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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Yogurts for Your Baby

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How to Choose the Best Baby Yogurt

When it comes to your baby, there’s no room for second best. While all parents want high-quality products for their child, choosing the right food and snacks for your baby can be difficult. Finding the best yogurt for your baby can be quite the task, so we’re here to help. Here’s the deal: we’ve researched and investigated the best yogurt brands for babies and compiled this list. Now: before you review the results, here are some key considerations to keep in mind when buying yogurt for your baby:

Best Yogurts for Your Baby

Stage: It’s important to make sure that your child eats food appropriate to their developmental stage. Stage 1 is for babies aged 4-6 months, stage 2 is for babies aged 7-8 months, stage 3 is for babies aged 9-12 months. Finally, children 12 months or older are ready for stage 4 foods.

Best Yogurts for Your Baby

Organic: Parents concerned about pesticides and GMOs in food will often choose organic options for their children. Many yogurts in this review are certified organic, so parents can know that their child will steer clear of unwanted chemicals and additives.

How to Choose the Best Baby Yogurt

Flavors: All parents can relate here: trying to feed your child food that they just don’t want to eat can be a recipe for disaster. Luckily, we’ve selected a variety of yogurts for babies with a wide array of different flavors to satisfy the pickiest of eaters.

Best Yogurts for Your Baby

Refrigerate: Parents-on-the-go will want to listen up here: while yogurt traditionally comes refrigerated, many baby yogurts come in specially designed pouches so they can be left unrefrigerated in your pantry. These can be great snack options for your baby while traveling.

Best Yogurts for Your Baby

Amount: Many of the yogurts in this review come in multi-pack options so you can buy in bulk and save money. Some of the most popular multi-packs come with 6, 12, or 16 individual yogurt snacks, often at very affordable prices.

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No Artificial Flavor: In addition to pesticides and chemicals, many parents are concerned about the presence of artificial flavors in their baby’s food. Fortunately, many of the brands in our review specifically avoid artificial flavors in their yogurts.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what to look for in your baby’s yogurt let’s get straight to the reviews. Parents in a rush can skip right to the top pick, and the budget pick to find the best yogurt for babies. From organic vegetable and fruit yogurt to yogurt blends, there are some tasty and vitamin-packed baby yogurts in this review. Whether you’re interested in organic yogurts or those with no artificial flavors, we’ll help you find the best yogurt snack for your child.

Plum Organics Mighty 4

Top Pick
Parents looking for unique ways to spice up their baby’s diet and incorporate more veggies will certainly enjoy the Plum Organics Mighty 4 Yogurt. With unique yet incredibly palatable flavors like carrot, guava, oats, and black beans and sweet potato, blueberry, and millet Greek yogurt, these yogurt snacks are sure to keep parents and babies happy. Plum takes a complete foods approach to this yogurt, incorporating four food groups into every pouch: whole grains, fruits, veggies, and dairy. Packed with 20% or more of a child’s daily value of vitamin A, C, and E they’re sure to please parents. Formulated in partnership with a pediatric advisor, these yogurts are certified organic and are made without genetically modified ingredients. Friendly, individual sized snacks in BPA-free packaging are sure to keep your little one moving fueled for all their daily adventures. We’d certainly put Plum’s delectable snacks down as the best yogurt to feed babies, and the little ones seem to agree.
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Gerber Yogurt Blends

Budget Pick
Parents on a budget will be happy with this great option from Gerber. Gerber’s baby yogurt blend combines a scrumptious whole-milk yogurt with real fruit. With a creamy texture and a delicious taste, the Gerber Yogurt Blends come packed with calcium and vitamins A, D, and E. The Gerber Yogurt Blends are ready to eat right out of their specially prepared package with no refrigeration needed before serving. The thicker consistency means that these yogurts don’t drip easily and their pale color resists staining, so they’re great for messy kids. Parents of picky eaters will particularly like the simple flavors that Gerber offers with these yogurt blends: the simply banana, simply peach, and simply strawberry flavors will encourage the little ones to eat without a fuss. Perfect for a stage 3 child, you can’t go wrong with the Gerber Yogurt Blends. With the Gerber Yogurt Blends, you can give your child the best while also maintaining your budget.
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Earth's Best Organic Fruit Yogurt

Home to a complete line of wholly organic baby foods, Earth’s Best is the best yogurt brand for babies and organic-food conscious parents. Packed full of organic ingredients grown without pesticides or growth hormones and without added flavors, sugars, or preservatives, Earths Best gives parents a number of delicious flavor options to choose from. Fan favorites include pineapple, orange, and banana and Earth's Best provides some classic flavors like strawberry banana, too. These USDA-certified organic fruit snacks are convenient, re-sealable and provide a full serving of fruit in each BPA-free pouch. They don't need refrigeration, so parents can take them along when they're on the go, but they make an equally great snack at home. Their fun pouches come decorated with loveable children’s characters that are sure to get baby excited for their daily serving of fruit and veg. Earth’s Best certainly comes out on top here with the best yogurt for babies.
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Happy Tot Organic Super Morning

If you’re looking for a tasty breakfast option for your little ones, you can stop right here. The Happy Tot Super Morning is the best yogurt to give babies for breakfast because of its unique blend of organic fruits, yogurt, whole grain oats, and chia seeds. This yogurt is the perfect breakfast or midday snack for your tot, and the convenient BPA-free packaging means you can take it with you when you’re on the go. These pouches each come with 3g of fiber and plenty of omega 3s, but your toddler won’t even notice because the flavor options are just oh-so-good. Banana blueberry yogurt and oats and apple cinnamon yogurt and oats are sure to please the pickiest of eaters. These affordable eight-pack yogurts are certified USDA organic, kosher, and made with gluten-free oats, so they're great for most little ones and parents on a budget. You can start your baby’s morning correctly with the Happy Tot Organic Super Morning yogurt.
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Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food

Ella’s Kitchen really brought their A-game with this amazing selection of organic baby yogurts. With twenty-five (yes, you read that correctly) different flavors you’re sure to find one that’ll make baby happy. They offer a variety of delectable breakfast and snack options like pear and blueberry but have some great fruit-veggie blend yogurts like apple, spinach, and rutabaga, too. Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food is the best first yogurt for babies, and it is perfect for little ones exploring new tastes as they move into stage two. The convenient BPA-free pouch packaging doesn't need refrigeration and can be saved for up to 24 hours. These baby yogurts are certified USDA organic, kosher, and GMO-free, so parents can rest easy here. Whether you're looking for a snack on the go or a meal for baby, these yogurts are a great option. Ella’s Kitchen baby foods are so great, you might find yourself eating them, too.
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Sprout Organic Baby Food

Perfect for little ones exploring yogurt for the first time, Sprout’s Organic Baby Food is made with whole organic fruits and yogurts. Designed specifically for babies starting to develop food preferences, the great tastes in the mango apple and strawberry banana pouches are a great way to get baby interested in eating fruits. Sprout uses only whole foods in their yogurts, so parents can give their children real fruit and veg instead of the stuff from concentrate. Artificial flavor and added sugar-free yogurts help your child develop an interest in real fruit instead of refined sweets. The 100% BPA-free packaging contains just the right amount for a midday snack and can be taken anywhere, whether on a plane, at a soccer match, or to grandma's house. With 2g of protein and 60% of baby's daily vitamin C in one pouch, you can't go wrong here. Start your child off right with Sprout Organic Baby Food, the best yogurt for babies with developing taste buds.
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Gerber Graduates Yogurt Blends

The Gerber Graduates Yogurt Blends are the big kid's version of this review's budget pick, the Gerber Yogurt Blends. Specifically designed for toddlers on the go at stage four or above, this baby yogurt blend requires no refrigeration. Easy to eat out of individually sized yogurt cups, the Gerber Graduates are rich and creamy, so picky eaters will love the texture. Two great flavors – mixed berry and strawberry banana – round out the options for this yogurt and are certainly crowd favorites. Gerber is well known for supporting parents as they find the best for their babies and they’ve certainly done so with their yogurt blends. The Graduates label from Gerber lets you know that the food is suitable for your growing child. Whether you’re looking for a midday yogurt snack or a quick meal for your tot, you can look no farther than the Graduates Yogurt Blends from Gerber, one of the best yogurt brands for babies.
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Beech-Nut Breakfast On-the-Go

Toddlers on the move don’t have time for a sit-down meal. Thankfully, Beech-Nut whipped up these amazing little on-the-go breakfast yogurt pouches for the most active of toddlers. Using inspired-by-homemade recipes, Beech-Nut offers nineteen different flavors from apple, mango, and carrot to squash, peas, and pear. Beech-Nut sources their ingredients for quality and prepares their yogurts with high attention to detail. Labeled specifically as ‘real food for babies’ these yogurts are no ‘baby’ food. With real ingredients, wholesome nutrients, and tasty flavors, these yogurts will start your child off right as they explore new tastes in their early years. These Beech-Nut yogurts are a great no-added sugar and artificial flavor-free option for young children. Even better: these individually packaged snacks will get tots eating their fruits and vegetables. BPA-free packaging and all-natural ingredients making choosing the Beech-Nut Breakfast On-the-Go a no-brainer. The hardest part of this decision is choosing which flavor you’ll buy!
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Happy Baby Greek Baby Yogurt

The tasty Happy Baby Greek Baby Yogurt is certified organic and to give parents peace of mind while their baby snacks away. With a convenient BPA-free on-the-go-pouch that doesn't need to be refrigerated and a delicious combination of fruits and veg in each serving, babies can enjoy these wherever life's adventures take them. If that wasn't good enough, these Greek yogurts are kosher and gluten-free. Happy Baby makes their yogurts in consultation with pediatricians and nutritionists, so they’re chock-full of vitamins and nutrients. These Happy Baby yogurts come in delicious flavor combos like apples, cherries, and blueberries for fruit lovers and even a zucchini, pear, and kale option to help baby try new tastes. Without added sugars or artificial flavors, parents can happily let their children snack on these yogurts day after day. Kids who try it will agree, these Happy Baby snacks really are the best Greek yogurt for babies.
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Stonyfield Organic Yokids

Stonyfield is well known for their line of high-quality yogurts, and their Yokids snacks are no exception. With milk sourced from pasture-raised cows and pesticide-free fruits, these yogurts are a great option for your toddlers. These six packs come with single serving strawberry and strawberry banana yogurt cups, so they're perfect for picky eaters. Fully USDA Organic and made without high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors, the Yokids are excellent sources of calcium and vitamin D. They're also chock full of protein and potassium, so you can help baby get the nutrients they need. Also certified gluten-free and suitable for lactose intolerant individuals, YoKids are great for a variety of different eaters. Since they require refrigeration, they're great for breakfast or a mid morning snack. Most parents find that the Stonyfield Organic Yokids yogurts are so good, they start snacking on them, too. If you're looking for the best yogurt brand for babies, you can look no farther than Stonyfield.
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