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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Manual Hand Coffee Grinders

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How to Pick Your Coffee Grinder

Looking for the best hand coffee grinder? You’re in the right place! Electric coffee grinders win out for convenience, but any coffee aficionado will tell you that a hand coffee grinder is where it’s at when it comes to an even, thorough grind and the very best taste. It might be one of those things you have to try before you believe it - and we tried. Oh, boy, did we try! We researched dozens of the most popular hand coffee grinders on the market, seeking the best manual coffee grinders for you. After lots and lots of grinding and lots and lots of caffeine, we narrowed the list down to the top 10. The winners cover a few different styles of grinders that are amazing for different reasons. Now: Before reading the coffee grinder reviews below, take a quick look at the following helpful specs to look for when shopping. We’ve included these specs again with each review to help you easily compare products. Happy brewing!

Manual Hand Coffee Grinders

Size: The dimensions of a coffee grinder affect how good of an option it is for traveling or tucking in a cupboard. Some coffee grinders are long and slim, while others are short and bulky.

Manual Hand Coffee Grinders

Weight: This one is pretty straight forward. It’s the total weight of the assembled hand coffee grinder. You want a robust feel but also nothing that’s too heavy to hold comfortably.

How to Pick Your Coffee Grinder

Material: Besides affecting the looks of your grinder, the materials used also impact whether it’s a good option for traveling, picnics, and camping – think fragile glass vs. strong steel.

Manual Hand Coffee Grinders

Capacity: The grinders on this list can hold anywhere from 1/4 to 1 cup of coffee beans. Bigger capacities are better for grinding larger quantities, but 40g is enough for 2-3 cups.

Manual Hand Coffee Grinders

Type: The best hand coffee grinders use ceramic burrs, which are long-lasting (they don’t degrade like metal burrs), don’t produce heat, and make a more consistent grind than metal burrs.

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Warranty: A solid warranty is great if you happen to have issues with your coffee grinder. All products featured here are high quality, but it’s nice to have options if something breaks.

Top 10 Products

Here’s the deal: If you’re in a hurry, check out our recommended top pick and budget pick. Both are awesome and make fantastic coffee. If you prefer more research and nuance, there are also eight runner-ups with lots of different features and benefits. From stainless steel travel coffee grinders to a top-quality grinder that started as a Kickstarter campaign, we reviewed them all. The result? You can compare several different types of coffee grinders with different styles, materials, and bean capacities to find the best manual coffee grinder for you. Let’s go!

Hario Skerton Coffee Mill

Top Pick
The Hario Skerton is a cult classic of hand coffee grinders, and it’s withstood the tests of time! The Japanese design features a horizontal handle, a silicone hopper cover and bottom grip, and a hopper body made of glass and strong polypropylene plastic. It is relatively small and easy to disassemble. The 100g capacity should allow you to grind enough beans to make 8-9 cups of coffee so you can please a crowd of caffeine-hungry people if they’re willing to watch you grind. It can be adjusted from coarse to super fine. The Hario Skerton offers a fine-tuned incredible range of grind options and fantastic precision. The one downside of this design is that adjusting the grind is a bit tricky. You have to pull off the handle to access a nut to adjust the grind. This means you can fine tune it as needed, since you can adjust it as little or as much as you would like, but can be inconvenient if you like to use different grinds regularly. Overall, though, it’s one of the best coffee grinders for sale.
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JavaPresse Coffee Grinder

Budget Pick
This stainless steel hand coffee grinder is a great choice for camping and traveling. It has a slim cylindrical shape that’s easy to pack, plus the durable stainless steel body means it can be bumped around a bit without breaking. It has a capacity of about 40g so it can grind enough for 2-3 cups of coffee at a time. This is on the low end of hand grinder capacities that we’ve seen, so it’s best for making coffee for one or two people at a time. You can adjust the grind with a knob that “clicks” easily across 18 grind settings. This makes it easy to change up your grind without taking apart the grinder, and the 18 settings give you a lot of control over how fine or coarse your grind is, from French press to espresso. We recommend this inexpensive hand coffee grinder for campers and travelers as well as for everyday coffee drinkers who want to freshly grind their beans for one or two cups of coffee. Its durability also makes it a great way to help handle chaotic mornings without breaking a sweat - or your grinder.
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Khaw-Fee HG1B Hand Grinder

The Hario Skerton inspired quite a few spin-offs, and the Khaw-Fee HG1B is one of them. It features a rubber top, silicone non-slip base, and a glass body. Like the Hario Skerton, you have to remove the horizontal handle to adjust the grind by accessing the nut inside of the grinder. It doesn’t always produce the best fine grind for espresso but works very well for drip and pour-over coffee. It has a capacity of about 75g so it can grind enough for about 7 cups of coffee. This makes it a good choice if you want to freshly grind coffee beans for three or four coffee-lovers. This style of coffee maker is not ideal for traveling due to its glass parts but works well in the kitchen. The non-slip base gives you some security as you grind. The grind adjustment method is not always the fastest way to change the grind settings, but it does give you a high level of control over the grind, which some people prefer. Overall, the Hario Skerton coffee mill is worth springing for if you want a higher capacity.
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Zingy Portable Manual Grinder

This small portable hand coffee grinder follows the cylindrical stainless steel design of our budget pick, but it also features a silicone non-slip textured ring around its middle. It comes with a cleaning brush and coffee scoop to take along for the ride. It has a capacity of about 40g for making up to 4 cups of coffee at a time. It’s easy to adjust the grind coarseness, and it has a horizontal handle. It is slightly lighter than our budget pick but around the same size and same capacity. We recommend springing for the Zingy product if you like the idea of a silicone grip helping you hang on as you furiously grind away. The stainless steel body of this manual coffee grinder helps it hold up to everyday abuse and the perils of camping and traveling, while the cylindrical shape makes it easy to pack in a backpack or suitcase. We recommend it if you’ve tried this style of coffee grinder before and want one that is a little easier and more comfortable to hang on to.
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Foruchoice Vintage Coffee Grinder

This coffee grinder takes a step away from the sleek stainless and glass coffee grinders of the modern day. It’s a throwback to vintage coffee grinders. It is obviously not very portable, but makes a great statement piece or gift! The top portion is made of a mix of cast iron and plastic with a wooden drawer underneath that the coffee dispenses into. It has a small capacity of approximately 30g, enough for 3 cups of coffee at most. While it’s somewhat difficult to adjust, the retro feel of the product is incredibly satisfying and stylish. We recommend lining the drawer with aluminum foil or something similar for regular use. Otherwise, the coffee will stain the drawer and may take on a scent of chemically treated wood. We don’t think this is the most efficient coffee grinder for everyday use, but it’s bound to make a splash in your kitchen as a design-piece. Its capacity makes it work best for one or two people. You can definitely grind in style with this classic grinder.
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Handground Precision Coffee Grinder

The Handground manual coffee grinder began as a Kickstarter campaign. What we loved the most about it was the materials: an aluminum and glass body with a vertical-facing Pakka wood knob. The hopper has a 100g capacity, the same capacity as the Hario Skerton but with a more cylindrical design. The hopper also has measurement marks, with each mark denoting about 10g of beans so you can measure out beans without a scoop. It has 15 total grind settings that you can adjust by turning a ring around the middle of the coffee grinder. The product was specially designed to prevent “burr wobble” and to grind as efficiently and quickly as possible. The vertical handle placement is another nice feature that has a more natural feel to it than horizontal handles. This coffee grinder is on the higher end, and a great choice for people looking for something durable and stylish that’s a step up from the Hario Skerton and budget coffee grinders. It’s sleek and solidly made from top to bottom. It also makes a great gift for coffee lovers.
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Coolife Coffee Grinder

The Coolife coffee grinder is a solid mimic of the Hario Skerton. It has a 100g capacity for brewing up to 9 cups of coffee at a time from freshly ground beans, and the classic ceramic burr grinder that we love so much. It has a non-slip silicone base and a glass and plastic body with a horizontal handle. It’s easy to take apart for cleaning, but adjusting the grind requires unscrewing the handle and adjusting a nut inside of the grinder. On the one hand, this means you can fine tune your grind just the way you like it. On the other hand, you have to readjust the grind after each washing, and the adjustment process may be annoying if you regularly use different grinds of coffee. Although this hand coffee grinder is small enough to take along on your travels, the glass material can make that a little risky. It’s a good kitchen grinder for people who aren’t sure they want to invest a lot, as well as for frugal coffee lovers.
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Simple Kitchen Products Grinder

The Simple Kitchen burr hand coffee grinder has a 100g capacity for brewing 8-9 cups of coffee at a time. It has a similar hourglass design to the Hario Skerton grinder with a mix of plastic and glass parts, a non-slip rubber base, and a horizontal hand crank. The plastic is relatively heavy-duty, so it doesn’t feel cheap, but it isn’t as stylish as some of our other coffee grinder picks. You have to open up the grinder to adjust the grind by tightening a nut, which can be annoying if you prefer to “set it and forget it” or want to easily switch between different grind types for different brews. This grinder works pretty well but is a little on the larger and heavier side than other coffee grinders with similar capacities. It blends in rather than making a statement, which is up to your personal tastes. It’s a good kitchen coffee grinder, but we wouldn’t recommend taking it traveling unless you can wrap it securely to keep the glass intact.
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Infinite Coffee's Grind and Brew

Modeled after the Cafflano Klassic, the Infinite Coffee Grind and Brew is that all-in-one ultra-portable coffee solution you’ve been dreaming of. Grind whole beans with the burr grinder into a metal pour-over filter set in an insulated lidded GoCup travel mug. The grinder adjusts with a knob, and the hand crank folds in for easy storage and transport. You can brew about 8 ounces at a time with the filter, so the grinder has a capacity of about 15-20g. If you remove the filter, the mug can hold up to 20 ounces. For people who love pour-over coffee and are constantly late for morning obligations, a grind and brew travel mug might get you caffeinated and to work or school on time! If you love all-in-one designs, a grind-and-brew travel mug is as close to all-in-one as you can get when it comes to coffee on the go. This mug can be an especially good option for camping trips and travel without sacrificing your daily brew. After all, it doesn’t require an outlet or batteries to get you your coffee - just beans and hot water.
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Hario Burr Canister Grinder

This Hario manual coffee grinder is an “XL” version of our top pick with a 120g capacity. That’s enough to brew about 11 cups of coffee! A metal coffee bean hopper sits on a mason jar-style glass container. A rubber cover on the bottom adds non-slip grip to the grinder, although it clashes with the otherwise sleek and shiny aesthetic. It takes some of the vintage style from the Foruchoice Vintage Coffee Grinder and puts in a more modern nostalgic package. The lid to the glass jar has a good seal to it so you can keep fresh coffee grounds a little fresher for longer. The coffee mill has a horizontal hand crank, and you can adjust the grind by twisting a nut inside of the grinding mechanism. If you want a solid but stylish hand coffee mill piece to add to your kitchen, and want to be able to grind “in bulk” by hand, this option from Hario is a great choice. Our only gripes with the look of the thing are the plastic hopper cap and rubber base, which interrupt the otherwise gorgeous material design.
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