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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Wood Splitters

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How to Pick a Top Log Splitter

Log splitting is hard, sweaty work. Anything that can make it a little easier would be a boon to anyone with a wood-burning stove or fireplace. We have scoured the internet for the best wood splitters for sale. After lots of research, we’ve complied our top ten favorite splitters. All of them are smart options. But before we jump to the log splitter reviews, here are a few things you should consider when shopping.

Best Wood Splitters

Type: Type refers to how the log splitter gets its power. Some wood splitters are manual. Other splitters are electric and need to be plugged in or gas-powered.

Best Wood Splitters

Log Width: How wide of a log can the wood splitter handle? Width is determined by the width of the machine and the largest piece of wood it can split.

How to Pick a Top Log Splitter

Log Length: How long of a log can your wood splitter handle? Length (and width) help you to know what sized logs it can use. Make sure your new wood splitter can get the job done.

Best Wood Splitters

Dimension: The dimension icon will tell you how big the actual log splitter will be. Make sure you have enough room in your garage or shed for the equipment with this handy stat.

Best Wood Splitters

Weight: How heavy the log splitter is can make a big difference if you plan to move it around. It’s also worth checking this spec to determine what surface the splitter can stand on.

Product Intro Icon

Warranty: How many years will your new splitter be covered by the manufacturer? Warranties mean that the company will to stand behind their product. Always double check the length.

Top 10 Products

It took us days, but we’ve narrowed down our favorite manual, gas, and electric wood splitters to ten great choices. If you simply want the best wood splitter, check out the top pick and budget pick. Now, let’s get to those wood splitting reviews!

Sun Joe LJ10M Logger

Top Pick
The Sun Joe LJ10M has a powerful, hydraulic ram to help cleave through even the toughest of wood. We love it for its super sturdy steel construction. Although it weighs nearly 90 pounds, we didn’t have any trouble moving it around because of the cleverly placed wheels. Considering how inexpensive and small this machine is, the Sun Joe does so much work. And such a clever design too! The sides of the splitter house little cradles that keep the wood from tumbling off, making clean up quick and easy. It can handle massive 18 x 8-inch pieces of wood and split it up into nice, fire-sized pieces. It is covered under a comprehensive 2-year warranty that will ensure you’ll be splitting logs quickly and easily for years to come.
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Kindling Cracker Wood Splitter

Budget Pick
Looking for the best wood splitter for the money? The Kindling Cracker Wood Splitter is a winner in our book! While it is manual, this cast-iron marvel is easy to use for nearly everyone. Just insert the log into the top and use a mallet to drive the log down onto the sharpened blade in the center. With the assistance of gravity, you’ll be able to split even harder woods in half with ease. The super safe design ensures that your hands won’t be anywhere near the blade. For what you get, this splitter is a steal, even with the additional cost of a mallet. So if you’re looking for a maintenance-free option that won’t cost an arm and a leg, check out the Kindling Cracker.
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WEN 56206 Electric Log Splitter

Now, to an electric model! These will be a little more expensive than the manual wood splitters, but if you have a ton of wood to split, it is certainly worth it. The WEN 56206 takes most of the manual labor out of log splitting, which is a dream come true. This model is the six-ton model (WEN also offers some really high-powered 22-ton and 30-ton models that are probably too much for the average homeowner). It uses standard household electricity, making it simple to plug up and go. This also ensures that the user is safe inside or outside from gas fumes! With its super portable design on 6-inch wheels, you’ll be able to use this machine anywhere you need it. And it’s all covered under a great, two-year warranty!
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Renegade Foot-Operated Log Splitter

The Renegade wood splitter is our favorite foot-operated splitter around. Using our feet to manipulate the machine seems to save most of us from having sore arms, shoulders, and backs in the morning. Our favorite feature of the Renegade is its ability to fold flat and come almost anywhere with you. And at only 23 pounds, you can bring it camping or back and forth between work sites with ease. It’s low maintenance. It seems to work best on smaller pieces of wood, but if that’s all you’re splitting, this is the perfect machine. And the best part? It’s very affordable! So if you’re looking for a lightweight splitter to do some heavy work, check out the Renegade; we’re confident you’ll like just as much as we did.
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Powerhouse XM-380

Want to split more than 100 logs in an hour? The Powerhouse XM-380 says it can do it, and after seeing it work, we believe them! This powerful, electric wood splitter can split a log in about six seconds. It features a powerful 3HP, 3500RPM motor. Also, its two-hand activation makes for safer cutting. The easy loading system forces the blade to retract after you remove your hands from either of the handles, cutting reload time down to mere seconds and adding an additional layer of safety for the user. In fact, this amazing machine might have been our Top Pick if it wasn’t for how poorly the user’s manual was written. It made it much harder to get started. But, anything that makes splitting faster, easier, and safer is still a winner in our book!
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Champion Power Equipment 90720

The Champion 90720 is a monster! If you do a ton of big wood splitting and need a portable and quick machine, this is the one. It can split wood at incredible speeds, making quick work of your chopping chores. It can cut and reload in about twenty seconds, regardless of the size of the wood you’re splitting. All it needs to get running is oil and gasoline; that’s it! The Champion has a powerful, four-stroke, 80cc engine that just doesn’t quit. Here’s the cool part: the warranty on this splitter lasts for two years, but you get lifetime technical support for your Champion. So no matter when you need help with your splitter, Champion will always be there.
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Estwing E-5 Sure Split Wedge

Want something a little simpler? The Estwing E-5 Sure Split Wedge is a simple wood splitter. It’s actually just a quality wedge of metal. It’s nine inches long and made of hearty American steel. All you need is a mallet to drive the stake into the wood. While it’s just as much labor as an ax, it is much safer than swinging a blade around. We like this wedge for its cheap, reliable, and sturdy construction. Also, it’s a much a better workout than the electric models! If you like simple construction that won’t be expensive, will get the job done, and has almost nothing on it to break, the Estwing E-5 Sure Split Wedge is the perfect one for you!
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Mighty Hand Kindling Splitter

The Mighty Hand splitter is one of the lightest splitters on this list. It’s a mere 7 lbs but makes cutting as easy as with one of the heavier models. It is made from steel, aluminum, and zinc alloys to make sure it’s as light as possible. Its simple yet brilliant design ensures your hands are nowhere near the blade, making it as safe as possible. It even has a little rubber blade guard for when the splitter is not in use. The Mighty Hand folds up to make for easy storage. It’s great for keeping in the car for camping trips. We love this model for its simplicity and its ease of use. Sometimes less really is more.
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Boss Industrial ES7T20

The Boss is in! This powerful electric wood splitter is on this list for a good reason. Here’s the scoop. It has an incredible 2HP motor that produces more than 7 tons of force to split wood in seconds. It has an automatic ram return that makes loading and splitting as quick as possible. It’s industrial strength but runs off of any old outlet at your home. Just make sure you have a long extension cord around so you can bring the Boss to wherever you need it. There are even wheels to help you to get it there. But the best part? Being able to operate it with a simple push of a button. It’s so easy, even those with aches and pains won’t have much of a problem with this amazing machine.
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Goplus Electric Log Splitter

Want an electric splitter that splits smaller pieces of wood with six tons of force? The Goplus Electric Log Splitter is exactly what you’re looking for. This little rocket is designed to be used inside or outside. It’s waterproof to protect from rust damage. It has a powerful 2 HP engine that has a lot of get up and go; it’s even strong enough for harder woods. This a great model if you are looking for an indoor unit that will set up nicely in your garage. It does have wheels, however, if you want to move locations with relative ease. The one downside to this little machine is how low to the ground it is. Prolonged use can be a little bit of a pain in the back. But that is our only complaint with this little gem of a log splitter. And it’s cheaper than many electric models for sale!
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