Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the
independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Planetarium, Astronomical, and Solar System Watches

Planetarium Watches Astronomical Watches Solar System Watches Constellation Watches

Love astronomy and space? We get it! Few things are as fascinating as the cosmos! Now you can turn your galactic interest into a unique fashion statement.

To help you find the perfect timepiece we've collected the best planetarium, astronomical, constellation, and solar system watches. Here they are!

Kronsegler Astrum II

Kronsegler Astrum II

This masterpiece of German watchmaking was specifically designed for Kronsegler's 10 year anniversary. It features three brilliants, prominently embedded in the face of the watch. The watch also showcases the night sky's constellations, encased in gold.

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Astro Constellation Watch

astronomical watch

The Astro Constellation includes an intricately constructed, rotating constellation disk that offers a realistic view of the northern hemisphere's night sky. A high quality astronomical watch, made from stainless steel, that you can enjoy for decades.

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Ryanwayland Stars Watch

astronomy watch

This beautiful and incredibly affordable night sky watch shows a series of shimmering constellations. It offers a unisex design that's a perfect balance between a classic Swiss look and modern simplicity. It's an amazing gift for astronomy and space fans.

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Moon Phase Space Watch

solar system watch

The Ryanwayland Moon Phase Astronomy and Space watch shows the amazing phases of the Moon. We loved the simple, yet very elegant design and the combination of realistic outer moons paired with traditional moon phase symbols on the inside.

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Halotech Moon Watch

moon watch

This watch is unlike anything you've ever seen: Its face is created with a new 3D printing technology that shows off the moon's surface in stunning detail. It includes a LED back-light to show off the unique, three dimensional effect of the dial even more.

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Solar System Montage Watch

night sky watch

Half science memorabilia, half fashion statement, this watch's design is understated to make room for the beauty of our solar system. The dark colors of space are paired with vivid planets and a white leather wristband. It's a beautiful timepiece.

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ZIZ Space Watch

planisphere watch

Showcased behind a scratch-resistant mineral crystal window you'll find an incredible, photo-realistic view of space. This deep space nebula watch looks simply amazing! The understated black wristband pairs perfectly with the dial's vivid colors.

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Citizen Moon Phase Watch

planetarium watch

This watch is fueled by light! Citizen is the only company that features the innovative Eco-drive technology which allows your watch to run forever, well.. at least as long as stars exist. It mixes classic design with a functional moon phase indicator on the top.

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Constellation Symbols Watch

galaxy watch

Looking for a showstopping night sky constellation watch? Take a look at this one! Soft, comfortable, gold plated, and extremely affordable - there's a lot to love here! The unisex design is very unique and is sure to create lots of interested looks.

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Planisphere Explorer Watch

constellation watch

If you're looking for a sturdy watch that you can use for telescope excursions and other adventures, you've just found it. This wristwatch includes a fully working, rotating planisphere and also offers nighttime illumination. A great astronomical watch for science and space fans.

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Accurist Greenwich Watch

Accurist Greenwich Watch

One of the most impressively detailed watches we reviewed, this timepiece is high quality and features an impressive design. It's the ultimate planetarium watch and convinces with its sleek, silver design and high-end functionality. This is a great space watch that's sure to bring joy for many years.

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Ptolemaic Astronomy Watch

planet watch

In a wonderful homage to the history of astronomy, this watch puts you at the center of the universe: The sun is on the minute hand and the moon is on the hour hand, just like Ptolemy, the ancient Greek astronomer once told. A unique and fascinating conversation starter with a clever design.

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Zeiger Galaxy Kids' Watch

space wrist watch

A definite favorite for any young explorer, this watch features a rugged design paired with a vivid view of deep space. The vibrant colors of the face are incredible and make the watch really stand out.

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Solar System Astronomy Watch

astronaut watch

We've reviewed the white wristband version of this solar system watch above. It's a unique and memorable astronomy watch that looks great for both casual and elevated occasions. It's also very affordable and a great gift!

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Geometric Stars Watch

Geometric Stars Watch

If you're looking for a different take on the traditional planetarium watch, take a look at this one. It features a simple, yet elegant star design behind geometric mountains. A watch as beautiful as nighttime stargazing.

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Astronomical Rubber Watch

Astronomical Rubber Watch

This modern watch features a streamlined silicon wristband design and a vibrant view of a planet in deep space on the dial. It's fashionable, understated, and simple. Best of all, the watch comes at a great price.

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Moon Phase Space Watch

Moon Phase Space Watch

Like its darker-colored cousin shown above, this white wristband watch offers a stunning view of the moon's different phases. There's a wonderful contrast between the white leather and the dark night sky dial.

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Milky Way Galaxy Watch

Milky Way Galaxy Watch

If you're looking for a galaxy and milky way watch, here it is! At the center of the dial thrones our very own milky way galaxy, slowly circled by the minute and hour hands. An amazing designer watch at a great price.

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How to Choose Astronomical Wrist Watches

For centuries, humans have been gazing into the skies in astonishment, trying to figure out how the stars and planets move around us. Today, we don’t have to have direct our eyes towards the heavens; with an astronomical watch, we can see the true-to-life movement of astronomical bodies on the face of watches wrapped comfortably around our wrists.

The 4 Main Types of Astronomical Watches

When shopping for the best astronomical watch, you’ll undoubtedly run into several types. They’re all wristwatches at the core, but some are designed to display more than just the time of day. Astronomical watches typically fall into one of four categories: celestial backgrounds, moon-phase display, orbiting planets, and star positions.

Celestial Backgrounds

These are the simplest form of astronomical watches. Their faces show a wide range of different astronomical bodies and/or surfaces that are pleasing to the eye but offer nothing else.

Moon-Phase Display

With each turn of the second hand, the watch shows the positioning of the moon relative to your location with extreme precision. These are a bit on the pricier side but are definitely worth the cost for their intricate designs and accurate display.

Orbiting Planets

For the space aficionados who are not limited by costs, an astronomical watch displaying the correct positioning of the planets in our solar system is truly a fashion piece that will draw all eyes. With each passing second, the celestial bodies in the form of beautiful gemstones move the tiniest fraction of a millimeter to show their positions based on the Earth’s positioning relative to the sun.

Star Positions

These are perhaps the most popular type of astronomical watches. Their faces can be as simple as a stagnant picture of a cluster of stars or a real-time depiction of star movement of a certain starry location.

Astronomical Watch Basics – Explained in Less than 5 Minutes

There’s really nothing too complicated about astronomical watches. An increasing number of manufacturers are jumping on the space bandwagon and releasing various types of astronomical wristwatches to satisfy everybody from common astro-nerds to those who need to know everything about our solar system.

The following guide is a brief contains brief explanations of what you need to know about planetarium, astronomical, and solar system watches.

Real-Time Stargazing

Without craning your neck upwards, many astronomical watches allow you to see the complex movement of various astronomical bodies and/or objects on your wrist.

More complex, more expensive

Astronomical watches vary in price. They can be cost less than $10 or cost over $300,000. The more expensive models depict various locations of space objects with true accuracy relative to your or the Earth’s location.

Double-Faced Watches

Many astronomical watches on the pricier end of the spectrum come with two faces. The main face shows the time of day and possibly other simple calculations like the current moon phase or zodiac symbols. On the other side, you can find a more complex display which shows different planets, constellations, or specific star clusters.

Accurate for Years

If you intend to purchase one of the pricier models, then you can rest assured that those watches, when calibrated and treated correctly, will be able to tell the positioning of various bodies in space for several centuries.

Expert Tips: How to Get the Most out of Your Watch

Silver Oxide, Alkaline, and Lithium Batteries

These are the three main types of chemistry used in watch batteries. Of the three, silver oxide is by far the most superior chemical compound to power batteries due to its voltage stability under load. If your watch uses alkaline or lithium batteries, you can always swap them out for silver oxide in the future.


If you’d like to disregard the aforementioned types of batteries altogether, then we’d highly recommend getting solar-powered batteries. With just a bit of exposure to sunlight every day, the battery will become fully charged which provides upwards of six months of continuous power, even when left in complete darkness.

Kinetic Watches

Kinetic watches are mechanically much more complex that battery-operated watches. Swinging your arm back and forth while wearing a kinetic watch will recharge the battery, and like solar-powered watches, a full-charge can supply more than 6 months of power. Some watches also offer a hand-operated wind to recharge the battery when the watch is not in use.

Synthetic Sapphire Crystal Glass

This is the most desirable type of watch glass, but it’s also the costliest. With a hardness rating of 9.0 on the Mohs scale – one step below diamond (10) – it’s almost guaranteed that the glass’ surface will never scratch when bumped against hard surfaces. Usually watch-users with sapphire glasses will pay extra care to their watches, thus making its hardness almost irrelevant.

Save the Box for Storage

The box and cushion that comes with the watch isn’t just for style points. They make for the perfect storage place for watches made of any material. Not only do you risk scratching the strap or the glass face by placing the watch on its side, but you’re allowing gravity to pull at the hands which could throw everything out of sync. The box and cushion keep the watch upright where gravity’s pull is evenly distributed across the entire watch.

Keep Away from Magnets

This really goes without saying but you should always keep the watch away from strong magnets. Like gravity, placing a watch within a magnet’s proximity could throw off its timekeeping. In extreme but rare instances where the watch’s battery contains iron, the battery can become damaged and need to be replaced.

Clean the Watch Regularly

Cleaning a watch is simple, but it’s also one of the most annoying tasks. All you need are a washcloth, warm water, and some soap. Moisten the cloth in the soapy water and rub the entire surface of the watch. Wipe the water away with a wet towel then dry it off carefully. If you’re using a steam cleaner, keep the nozzle away from the watch’s glass face since vapor might seep into the watch.

Always Read the Manual

Read whatever paperwork the watch comes with. The manual should give you sufficient information on how to take care of the watch and how deep you can dive underwater while wearing it. The manual may also warn you NOT to open the watch yourself. Have complete faith in your local watchmaker who only spent half of his or her life learning the art of making and repairing watches.

Recommended Accessories

Wristwatches, especially astronomical ones, are more of a fashion statement than anything else. You’ll want to pay extra attention to your astronomical watch by considering getting some of these watch-care accessories.

Watch Boxes

The box that your watch comes in may be the perfect storage place, but it’s not exactly the sexiest way of keeping the watch out of harm’s way. Watch boxes have slots for several watches – an important factor for watch-enthusiasts to pick the model that goes best with their outfit.

Watch Cushions

The included cushion in the watch box will become damaged and deflated over time. Replacement cushions are available to continue maintaining the watch’s shape and sheen when not in use. You should find cushion sizes that fit in the watch box.

Additional Straps

Many people prefer leather straps over metal bands since swapping them out is a task you can do on your own. Leather straps come in a range of different colors, widths, and flexibilities. If you’re a metal band kind of person, then you may need to get the replacement band custom-made for your astronomical watch.

Watch Care Kits

Watch care kits come with everything you’ll need to take perfect care of your beloved watch. These include microfiber cloths, pre-mixed detergent solutions, polish, soft-bristle brushes, and service tools.

Watch Pouches

If you’re traveling but don’t want to expose your watch to harmful sun rays, or you can’t fit the entire watch box into a suitcase, then you’ll definitely need a watch pouch for every model you own. These pouches come with soft internal material, usually microfiber, to prevent scratches on the watch’s band and glass when traveling.

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