Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the
independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Funny Science Shirts :)

Looking for funny science t-shirts that will make you laugh? Check out these geeky and nerdy t-shirts that'll put a smile on your face!

Funny Science Shirts


Science Shirts

Funny Science T-Shirts

Funny Chemistry T-Shirts

Funny Math T-Shirts

Funny Physics T-Shirts

Funny Engineering T-Shirts

Funny Biology T-Shirts

Funny Astronomy T-Shirts

If you liked this collection of funny science t shirts, nerdy t-shirts, and geeky shirts check out our brand new astronomy hoodie guide! and as always, let us now what you think! Thanks.

More Tips on Nerdy Shirts

Times have changed. Being a geek is no longer about sporting thick glasses and skipping recess to play D&D with like-minded folks. As it says in the Bible: The Geeks shall inherit the Earth (or something along those lines).

So whether you’re a huge science nerd, love comic books, or belong to a certain fandom community like the Community fandom, you should don the chic that shows off your geek.  

Popular Types of Geeky Clothing

Geek-themed clothing ranges from what you see on the outside to what’s hidden beneath. Here are 4 clothing items that have imprints of cool, nerdy stuff.

Graphic T-Shirts

These shirts are the easiest way to distinguish one’s nerding-out of a particular field of science, movie franchise, or comic book. T-shirts with geeky imprints have been around since the dawn of time and are the heart of nerdy apparel.


Even underpants can have pictures and emblems of superheroes. Only your partner and doctor should ever get the chance to bask their eyes on the unholiness of your Batman underpants.

Adult Onesies

Onesies are available in all sizes, fitted for newborn babies who know no better and adults who probably should know better. Don’t let society judge your choice of clothing; if you want to walk around in a Pikachu onesie completed with ears and tail, just do it!


The very definition of geeky clothing is sporting a pair of highwaters regardless of how high the water is. Back in the day, wearing highwaters was an invitation for getting stuffed in your locker by some guy named Biff or Buster. Today, they’re a trendy, delightful piece that ties together the nerdy ensemble.

Popular T-Shirt Designs

Graphic t-shirts are arguably the most important piece of any geeky outfit. Finding a graphic t-shirt with a picture of your favorite field of science isn’t difficult at all. Here are the most popular t-shirt images for members of any fandom community.

Cartoons and Movies

If you’re a fan of cartoons or films, then you best believe that there’s a t-shirt with your favorite character or saying imprinted onto it. The most popular characters include Pikachu and DC or Marvel superheroes.


You could wear a solid black t-shirt, spill droplets of white paint on it and call it a starry night, or you can find a shirt with NASA’s logo and writing talking about how awesome the universe is. It’s your choice.


Got a thing for biology? Nerdy shirts with pictures of cells and the human skeleton are pretty humerus. For every discipline of science, there’s a graphic t-shirt with clever puns and even illusions. Browse through our picks of the best science t-shirts to see what we mean.


Though you may never master the art of Ninjutsu, you can always sport a t-shirt with a picture of ninjas mid-fight. Getting a few ninja stars to go with the shirt would be awesome but dangerous. Don’t get ninja stars…

Geek Apparel: Know the Basics

Geek chic is a personal lifestyle that doesn’t come with a set of hardline rules, but there are a few basic principles that you should know.

Know Thy Fandom

Although geek culture doesn’t have explicit rules about which clique you belong to, it’s important that you know of at least the fundamentals. For instance, if you want to wear a Bill Nye shirt, you better know of at least one of his albums. It won’t feel good being on the end of a high-IQ nerd burn.

Mixing and Matching

Coordinated ensembles don’t really matter in geek culture. You could sport an oversized t-shirt and Neil deGrasse Tyson imprinted yoga pants and nobody would bat an eye at you (possibly out of fear). Feel free to mix all comic book, science, and movie clothing you want

You Don’t Need the Smarts

An outfit with sciency stuff on it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to subscribe to every reputable journal on that particular discipline. When it comes to science and math, nobody will call you out on it since hardly anybody even understands it.

Wear What Feels Comfortable

The most important thing about style, whether it’s geek chic or otherwise, is that you feel comfortable in your own skin and clothing. In the end, if people judge you for sporting something they don’t agree with or you don’t “know enough about,” it doesn’t really matter. It’s safe to assume that science and geek chic haters like pineapple and mayonnaise on their pizza anyway, so their thoughts don’t count.

Expert Tips: A Guide to Geek Chic

If you’re looking to go the whole 9 yards in geek culture, here are a few master tips that’ll help you pull off the ideal nerdy look.

Find a Pair of Geeky Glasses

Besides improving your vision, a pair of glasses will help tie your geeky outfit together. Stay away from tacky thick-rimmed goggles without lenses. There is a wide range of stylish frames with clear non-prescription lenses to choose from.

Wear Funky Socks

As long as you’re wearing highwaters, you may as well put on a pair of funky, bright-colored socks to add another dimension to your look. These will definitely turn a few heads as you walk by confidently in red-and-white Waldo socks.

Neon-Colored Accessories

If there’s one rule that science and nerd cultures abide by, it’s avoiding neon accessories. Blindingly bright colors are fine for graphic T-shirts, but highlighter-colored fanny packs, watches, or glasses frames is definitely too much.

Don’t Go Overboard!

Which brings us to our next point: do not overdo it. Having up to three articles of geeky clothing is fine, but more than that and you’re basically a racecar with advertisements plastered all over it. This generally isn’t a problem since most people just wear a graphic T and jeans and call it a day.

Popular Accessories to Match Your Science Shirts

Although a designer T-shirt may be enough of a statement, you could always go to infinity and beyond. Upgrade your science game by getting one or several of these geek-themed accessories. Just try and keep things as tasteful as possible.

Geeky Bowties

A bowtie will top off your nerdy look beautifully. If you know how to tie a bowtie, then you can use any old piece of fabric lying around in your home. Otherwise, keep your eyes open for a pre-tied bowtie with a funky motif.


Keychains are one of the simplest ways to show what gets your nerd juices flowing. The best thing about keychains is is you can easily find one that makes you geek out. Everything from anime to astronomy has a keychain and charm.

Science Books

There’s no point in trying to pull off a smart-guy or -gal look if you don’t have the science book to complete your nerdy ensemble. Check out which science books rock the most here.


They say a golden watch really ties an outfit together, but that’s only if you’re looking to impress. Geek chic isn’t about impressing, so feel free to sport whatever wristwatch you can get your hands on. Astronomical watches are pretty neat if you’re into space and the universe.

Nerdy Jewelry

Geeky jewelry like bracelets, hairpins, earrings, pendants, and rings are overflowing in nerdiness. Are you a fan of Pokémon? Then get yourself a pair of Pokéball earrings. Or perhaps you’re more into sciency stuff? Rings engraved with different elements from the periodic table are cute but classy as well.

Smartphone Covers

Accessorize your smartphone by getting a comic, anime, or science-style case. Every time you whip your phone out, people will see Pikachu’s ears sprouting from the top of your phone. Use these cases as a conversation starter or to scare people away.

Plush Backpacks

Nothing says you’re a part of a certain fandom community more than sporting an appropriately styled plush backpack. These bags are available with practically any beloved film or cartoon character.

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