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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Workbenches

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How to Choose the Best Workbench

Working on any of your projects is going to require you to have space, right? You need a place that you can easily lay out your pieces and your tools and plan what you’re going to do. Workbenches, however, are not always simple to find, at least, not the ones that you want. The best workbenches are ones that are large enough for your project but small enough to fit in the space you have in your workshop. With this workbench buying guide, you’ll be able to get off to the right start on finding your ideal workbench.

Best Workbenches

Material: Is the bench itself made of wood or metal or plastic? A plastic one will be lighter and easier to carry but wood or metal will generally last longer and be more durable. It’s up to your preference which way you want to go.

Best Workbenches

Portable: Can it easily be taken wherever you want to go? Is it going to be small enough or light enough that you can pick it up and carry it? This may also depend on the specific material that it’s made of and is your own personal choice.

How to Choose the Best Workbench

Foldable: Can you fold it up and put it into a smaller space? This could be for storage where you don’t have a lot of room or for transporting it to other places. It’s another aspect that’s only important if it matters to you.

Best Workbenches

Pieces Included: Do you get more than one workbench? Are you getting additional accessories to go along with the workbench? You’ll want to know all of these things before you pick it out so you’re prepared for your next task.

Best Workbenches

Size: Just how large is the bench? This is possibly the most important aspect because you need something large enough you can get your projects done. At the same time, you don’t want something that overwhelms the space.

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Weight Capacity: How much can the bench hold? Which of your tools or projects are you going to be able to use it with? This is partially going to depend on the material that the bench itself is made of among other things.

Top 10 Products

With so many different workbenches out there it can be difficult to figure out just which one is going to be the best for your needs. Well, we’ve done a lot of the work and created this work bench review for each of our favorites. That way you can take a look and narrow down your own options before you go spend a lot of money.

Seville Classics Workbench

Top Pick
Our top workbench is this stainless steel work bench that has plenty of space to hang many of your tools, lighting so you can see everything you need and even a work surface and drawer. You’ll be able to sort and organize everything that you need and then use it easily as well, which is the even more important part. With most of the frame and design made of stainless steel and heavy duty steel, the powder coat over the top keeps it from rusting. The leveling feet can be adjusted individually so you can get a great level of balance and there’s even a power strip on the unit so you can plug in your additional tools. All you need to do is put in the 23 hooks that are included and hang up your tools or store them in the lined drawers or shelf.
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Keter Compact Workbench

Budget Pick
Our best cheap work bench is still an excellent choice that will help you work on any of your favorite projects. The heavy duty sawhorse work table includes 2 12” clamps along with it so you can attach anything you need and get started on your task. It has a quick opening system as well, which makes it even more portable and allows you to store it away quickly and easily when you don’t need it. This makes it much more convenient, as does the large size of the unit for even bigger purposes. It’s capable of holding up to 1000 pounds at one time and even folds out into a second shelf to give you space for all of your gear and tools while you’re working. It even has a 3 step setup process and has adjustable holding clamps.
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2x4 Basics Workbench System

This workbench actually has several different shelves and work spaces for you and your tools, which makes it a highly versatile option for anyone that needs to get to work more quickly. The two shelves at the workbench tops and at the bottom provide plenty of spaces for storage and the main bench is great for your work. The entire thing is able to support 1000 pounds and you can put it together yourself with simple pieces of lumber from your local store. There’s a 2 year warranty included on the bench and all you need to do is make 90 degree cuts in order to get it all put together. You can even make it anywhere from 8 feet to 4 feet and you have the freedom to rearrange the style of the shelves and everything else included.
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Black & Decker Project Center

This portable folding work bench still provides you with everything you could possibly need to work on your next project. This system actually folds into several different configurations so you can get the exact purpose that you need out of it. Then, you can fold it down so that it’s easier to store out of the way or take with you wherever you need to go. With a weight capacity of 550 pounds it’s definitely able to take just about anything that you might throw at it and the unique design means you can attach different tools as well. This bench even has a one handed clamp system that lets you move the jaw independently however you like and comes with a vise to workbench converter insert, extra blocks and swivel pegs. Made with steel and wood it’s more than durable enough for anything you need.
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WORX Pegasus Work Table

This work table is made of durable polyurethane that’s able to convert from a work table to a sawhorse to even a bench in no time at all. With absolutely no assembly required it’s simple to fold up when you’re done with it so you can easily store it away somewhere that it won’t take up much space. It’s also easy to carry with you when you need to travel and lightweight while also being strong. In fact, as a table, it’s able to support up to 300 pounds and as a sawhorse it can support up to 1000. With locking legs to increase its security it also has 2 quick clamps and 4 regular clamps. This work table definitely has everything that you’ll need to complete your next project because it has little holes and crevices as well as a shelf under it for all of your tools and pieces as well as a ruler carved into its top. This makes it even easier to see what you’re doing.
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Windsor Design Workbench

This hardwood bench is actually designed to give you plenty of options because not only does it give you a large surface to work on but it also gives you 4 drawers and a shelf that you can store everything you might need in. So it’s definitely going to help you keep your workroom looking great. Moderately priced, this workbench even has additional features that help you get your projects done more easily, such as the clamp at the end to hold anything you need. With a protective lacquer finish and felt lined drawers you won’t have to worry about damage to it or your tools. This table is capable of holding up to 250 pounds on the top section and up to 25 pounds in each drawer, which gives you a total weight of over 350 pounds. Plus it’s strong and durable so you can set it up and not worry about it again.
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Performance Tool Workbench

This metal work bench for sale gives you a 200 pound safe working load and folds down so you can store it more easily. This also makes it even easier to take with you if you’re working on a project away from home. The top of the table has a printed grid, ruler and a protractor that make it easier for you to get your next project completed and there’s even a one-handed clamp system that lets you adjust everything with just one hand. The jaws are designed to resist warping and they can even be tilted to angles for even more versatility. The durable structure of this unit and the fact that it’s easy to get ready and to take apart mean that you’ll be able to get any of your projects completed in no time, plus there are spaces at the bottom that will hold your small tools, including screwdrivers and pliers.
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BenchPro Roosevelt Workbench

This table may be simple, but it’s still one that you’ll want to take a closer look at. The chemical resistant surface means that you can do a whole lot with this table, and the fact that it can support up to 1,200 pounds means even more. With an adjustable height feature, you can set it up right where you want and make sure it’s ready for each project, then adjust it for the next. Available in several different sizes and even styles, it’s easy to assemble and comes with a 25 year warranty, so you know it’s going to be strong and durable. Ready to go in no time at all, this table is antimicrobial and it’s chemical and moisture resistant as well. Made with steel, it may not look like a whole lot but it’s definitely going to let you do anything you want with no problems.
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Olympia Tools Workbench

This moderately priced workbench offers 2 drawers and a large shelf to store your tools as well as a pegboard backing that lets you hang anything you might need. With the large work surface even comes a light so you always have the ability to see what you’re working on and to concentrate harder. There’s even a power strip built in so you can plug in other electronic tools for more versatility. Entirely made with heavy duty steel and an enamel finish, this workbench is able to safely support up to 220 pounds with no problem. The sleek design is great for anyone who has limited space but wants to store a lot of tools and the fact that it’s made by a company well known for these types of products means you can definitely count on it to last.
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BestMassage Heavy Duty Workbench

This counter height work bench is designed to give you everything that you need in one spot. You’ll have a full size pegboard that you can use to hang all of your smaller tools and 2 drawers plus a large shelf to help you store the larger ones. At an inexpensive price, this system is also a great option for anyone looking to set up a workshop. It’s made with steel and MDF panel for you to work on, so it’s durable and ready to handle a heavy load. Capable of holding up to 300 pounds it has non-slip rubber feet and it uses a powder coating that makes it easier to clean. This heavy duty work bench is great for standing or sitting while you work and the large size allows you to set up and everything and be ready to go no matter what.
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