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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Men’s Hiking Underwear

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How to Choose the Best Men’s Hiking Underwear

Hiking in the colder weather doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. Often, the combination of activity making you sweat and the cold air makes it an extremely uncomfortable activity. But if you love to hike, you’re going to love our hiking underwear buying guide! Investing in these special clothes can make your cold-weather hikes much more comfortable and enjoyable. But before we get started, here are some things you should know in order to start shopping.

Best Men’s Hiking Underwear

Type: This refers to what type of garment the product is. This might be a thermal shirt, a pair of thermal pants, or a set that includes both a shirt and pants. It depends on what you prefer.

Best Men’s Hiking Underwear

Age: Is this an adult-sized product, or a child-sized one? The same hiking underwear garments that men use for hiking are often used as long pajamas for the wintertime, so make sure that you mind this when you order.

How to Choose the Best Men’s Hiking Underwear

Material: What are the garments made of? Cotton helps keep you dry but is less flexible than spandex. Polyester does a good job of being both breathable and stretchable. Most products on this list are a blend.

Best Men’s Hiking Underwear

Color Options: You can also use most of these for outerwear, and that’s where this option comes in handy. This is the number of different colors and styles that you can order, and it’s mostly down to preference.

Best Men’s Hiking Underwear

Size Range: This is the range of sizes that you can order these clothes in. Most have a wide variety so you can make sure to get the perfect fit for your hiking underwear. Always check the sizing charts, though!

Product Intro Icon

Machine Washable: For the most part, these clothes can be washed in a washing machine. A small portion of the might not be able to handle the intense agitation and will need to be washed out by hand.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know all there is to know about these garments, we can get to the hiking underwear reviews! We’ve compiled this list by looking through a lot of products and bringing you the best of the best so that you don’t have to waste your time with the rest. Start with our top pick and our budget pick, but remember to browse the rest of our list as well! We want you to have the best hiking underwear.

Carhartt Crew Neck Top

Top Pick
If you aren’t already going to Carhartt for all of your outdoor clothing needs, you will be shortly! You can get this 100% cotton shirt in either black or white, and it is sure to keep you completely warm and dry at the same time. It’s a thermal base layer shirt with long sleeves that will not only keep you warm in the colder weather, it will also wick away any moisture or sweat if it gets a little warmer during the day. The long sleeves are perfect for keeping you both warm and cool when the warm gets to be too much. And when you come in off the trail, throw it in the washing machine for a simple, easy clean. All of these features together make this Carhartt shirt a great example of the best hiking underwear for sale right now. It’s great for all of your chilly outdoor adventures! We love that the label is tagless!
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Duofold Wicking Thermal Pant

Budget Pick
Our choice for the best cheap hiking underwear is this pair of Duofold pants. It’s a soft-knit that is rich in texture and great for keeping you nice and warm when you’re hiking out in the cold, and an extra layer of protection against chilly forest nights. It has a pull-on closure, as well as flatlock seams so you can hardly feel them under your normal hiking clothes. There are two layers of thermal fabric that trap air and keep it warmed so that you can keep all of your body heat right where you want it - close to your body. What’s even better, is that they keep you warm while using C Vapor technology to wick away sweat, so even when you’re getting warm you won’t feel uncomfortable. They are available in five different colors to keep you looking great, including red and white! These long underwear are a great addition to your hiking gear!
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Tesla Thermal Baselayer Pants

Tesla makes some of the best thermal underwear we found on our list, in a variety of colors that you’re going to love. Just a few of the 26 amazing options are black and red, camouflage, and capri variations. These pants are an affordable price with a wide range of available sizes. Tesla recommends that when you order, you should order one size up from what you normally wear in order to get the perfect fit. Because they are a polyester/spandex blend, they give you a huge range of motion, with an enhanced level of elasticity that makes them comfortable and effective. They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities, and for those times when you’re active, there is moisture-sensing technology. This means that it knows when you sweat and quickly works to dry it! The two-way circulation technology gives you a lot of air even though it fits close to your body.
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City Threads Thermal Underwear

Why settle for mass-marketed thermal wear when you can get something that is locally sourced and knitted? This top-quality thermal set of long underwear is great for all the little men in your life, and they are going to love them enough to want to keep wearing them. They are great for both lounging around and for layering under clothes to make sure that they stay warm even in the coldest conditions. Because they are a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, they are soft and comfortable while also being breathable. The best part about this boy’s set is the fact that it’s made with no harsh chemicals and dyed with gentle dyes that won’t irritate your children’s skin. The hip contrast stitching really gives them a flare of style - all while being made with high-quality materials. Plus, every bit of the fabric and manufacturing is done in the USA, so it keeps jobs and materials local.
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Duofold Wicking Crew Neck Top

Duofold is back on our list again, this time with a top that qualifies as some of the best hiking underwear that we found in our research. This moisture control shirt has long sleeves to keep you warm during your cold outdoor activities, great for low-impact work and chilly weather. IT’s a double layer of thermal, so air will get trapped between the layers and stay warmed to a perfect body temperature. Stay warm even on your longest, chilliest hikes when you layer this shirt with other gear to help keep you toasty. It’s got moisture control properties, so it helps to keep sweat away from you. The seams are flatlock so they won’t irritate or rub against your skin when you move or put other clothes on top of it. Plus it comes in five different colors that you’ll love to wear for your low-intensity activities. We love the tagless label as well, as it’s super comfortable.
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Tesla Thermal Baselayer Top

This Tesla Thermal Baselayer Top is some of the best underwear for hiking that we saw! The shirt has a fleece lining that is sure to keep you nice and toasty, even in the chilliest conditions. It runs a little thin but still serves its purpose, because as a bottom layer it locks all of your heat in. It fits close to your body to share that heat. What’s even better is that it uses a compression system to control the flow of blood and keep your muscles from swelling after an intense workout - or a day of hiking! That way your muscles have a better recovery chance. The seams are all flat-locked so that you stay comfortable while you’re wearing it. It also has a neat deodorizing function that will prevent the shirt from gathering unpleasant smells due to sweat or dust. The polyester/spandex blend allows you more room to move and more stretch!
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Rocky Thermal Underwear

Rocky’s Thermal Underwear set is the perfect hiking and thermal underwear option for all of your little boys. The waistband is elastic for extra comfort, and it’s thin enough to be worn as a base layer under play clothes or other sportswear. They are super stretchy and comfortable! This set includes a long-sleeved top and a full-length pair of pants that are lined in fleece, as well as moisture-wicking material. It’s comfortable and warm, and you can wear them as especially warm pajamas on those chilly nights either at home or out camping. They have double-layered cuffs to help protect against the cold, as well as being made of high-quality fabrics; the polyester and spandex help promote moisture protection and comfort. It’s a thermal knit that allows you to retain body heat so that you can stay really warm when you use this as a bottom layer. It also protects against shrinking, so it will serve you all season long!
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Lapasa 2-Pack Thermal Pants

These Lapasa pants are pretty amazing. Made of a polyester/spandex blend, it’s made specifically for cold conditions. Get rid of all of those cold feelings while also working to wick away moisture to keep you dry! This best hiking underwear is extremely soft and breathable. It also fits you well, snugly so it doesn’t bunch up and lose some of that heat you’ve stored up. The fabric is actually ‘brushed back’, meaning that it helps to trap the air and prevent the seep of cold air while still maintaining shape and softness. It has shrinkage control so it won’t lose its shape or size in the wash. As a bonus, it’s also not bulky at all! This will help you layer it under the clothes you’re going out in for the day, so you remain warm. We love that the tags simply pull off easily with a perforation so they aren’t irritating your skin or bothering you.
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Hi-CrazyStore Thermal Underwear

Some of the best men’s hiking underwear is this set from Hi-Crazy Store. It’s a set of long johns that come in a single color to help you stay warm in colder conditions. You can use them as a base layer and then put all of your other clothes on top of them; this method allows your body heat to stay close to your body and keeps you warm for longer. Or, alternatively, you can wear them as comfy, warm pajamas in the winter months. They would make a perfect underlayer for camping and hiking in the winter months, especially if you are susceptible to the cold. It’s well-made, and machine washable so that you can easily clean them when you get home off the trail. They are so soft and fit so comfortable that you won’t want to take them. These 100% polyester long johns are perfectly cozy and great for whenever you feel cold!
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Uniquebella Thermal Underwear

This super warm set from Uniquebella is great for all sorts of outdoor activities, as both outerwear and underwear! It’s line with fleece, which is an extra bonus to keep you nice and warm. It’s windproof, an extra perk, so you can jog and cycle without fear of letting the wind get close to your cozy body heat. It’s a high polyester/spandex blend so you are free to move and stretch however you’d like without tearing or snagging. It doesn’t restrict your movement! The material is breathable and dries quickly while working to repel odors that are left behind from sweat. Your cold-weather hikes will never be cozier! They are also flat-seam garments, meaning that you won’t ever feel them through your clothes. The focus of this set is on your comfort and ease! You can wear this set under your clothes or over, depending solely on your preference. You can even wear it to the gym!
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