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Disclosure: GeekWrapped helps you find the best stuff. When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission that supports our work.
Disclosure: When readers buy the independently chosen products on this site, we earn a commission.

Best Diamond Jewelry Sets

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How to Choose the Best Diamond Jewelry Set

One of the challenges of buying beautiful jewelry is that so few pieces really and truly match each other. That problem can be completely avoided by buying a set of jewelry that is made to match! Our diamond jewelry set buying guide will help you choose the perfect set for yourself or the special person in your life! But first, let’s take a look at some things you should know before you start shopping.

Best Diamond Jewelry Sets

Carats: This refers to the total weight of all the diamonds in the piece. A larger number here is often used to denote higher quality stones because, of course, larger stones are going to weigh more.

Best Diamond Jewelry Sets

Jewelry Type: This is a list of what types of jewelry come in the set, and what you can expect to receive. Some sets only include a necklace and earrings, while others include rings and bangles as well.

How to Choose the Best Diamond Jewelry Set

Setting Metal: The material that the diamonds are set in is nearly as important as the diamonds themselves! This ranges from different colors of gold to gold- and silver-plated brass and even sterling silver in these sets.

Best Diamond Jewelry Sets

Stone Type: Is the stone real or simulated? A natural diamond is worth more than a synthetic or created one, even if they have the same carat weight. This affects both the price and quality of these jewelry pieces.

Best Diamond Jewelry Sets

Pieces: This is the number of pieces of jewelry that come in the set. Each earring is counted as a separate piece, so it really is the total number of jewelry pieces present in the set.

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Warranty: This is a measure of how long the company will ‘insure’ the ring for. If it breaks during normal wear during this warranty period, the company will repair or replace it at no additional cost.

Top 10 Products

Now that you know what you’re looking at, we can get to the diamond jewelry set reviews. These gorgeous sets are just waiting to be part of your collection! If you’re in a hurry, check out our top pick and budget pick first to see the best that there is on offer for diamond jewelry sets! When you’re finished, browse the rest of our list too – we wouldn’t want you to miss out on your next favorite piece!

Katarina Journey of Love Set

Top Pick
Our top pick for real diamond jewelry comes in the form of the Journey of Love set from Katarina. This beautiful set comes with a pendant necklace and earrings, beautifully rendered in 14 karats white gold. The earrings are a total 0.25 carats of sparkling white and blue diamonds, and the necklace is another 0.5 carat on its own, for a combined total weight of 0.75 carats. The chain on the necklace is an 18-inch box chain (a beautiful tough!) with a spring clasp that will hold it securely. The earrings come with a butterfly-style back. The pendant is where this set really shines. It’s an ‘S’ shaped pendant that is completely covered with blue and white diamonds. It’s a gorgeous centerpiece for this lovely set and ties all the other pieces together neatly. The diamonds are conflict free, so you can display them proudly! We love that the individual diamonds are prong-set in the metal, instead of embedded.
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Omega Jewellery Diamond Set

Budget Pick
This beautiful budget set includes a necklace, a ring, and earrings together in beautiful harmony. They are made of solid Sterling Silver, and each piece has a beautiful solitary white diamond to adorn it. The ring is a gorgeous solitaire setting, which is mirrored throughout the pendant and both earrings. The earrings are backed with butterfly clasps to help them stay in your ears. The diamonds are what really pull this set together. A combined weight of 0.25 carats means that these diamonds sparkle and shine in the light beautifully, and they aren’t so heavy that you can feel them. It’s the perfect blend of form and function! They are completely natural diamonds that are sourced to be conflict-free, so you can wear them without worry. The metal is polished to a beautiful shine that will really make you stand out. This set is wonderfully simple while still being stunning and having some the best diamond earrings on our list!
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Dazzling Rock Diamond Bridal Set

This jewelry set is just rings, but they are beautiful rings that definitely deserve a spot on our list. It consists of a women’s engagement ring, bridal ring, and a man’s wedding ring that matches. It’s beautiful gold and diamond jewelry! You can get these rings in either white or yellow gold. The women’s wedding ring is a double-haloed ring of small diamonds surrounding a larger stone, with stones embedded down the band. The engagement ring and men’s ring have the same diamond-embedded pattern. The diamonds have a combined weight of about 0.27 diamonds that are set beautifully. They are completely natural diamonds, and the metal they are embedded in is solid 14 karats white gold. It’s a beautiful set that shines and sparkles in the light, and we’re sure that it’ll make a lovely set for a new bride and groom! The men’s ring in this set is a size ten, while the ladies’ ring is a 7.
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Katarina Diamond Jewelry Set

This Katarina Diamond Jewelry Set is set in beautiful 10 karats white gold. It consists of a necklace and earrings, with the diamonds set in a floral shape. It’s a really attractive arrangement that looks stunning on the white gold. The diamonds weigh a total of 0.5 carats between the earrings and the pendant. There are seven total genuine white diamonds on the pendant, and seven on each of the small earrings. That’s a total of 21 diamonds on this stunning set! The earrings have friction backs to help them stay more secure. All of the diamonds are round cut and cleverly arranged into pleasing floral shapes that sparkle beautifully no matter where you are. They are dainty enough to be incredibly feminine and will look gorgeous paired together. The white diamonds are perfectly clear and covered in facets that will leave them twinkling serenely from your ears. The pendant’s chain is 18 inches long for the perfect drape!
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Jewel Zone Diamond Set

This beautiful necklace and earrings set by Jewel Zone is extremely classic in look and design and will go quite comfortably with any outfit that you choose to pair it with. On each piece, three diamonds sparkle invitingly in a line. The earrings have one larger stone that decreases in size the further up the earring you go, while the pendant has three, round, regularly-sized diamonds. Together, the diamonds net about 0.875 carats, which is pretty impressive! They are set in beautiful 14 karat gold. This particular set is in yellow gold, but you can also order this pendant in white or rose gold if that’s more your style. The stones have a startling clarity that makes them nearly clear instead of white, and they are completely conflict free so you can feel good about displaying them. It is a perfect gift for any special occasion and it’s sure to blow your loved one away!
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Finecraft Diamond Jewelry Set

This Finecraft set is swimming in diamonds! Between the necklace, the bangle, the earrings, and the ring that is included, you’ll have about 0.2 carats of simulated diamonds to adorn yourself with. The metal is a beautiful brass plated with sterling silver. The accents are plated with rose gold to create a stunning contrast to the white pieces. All of the plating does a good job at lowering the price because the faces of each of the pieces consist of full panels of 0.2 carat simulated white diamonds. These square pieces look like pillows, and we love that! The pendant comes with a cable chain to help display it more prominently, while even the parts that the earrings are hanging on are decorated or adorned in some way. We love this diamond jewelry set! The chain on the pendant is 18 inches long for the optimal draping capability. All of the stones are brilliantly diamond cut!
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Omega Jewellery Diamond Jewelry Set

This diamond set consists of a ring, a necklace, and earrings that all feature the same motif. There is a large, simulated white diamond in the center that is ringed with smaller white diamonds in a halo design. The diamonds are natural and not enhanced, but have a total weight of about 0.5 carats. The sterling silver that makes up the rest of the pieces is solid and genuine and really makes the diamonds sparkle. The earrings have butterfly backs to help them stay in place. The pendant is fixed on the chain so it won’t slide around; perfect for staying where it needs to be. All of the pieces are polished to a perfectly beautiful shine that will have you turning heads wherever you go! We love how clear and perfect these diamonds look. One of the best things about this set is that the diamonds are genuine, and at that price, it’s well worth a purchase!
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Gem Stone King Aquamarine Diamond Set

This set by Gem Stone King is absolutely gorgeous! It’s a mix of diamonds and different colors of gold, but it all blends perfectly to create a set that you won’t see every day. The diamonds in the center of this necklace and earrings are slightly blue aquamarines that are shaped like hearts. It’s the perfect touch with just a hint of color to bring everything together. Around each heart are leaf-like protrusions that are set with their own small diamonds. The pendant is hung on a yellow-gold piece that swings gently from a white-gold chain, while the earrings have yellow-gold posts and butterfly backs. We love the unique heart-shaped design on the stones. The chain is 18 inches long so it will drape perfectly to show off your beautiful stones. This diamond jewelry is great for all occasions, regardless of what day it is! It’s delicate and hand-crafted with genuine stones that weigh in at 1.25 carats altogether.
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Finecraft Diamond Set

When you buy diamond jewelry online, it usually doesn’t arrive looking even better than it does in the picture. This set is the exception to that rule. It consists of a necklace, a ring, and a pair of earrings. Each is got a mountain of diamonds piled on a white gold-plated brass base. There are so many diamonds in each of these faces that it is quite beautiful and overwhelming to look at. They are perfect for a fancier outfit, or to spice up one that you think might not be fancy enough! The diamonds are set in 14 karats white gold-plated brass, which shows off the best attributes of each one. It’s what is referred to as a ‘framed cushion’ design and it’s actually quite popular. The pendant is hanging on a beautiful 14 karat white gold plated box chain with a spring ring clasp. It’s a gorgeous touch to an already amazing set!
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Gem Stone King Diamond Set

The last set on our list has a pendant necklace and earrings. The pendant is made with a 1-carat diamond! That’s pretty amazing, and definitely puts this set a step above the rest. It’s a heart-shaped pendant that is made of white gold on the bottom layer, with a heart in the middle that is made of beautiful rose gold to add an accent. Inside that heart is the large diamond, brilliantly cut in the round. These diamonds are natural diamonds and combined with the simple diamond stud earrings, they weigh a combined total of about 1.2 carats. That’s a lot for a set! The pendant comes with an 18 d-inch white gold chain with a spring clasp so it’s always secured perfectly. Together, it’s a beautifully sparkly set that’s unique and eye-catching. We love this design and we are sure that you or the person you love will as well! It’s classic and dainty!
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