking for an extended time.
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Z Grills BBQ Wood Pellets

Our final option is a bag of pure oak. If you’re looking to start smoking or grilling with flavor then oak is the way to go because it’s an all-around flavor that works for just about anything. These pellets are 100% oak and are clean burning, giving off very little ash, which makes them safer for the environment. Made entirely in the USA, this bag of pellets doesn’t contain any kind of oils, glues, chemicals or artificial flavoring. You’ll love that they are consistent so every time you burn them you’re going to get the same flavor and the same level of smokiness. That’s definitely going to improve your grilling and make you never want to go somewhere else for barbeque again.
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